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Zambia isn’t headed for an impeachment crisis-Lubinda


Given Lubinda after the interview on the BBC World Service
Given Lubinda after the interview on the BBC World Service

Justice Minister Given Lubinda has assured the international community that Zambia is not headed for an impeachment crisis.

Mr. Lubinda waved off concerns regarding a pending impeachment vote in Parliament when he spoke to international media in London following the conclusion of the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting there last week.

“The parliament is still looking at the matter, and parliament will have to pronounce itself for weather the grounds of impeachment meet the minimal standards,” he said.

“For us, in the ruling party we are waiting to hear [from the parliament] but, we have studied the grounds and are strong position is that the grounds do not meet the minimal standards of law,” Mr. Lubinda said.

On 23 March, the UPND filed a motion to impeach the president.

Due to a technicality, the motion was not heard before the adjournment of Parliament on March 29 and will now not be heard until parliament reconvenes in June.

“This motion was not so much with any conviction that it would achieve anything towards impeaching the President but, more towards creating grounds for debate.”

The opposition contends that the President has ruled improperly and built its case around technicalities which opponents say are ambiguously defined under Zambian law.

Mr. Lubinda, during his time in London also gave a speech to a group of African businessmen in which he stressed Zambia’s potential as an emerging market.

During the speech, he spoke of Zambia’s emerging demographic dividend and the country’s potential to develop solar energy to agriculture.

Vice President Inonge Wina headed the Zambian delegation to the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting. Other Zambian officials in the London for the conference included the Minister of Foreign Affairs Joe Malanji, Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe, Commerce Trade and Industry Minister Christopher Yaluma, some permanent secretaries and Members of Parliament.

Commonwealth Secretary General Patricia Scotland with the Zambian delegation led by Vice President Inonge Wina
Commonwealth Secretary General Patricia Scotland with the Zambian delegation led by Vice President Inonge Wina


  1. Not sure I think much of Lubinda.

    In essence this impeachment is headed no where – but it makes the opposition trend while they look forward to 2021.

    Where they will again lose and blame the electoral process. It is mere farcade.

    I don’t even know why I’m commenting on this quiet honestly.

    There are levels and I’m above this drivel

    I hold a PhD



    • i don’t understand the opposition. why is it that When they have issues that can make them protest like the buying of fire engines they don’t? the introduction of unnecessary taxes they don’t? but when HH demand they do? when HH says we need to move an impeachment motion they do, regardless of the legitimacy? if he says protest they do including Kambwili, why? are they there to represent HH?

    • Only in Zambia does some one with a diploma in Agric Science become Justice Minister, but that is Edgar for you, he appoints totally incompetent people who over compensate like Given does…..

    • It started with petition to corruption blablabla impeachment and now ecl is foreigner. Only under5s can believe these non issues can be successful. You’ve got to be an under5 to believe in the fake nrc circulating on social media. Older people like myself who got their cards in the 60s and later changed them to a later one can point out a lot of discrepancies in this card.
      1. Date of first issue never change
      2. Wave lines
      3. Ecl doesn’t have a bold head
      4. Thumb print
      5. 000000/67/1 is luanshya not kitwe.
      6. Face on the card is current meaning that person is still leaving and traceable.
      7. Too many to itemise..
      Cont reading……

    • Why would a leader be so obsessed with attending birthdays, weddings and inugurations but fail to attend gatherings such as the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting? Help me people, maybe I need a PHD in commonsense.

    • – If you are so popular, why attack a helpless woman (Nalumango) at her lodge?
      – Why blockade the road to polling stations if you are so popular?
      – Why cancel opponents rally just becoz there’s a Malawian Fraudster 80km away?

      Only a PF00L can celebrate winning using violence & intimidation.

      These are the issues highlighted in UNDP report that PF-cadre Sara Rogan was sitting on.

    • Obatala, agriculture is one of the most difficult subjects to understand. So if Lubinda has a diploma in agriculture, then he is better qualified than Ha lusa Ha gain.

  2. I doubt it international media are even interested in he impeachment. It’s a legal procedure which is in the constitution. Deal with it and all will be well. Why the panic, LPM went through it and none of what is happening now gripped the nation.

    • What the article is not telling you is that Bo Lubinda did state on that programme that the impeachment motion is doing a lot of damage internationally…how can you even compare LPM to this impeachment. I mean do you chaps even sit down and think critically ..its no wonder you compare US and Japanese export driven economy to Zambia’s which consumes everything from RSA.

  3. They claim they have the numbers in parliament, they claim lungu is a humble popular leader loved by his people……..yet they fear their own shadows voting against them in parliament…..

    We told you , this corrupt theif lungu can not win any debate or vote without violence and using technicalities

    • The by elections results would’ve been lost if people don’t trust or like ecls leadership. Can you comment on the by elections results badala keeping in mind that ecl doesn’t hail from Northern lusaka or cb.

    • Do you know that PF has won over 90% of the ward elections held yesterday including in Barotseland? Don’t f00l yourself on social media. Your HH went to each district campaigning for the Upnd candidates but has lost lamentably.

  4. Lungu is very popular going by pf scoping almost all the by elections, even in so called upnd strongholds. Upnd panshi, ndc yaba disastet!!

    • Do you know that HH campaigned heavily for these elections. At one village rally he informed the listeners that if his candidate wins the election, street vendors will be allowed to return to the streets. But there are no streets in the village and the villagers don’t even know what a street looks like.

  5. Ba Zambian citizen thanks the update on by-election. This explain the silence at Zambian watchdog on the same. Their PVT in showing they that the are still kaluba. instead of upnd gaining ground it Little known NDC That seem to be second in most the 13 wards. Come 2021 no green will vote for a small party. Even kambwili will vote Pf just like what happened in 2016. People though kabimba will split Pf vote together with the likes if miles sampa but it didn’t happen. Kambwili remain Pf member of parliament and can any time be reconciled to his party. ECL will win big in 2021 but this depends on the outcome of the eligibility case before the con. Court Bearing in mind that if you read the new constitution together with the old one you will realize that this is a 50-50 case and will be…

  6. These ward by-elections don’t mean anything. 2021 is another animal altogether. Take it from me, I’ve accurately predicted elections since 1991. PF is losing come 2021- the only way PF is winning is if by some magic UPND is banned from contesting for one reason or another and that is a real possibility when you have volatile heads like GBM which is why they need to stay cool and look at the bigger picture- these silly tactics they are employing of saying ECL is not Zambian will just work against them- Luapulans, Northerners and Easterners 90percent of them look on these issues as threats to themselves. Chiluba’s allegations on KK be they true or not only made Easterners love him more! No strategy from UPND at all!

  7. Something feels …. lethargic …. about Zambia right now. The world is moving so fast with technology, sport, business, health, governance and general living that a Zambian has be running fast to stand still with the world. We’re really regressing as a country and it shows in the people leading our public institutions, ministries and government. We probably haven’t had it this bad.

  8. The only crisis Zambia has is Hichilema’s kokai thinking, he overrates himself but Zambians continue to reject him. He continues to lose elections and the current by-elections are testimony. He will be humiliated again with his ill thought impeachment motion, Hichilema lacks tact. He’s a man deficient of wisdom. The PF will have the last laugh

  9. A number of UPND supported aren’t registered voters, but very good bloggers. My advise to them is to go and register when time comes to give HH slimmest chance of winning in 2021.

  10. People in UPND claim to be very intelligent and good and economics. PF just got 13 out of the 16 ward bye election. What does simple mathematics tell our friends in the under five clinic? The same thing is going to happen even if Parliament is stup1d enough to allow such a useless and time wasting motion debated.

    • Lubinda has no legal background whatsoever …only knows animal husbandry. You could tell from his interview that the lazy thing chickened out instead opts to fly to Luanda and CB where he can dance on the stage like a boy in a sweet shop!!

  11. Baroness Patricia Scotland, you have disappointed h.h by clarifying that the dialogue process must be Zambian owned and driven while you only facilitate. Like the Janet Rogan saga that is anathema to upndeez. Expect h.h to lodge in a written complaint to your boss Queen Elizabeth for colluding with a sitting President.

  12. You listen to that clip and you can hear Lubinda making sweeping statements he has not thought through for credibility. He has to be corrected not to speak for the opposition; every Zambian – has he spoken to 15 million Zambians to be obtain their opinion on the matter that he should be making such generalisation?? Shockingly, he is of the same mind set as Bowman Lusambo – except he speaks in modulated tones. They are both accomplished bootlickers who choose to see an apparition instead of a real image.

  13. Impeachment motion was coined by Chishimba Kambwili and not HH.Why do you always drag HH into your worthless debates like mad people who can dance even when there is no music playing?

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