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Government commits to eradicate malaria by 2021


Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya
Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya

Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya has reaffirmed its commitment to attain a malaria free Zambia by 2021.

Dr. Chilufya said government’s malaria elimination strategy has an estimation of over US$ 694 million from 2017 to 2021.

The Minister added that government has also shown commitment by increasing domestic budgetary allocation to malaria elimination by over 300 percent in the last three decades.

He further noted that as the country seeks to eliminate malaria, it is imperative to expand coverage and accessibility of vector control tools such as distribution of long lasting Insecticide Treated Mosquito Nets (ITNs) and Indoor Residue Spraying (IRS) even in most rural and remote areas of the country.

The Minister pointed out that from May 2017, government has distributed over 10.4 million Insecticide Treatment Nets which he said is the biggest number of Nets ever distributed in a calendar year.

Dr. Chilufya added that government has further planned to commence community based distribution of ITNs to ensure that they are made available whenever needed.

He said this in Kabwe today when he graced the commemoration of the National Malaria Day under the theme “Ready to Beat Malaria”.

Meanwhile, the Minister noted that coverage of Indoor Residual Spraying has increased from about 1.8 million eligible structures to 2.3 million structures during the 2017-2018 spraying season.

He said the development has resulted in the protection of approximately 7.7 million people from malaria.

And USAID Director Patrick Diskin noted his organisation has in the last 10 years worked with Zambia to eliminate malaria in form of funding and provision of mosquito nets.

He observed that with continued partnership in eliminating malaria, the fight against the disease will be won.

Meanwhile, UN Resident Coordinator Janet Rogan who was represented by World Health Organisation (WHO) Officer- Incharge Mary Bwalya, indicated that the UN remains committed to eliminating malaria.

She said malaria has continued to rob a lot of lives and impact negatively in both regional and global countries.

During the event, Dr. Chilufya also launched guideline documents for elimination of Malaria by 2021.


    • Coincidentally I went to Home Bargains and bought a cup with the word ‘Believe’ written on it. I had an inaugural tea out of it. I enjoyed the cup of tea!

    • I admire their ambition, but even my primary school science taught me mosquito nets won’t end malaria. Apart from medical research, one key is to target mosquito breeding grounds and we know they breed in damp areas and marshes. So malaria eradication goes with infrastructure dev.t and service delivery. I hate the fact that politicians don’t talk about preventable diseases when for instance, only a small percentage of the population has their garbage collected

    • I am no scientist but from my biology in Secondary school, I believe the only way to eradicate malaria is by killing the Plasmodium. Plasmodium is the germ that causes malaria while the mosquito is a vector (plasmodium carrying insect). killing the mosquito will help but our aim should be to stop the life cycle of this pathetic parasite called plasmodium.

    • Spaka, please give credit where credit is due. They did put forth a considerable fight against cholera. As far as malaria is concerned, I think Zambia is a flag carrier in Africa, thanks to the involvement by certain, well-known and prominent Americans.

  1. The road of Hanegativity to “Zambians” who “love” Zambia and want their tribesman to be president! By the Assistant Director of the Tribal Party Online Hooligan and Bully wing of the Tribal Party.

  2. Yes we can but first check overflowing sewer system in Matero! Could not believe people are living in those conditions – sewer water pooling everywhere!

    • To eradicate malaria he’d have to make Lusaka & the larger Zambia squeeky clean with no trash,no open containers and no open sewers where stagnant water sits…MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.

  3. Quite easy to eradicate malaria. Lesson from eSitwani (Swaziland) just on verge of doing it is that you follow each case turning up at health facility to place of abode and recent places of stay. Test everyone there and treat if found. Then mosquitoes will be stinging those without and chain of spread is broken for good. That’s how it was eliminated from Europe and North America as well where mosquitoes are still plenty today.

    Another loan and this is done. Elimination of the loses of man hours and increased productivity leading to more GDP growth and strengthening of Kwacha will sort out the loan. Those who think loans are just for fencing grabbed communal land can go lose HAGAIN.

    • That is wrong…malaria was never in Europe….and is still in the Americas .

      To eradicate cholera you will have to first clean zambia then fence Zambia in from other countries….impossible.

  4. Dear Dr. Chilufya,
    Is the Gates Foundation involved? If so, is it not common decency to acknowledge that?

    “We also focus our efforts on partnering with local government and NGOs in several other African countries to advance healthcare, improve agricultural production, strengthen financial services for the poor, and improve maternal and child health. These countries include Burkina Faso, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, Tanzania, and Zambia.” — Bill & Melinda GATES FOUNDATION.

  5. Brabus, was about to comment that Gates foundation has contributed $5 billion to eradicate malaria in Africa.
    Zambia is targeted to be clear of malaria by 2025.
    Causal factors contributing to malaria are poor sanitation and inadequate infrastructure..solve these problems and we will be well on the way to eradicating malaria
    The same applies to cholera.

  6. We are still doing 60s politicking of thinking once a speech goes out we can then hold our populations sway while explaining away things that are not working with more politics (imaginary enemies, opposition, etc.). Let’s get government work done! Politicians, EXPLAIN government work, expounding WHY things are going the way they are. Stop assuming that if you speak about something that will happen by the time you go to elections you will curry favor. It is now an obsolete tactic in a largely enlightened population. Long term memory has started to work for a lot of the electorate. Beware!!

    • How can they do that when their leader is afraid of answering questions from the press in case he is asked if he is a corrupt theif….

  7. They can’t eradicate cholera and they think that they’ll eradicate malaria; much of Gate’s money will just end in PF pockets;

  8. The campaign continues at the Lafarge Lusaka marathon register and beat the Buzz, and end malaria.


  9. And the tribal party thinks this is a bad idea? I want to know what HaGay and HaSpoko could have said if the same words were uttered by Under Five.

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