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Legendary musician Philipo Chimbini is dead


Veteran Kalindula musician Philipo Chimbini has died.

Chimbini’s promoter alderman Patrick Tembo has confirmed that the musician died on Sunday at Kitwe Teaching Hospital. Chimbini, who was born in 1944, had been battling stroke.

Some of the popular songs Mr Chimbini produced include Abana Bamucani, Italanta and Emele.

According to Radio Icengelo, Alderman Tembo described Mr Chimbini’s death as sorrowful and shocking.

“Mr Chimbini died on Sunday afternoon at Kitwe Teaching Hospital,” Alderman Tembo said.

Funeral is at his home in Kitwe’s Luangwa Township.


  1. It has nothing to do with umwana, but the parents involved.That should not condemn the innocent soul to unwarranted attacks.

  2. MHSRIP at 74. He could have gone to sing more songs. Trended well with National Pitchen Kazembe, times. They sung for Zambia as we listen to their songs through those tuma Red, blue, yellow & green ITT Supersonic radios assembled in Livingstone. As we sun dried spark batteries in readiness for ufyabukaya. featuring ba Mwansa Kapeya. You dare drain the batteries listening to the powerful RSA radio playing ivyone chaka chaka songs. the whole clan would descend on you. we would only be saved by poor signals. I don’t what to say. “Old good days” or its poverty we accepted as a norm!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Last month i went to Luwingu to morun my brother and on my way the song on my mind was NDEYA KULWINGU, NDEYANE, NDEYAINE UKONAFUMINE. Rest in peace legend we are proud of you.

  4. Except for Rikki Ililonga who’s still surviving, most of our musicians died before they were 40. We need to celebrate Filipo Chimbini’s life. He’s lived his entire life in Luangwa, where most musicians died quite young. Music in Zambia isn’t well paying but Chimbini continued to sing just for passion, and one could learn something from his works. Go well big man

  5. It is not time to talk about politics when we have lost someone who educated is on good morals.please keep your HH and CHAGWA thing away from this sad moment.

  6. I’ve seen some Zambian bands like Sansamukeni on YouTube. I just want to know if these guys get paid for the views.

  7. Rest in peace our Legend.
    -Chinshi tufwila fwebaume piano pachalo. Chinshi tufwila.
    -Emele umwana wamubemba baba Banda.

  8. Ba name sake ba Sharon, death is avery painful and we say the day the elephant dies even the story is about the elephant. The news is abt the death of mr Pilippo why bring in politics after all you are not paid for talking politics. May the good Lord comfort the family in this difficult time and May his soul rest in perfect peace

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