Friday, February 23, 2024

President Lungu with World Tennis Champion Roger Federer in Pictures


President Lungu with World Tennis Champion Roger Federer when he paid a Courtesy call on him at State House


    • Yes that is Simon Miti, the guy who was involved in the Ministry of Health scum and was fired by SSATA. Everyone who with a questionable character has come back to join Eddie. As they say birds of the same feather flock together. Jonathan Mutware is a fraud!

  1. We know Lazy Lungu can not play an sport so why pretend…if you like Tennis you wouldn’t dare allow people with office shoes on your court!!

  2. The Tennis star knows that everything is for sale or barter in Zambia at the right price. My sources informed that the Tennis start is interested in Zesco, Chimbokaila prison, UTH and the old state house once the new has been completed in exchange the a autographed tennis racket, 1000 tennis shoes and tennis lesson plus a sefie with kazier zulu for him to post on his facebook account.

  3. This is how cheap this office has been made, a mere sports boy stealing productive time for the so called president when there are national pressing issues? Normal circumstances, this chap should have been met by ZTTA president and at the most sports minister. This only tells you that being illegally in office makes you chipante pante, you do not know your job description.

    • Mate, Federer is bigger and more famous and powerful than Lungu. He mingles with more powerful people than Lungu, including the Queen and leaders of powerful nations. It is Lungu and the country’s luck day to have Federer as a visitor. His visit is more likely to be covered by the international media, than Lungu visiting Switzerland. He gets paid just to visit a country and be photographed at a landmark. This right here is bigger than any millions Zambia tourism could ever spend on marketing the country. What’s more he could even feed the entire country’s starving people for many years, fund our national budget or pay out our national debt. You definitely don’t know what you’re talking about mate.

  4. Your gift will lead you to meet kings and queen. Scripture fulfilled right there…………………..

  5. Mr Lungu doesn’t even deserve to tie the shoes of Roger Federer. Federer is the definition and epitome of hard work, elegance and skill. Everything he has he worked hard and sweated for it. And he shares his millions with the vulnerable and poor, perhaps the reason he is visiting poor shythole Zambia. He shouldn’t be associated with these thieving, corrupt people like Lungu and his minions who became rich overnight through dubious means. I respect Federer and what he has done for himself and the world more than this corrupt dictator… I would rather my kids look up to Federer as their role model than this Lungu man

  6. Silly reporters. Is there anything called a World Tennis Champion? Read about these subjects before reporting on them. Tennis has 4 grand slams which you can use for a player’s title and usually players are referred to according to their ranking.

  7. “My lazy bum father polygamist father would have been as HaJealousy ‘h’as me too!” UPND Hooligan and Chief Online Bully from the department of the tribal grouping.

  8. Welcome Roger! God bless you! Don’t listen to a tribal grouping masquerading as a political party in Zambia!

  9. Even when the president is meeting a sportsman liker Roger, it induces nostalgia in you? You must be a son of a witch!

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