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New districts Ngabwe, Luano and Chitambo require K100 million for water and sanitation infrastructure


Lukanga Water and Sewerage Company Limited (LgWSC) has disclosed that over K100 Million will be required to set up Water and Sanitation Capital Projects in the newly created Ngabwe, Luano and Chitambo Districts.

With LgWSC jurisdiction now extending up to the newly created districts, Ngabwe, Luano and Chitambo, the commercial utility has many cards to play in terms of spreading its Water and Sanitation Services.

Speaking after the Parliamentary Committee briefing in Kabwe, LgWSC Public Relations Officer, Louis Mwape said that the designs and bulk of quantities for the new districts were already in place.

He said the Water Utility still remains optimistic that the capital funding under the National Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Program (NUWSSP) will come forth to help it kick-start the projects in the newly created districts.

Mr. Mwape revealed that the water coverage for Central Province stands at 78.4%, adding that there is need for more Water and Sanitation Infrastructure projects to cover more areas.

“The non-existence of adequate sewerage Infrastructure in most districts and townships of Central Province coupled with the huge financial resources required to address the issue of Low sanitation coverage remains a critical challenge” he said.

He however expressed happiness that the K13.5 Million Makululu Water Supply Project was expected to be commissioned soon.

“We are grateful to Government for approving the soon to begin Makululu Project at a contract value of K13.4 Million for three new boreholes, a new transmission pipelines, 350 m3 Tank and a network to service 10,000 people through 1000 new water connections and 5 Water Kiosks.”

With the help of various collaborating partners coming on board,we hope to do more on expanding our footprint even to many places where our presence is not felt yet.

Ngabwe, Luano and Chitambo are rural areas in the Northern part of Central Province and were placed under the care of LgWSC in 2016.There has not been any major projects in terms of water and Sanitation and the utility is working with the government and other stakeholders to work out a plan for Water and Sanitation Infrastructure in these areas.

On the 18th April 2018,the Parliamentary Committee in charge of Energy, Water and Tourism, chaired by Honourable Belemu,MP,visited LgWSC to appreciate company operations and challenges.


    • Money will be spent but there will be no water for the residents. And those who will use their initiative to drill boreholes will be taxed. Lol. More money in your pockets. Twasangwako. I still would judge Chulu to explain how he was coming up with fake voters numbers

    • What you need first are two dams, one for reservoir and one for sewer, then buy booster pumps, then all pipes, then purifiers or filters and then roll the project, how you get the money is up to you, that’s what you went to university/college for! Don’t just sit and dream.

  1. Food for thought to Tax-payers at home and abroad who are the funders.
    If water reticulation worth US$1.34 million (K13.4million) can reach and service 10,000 people in need in mother Zambia, imagine what the unaccounted-for balance of the money from the 42/42 Fire-tender could have reached and serviced.

    To be specific, US$0.7 million was unaccounted-for per ONE Fire tender purchased.
    So, 0.7 x 42 = US$29.4 million was unaccounted-for in total.
    29.4 divided by 1.34 = 21.9
    Therefore, 10,000 x 21.9 = 219,000 more people in need would have been reached but have been denied of clean water reticulation.
    And Lungu sees nothing wrong with this picture.

  2. Foolishness all over! N’gabwe and Kabwe, dont the two names sound similar, more especially to a foreigner?

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