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President Lungu’s Sister comes out in defense of his Zambian Nationality


PRESIDENT Lungu’s elder sister, Bertha Lungu
PRESIDENT Lungu’s elder sister, Bertha Lungu

PRESIDENT Lungu’s elder sister, Bertha Lungu, has broken her silence to defend her brother and family by condemning those alleging that he stole someone’s identity, saying the matter had gone too far and as a family, they have had enough.

She explained that the family had been patient and tolerant hoping that those making falsehoods about the President and his family would get tired, but were shocked that other people were joining the bandwagon of lies.

Ms Lungu wondered why none of the people questioning the President’s identity had bothered to question her or any of the other relatives dotted around Lusaka, Copperbelt or in Petauke.

“The young sister to our mother is in Mtendere and anyone, even Mr Mulongoti, can go there and ask her. Our other aunt, the young sister to our father, is in Mukwama Village, Chief Kalindawalo in Petauke. And it is easy to find all these people. So why create lies instead of asking us” she wondered.

She also wondered why people wanted to see the President at funerals, “balefwaya tufwe so that bashininkishe ati epotwaba? (they want us to die so that they prove we exist?”

“We were seven and only three of us are alive. Me, Chagwa and Ackim. So they want us to die to prove that Chagwa is Zambian?”

Ms Lungu, who produced her NRC on request by the Daily Nation, explained that their family originates from Petauke where her eldest sister, Beauty, now late, was born. Of the seven children, Bertha was born in Lusaka and her younger brother, Chagwa in Ndola.

She says because of segregation and fear of hospitals in the old days, most women gave birth at home and had children registered at clinics later. She says no one should claim there was a hospital that time because that would be a lie.

Other family members listed included two other younger brothers and sisters. Four of them have since died including their parents, their father in 1992 and the mother in October 2003.

She said all the people clamouring to take over from her brother should wait upon the Lord and when their time came, it would happen or it may turn out that someone not even connected to any of them, may actually take over as President.

She said this was what happened when her brother became President because no one expected that to happen when President Sata died.

Ms Lungu Chama charged that it was disappointing that Mr Mulongoti who supported President Lungu during the 2015 Presidential elections could turn around and claim that President Lungu is a foreigner who stole someone’s identity just because he was not offered a job.

Ms Lungu also explained that contrary to what most people claim, her brother took care of his family long before he became President.

He made sure he built a house for his late mother Elizabeth Jere and a family house which Bertha and her family are still occupying in Lusaka’s Jack Compound before he became Republican President.

Ms Lungu said contrary to allegations that President Lungu has built mansions for his family and accumulated wealth after becoming President, the family chose to live simply. “Ilya ni contract and contract ilapwa so why should we change our lifestyle,” she said.

She said her parents were humble and she would also remain humble and respect the people of Zambia because she’s a law abiding citizen. “President Lungu built a ten bed roomed house for our late mother Eliza Jere before he became President and a six bedroomed house for rent where I am currently staying and my sister in law, Joyce Musamba, she’s the one occupying mum’s house and part of the house is on rent,” said Ms Chama.


    • She still hasn’t answered how Lungu or Mutaware was born to 2 mothers, in whites-only Ndola central hospital.

      Having an NRC does NOT convert a Malawian into a Zambian. Everyone knows Zambian NRCs are easy to get.
      Millions of Kassai Congolese have crossed into zambia and obtained NRCs. When you ask them whats your name, they answer BBBwalya.

      Also not bathing does not convert a Malawian into Zambian as Lungu seems to think when he said “I never used to bath when I was a boy in chimwemwe, so I am Zambian”.

      The presidency is a sensitive position that we need to protect from foreigners. Look at the damage done to our country by foreign presidents, KK, FTJ, RB & Lungu himself. Their tenure is remembered for debt, destroying the economy, looting, corruption & oppressing our rights.

    • Bertha Lungu Date of birth = 12/02/1956
      Edgar Lungu Date of birth = 11/11/1956

      Edgar was born 8 months after Bertha. Fake people. Fake nationality.

    • Shame on Mulongoti…shame on Siwale…just looking at this woman i can see Lungu…blood is thicker than water. Now Mulongoti and Siwale should be jailed

    • It baffles me as to why this is such an important subject? I think idle minds that don’t think of development enjoy this subject! When it comes to important subjects like health- cholera, HIV, Malaria, food security- low maize prices affecting farmers yet high mealie meal prices, Human Rights- poor prison conditions and an outdated legal system, poor representation on issues affecting all Zambians and general poor governance you find few people interested! Is it people have just given up on hoping for something better for Zambia so they would rather descend to the level of character assassination because it is an easier “lowblow to deliver”? Then the govt really need to pull their socks up and not give their enemies fuel, let them work on those areas and more I’ve mentioned or else…

    • Ba Bertha looks so honest and respectful woman. I like her.
      Houses are not important. Get focused on people.
      She should have clarified for her niece Tasila Lungu’s mother. I never seen picture of Tasila and Ba Ester Lungu together, when they should have been together everywhere.
      This woman Bertha is now the pillar of family.


    • Ok LT now please look for real news and stop publishing useless stories. This is over..done Lungu is 100% Zambian

    • @1.10 Chilyata
      You are a very bitter person but God bless you. But i can assure you HH will never be President of Zambia go ask your mother if you want

    • This story smells like rotten eggs. The very fact that this man who calls himself Edgar Changwa Lungu has directed police to arrest and imprison those who claim to have incriminating evidence makes him look like the person they claim he is – a fraud.

    • Lungu is a miracle baby:-
      – born from 2 mothers,
      – Born at 2 locations
      – born at a whites-only hospital
      – born 6 months after his elder sister.



    • Check footballers birth certificates and you’ll see that most Zambians don’t have true records including yourself. ECL is Zambian and whatever you say it won’t hold . Failures please just work hard in your own space
      Nothing for free.

    • Iwe Kachasu @ number 2, She said people gave birth at home and later obtained a birth certificate. It is simple English bwana!!! Edgar is Zambian. It is actually similar to what they pale devils said about Obama being born in Kenya. LOL

    • I think Nkwitakwita the author of that Biography has caused more problems for Lungu.
      This actually speaks volumes about Zambian journalists. Chikwita dramatised the book and sweetened the book with so many things that are not real.
      Of course this woman is right – there was no Hospital for blacks at that time. Lungu’s father was a casual worker who couldn’t afford luxuries of a hospital birth for his son – I wonder where Chikwita got those imaginations from? In a true story of hardships for Lungu in early years would have even endired him more to the readers.
      Zambians I am no fun of Lungu, but out of sympathy to this woman who still lives a humble life in the Compound despite the luxury of her brother, let us forget about Chikwita’s book which is full of lies and concentrate on 2021…

  1. Useless story that has given lazy minds a field day, but for sure she has Edgar’s facial expression of disgust, inherited from the mother or father?

  2. Well, well what can I say? I have not accused ECL of anything. Waiting for the accusers to have their say in the light of ECL’s sister’s revelations. Mike Mulongoti is not in police cells. This is becoming a good political comedy for those with a sense of humour.

  3. how is it that we have never seen this sister of the president before? was she at his inauguration? How is it the president did not introduce her only tasila and a boy. something is not right here. she claims to be older but her N R C bears the same year of birth as her brothers.

    • We have never heard of her. She should also tell us where they were born pointing at who lives where is not proving the point. Whether there are sisters to your mother or father is not the answer to the question about Janathan Mutawali.

    • the president said he wont comment so how does the sister organize the media to do it for him without his blessing?he is the president after all and am sure there is protocol to be followed about talking to the press for members of his family,so people use your heads its just smoke and mirrors

    • If she was at inauguration with the rest of the President ‘s family, you would have been the first to condemn him for wasting tax payers’ money.

    • @tinted – Lazy Lungu is a coward…no wonder people would doubt he is from a legal background …as an accomplished lawyer would have relished this publicity if it was not true but he is shamelessly cowering behind people!!

    • I know many people that put a fake date of birth …never quite understood the motive. But I know a man who’s younger (going by NRC DoB) than he’s younger brother. I know many people who have tuned the year of birth by a year. So her having same year of birth as Chagwa isn’t proof. Bring something else.

  4. Ba Auntie Bertha, don’t bother your humble self, you are dealing nefinangwa ati fi tribalism “opposition” mucisungu. Keep your peace and ignore them.
    Nangu mwaumfwa pa LT ati Lowness Mukuni, Spaka lilo, Jay Jay, fimo fine, mucisungu ati same same.

    • Ichinangwa niwebo. You can’t even write decent English because you think everyone should understand Bemba, you stupid maggot!

    • I can tell @6.1 Chilyata is a Tonga just like Spaka like lilo…just from insults and they wonder why their small ‘god’ Hechi Hechi keeps losing elections. 2021 HH will be history…thank God


    • The reincarnation of SMALL-WEE-WEE-THE-IMBECILE-CHILYATA! For a while, LT was much cleaner in terms of BAD LANGUAGE and INSULTS. Now, return of a POTTY MOUTH is about to take us back.

      @Chilyata, why don’t you skid back to your filth hole where your kind of language is YOUR DAILY BREAD. Such an uncultured SOB that you are.

      And who freaking stops you from writing in your language if you so wish. Why does Bemba trouble you so much? M.un.yel.oo obe suntwee iwe!

    • You what they will say? She was taken for plastic surgery to make her look like Edgar. …they will stop at nothing.

  6. Chiluba was from Luapula so they gave him DRC as his country. Even when many people came out to support FTJ, people like Akashambatwa came out to say FTJ was never from Wusakile and yet famous people like Lemmy Chipili confirmed that he used to play games with him in the mine township. Even bishop Mambo who is totally opposed to Edgar was once deported but only to be surrendered back.

    • @Mbanje:
      Chiluba actually lived in DRC and also worked at a Sisal processing plant in Tanzania so there was a basis for his nationality issues.
      I stayed in the same location with his daughter, Hellen, in Woolwich UK, so I know more about the man than you empty noise tiny that backs at anything that moves.
      Unfortunately, Emmanuel Mwamba prematurely killed that man mercilessly before the full story unfolded. It is no secret that Chiluba had relatives in DRC and that is how he attracted investments from Chani Milling and Chani Fisheries

    • Phool FTJ was my senior at primary school so when did you see him living in the DRC. So your staying in the UK makes a Briton? Come on people this kind of propaganda will just reduce your already low popularity. Say something sensible or crawl back to your kraal.

    • @Mbanje:
      You pig – what an ignorant ASS you are! The truth is you don’t even know Chiluba and he didn’t even know you. I said Chiluba lived in DRC and worked in Tz and that is very true! I didn’t say he was not Zambian you mother fcker did I? I don’t care about being popular – I am not here for polularity contest so why should I lie just to gain cheap popularity?
      Yes, you should die with jealous if you want…but I will tell you that I am a pure Zambian, Tonga by tribe AND I am also British with British passport! How about that you jealous rat?

    • What? “Emmanuel Mwamba prematurely killed that man mercilessly before the full story unfolded.” We need an enquiry!

    • Chiluba claimed to have been born in Chamboli which did not exist in 1943, the year in which he claimed to have been born.

    • @9.3, People have relatives in other countries just as your relatives have you in the UK, that is if you are still there. What with dual citizenship?

  7. Now UPND cadres who where busy posting rubbish about the president nationality tell us about how Lungu became a foreigner from the blues.Tell your small God HH to be patient.its the people who choose not the size of wealth or mansion you have .

    • Yeah, DNA proves ANCESTRY and not NATIONALITY. So what’s your point? Prove that ECL is not Zambian through DNA? Goodness me!

    • It’s about time these two clowns M&S give their false evidence in court. These slanderers will face the music. “Banyela pogona”.

  8. As Zambians we are more than ever even resolved to ensure that HH and UPND are once and for all eliminated from the political surface of our great and peaceful country. We have without no doubt concluded that HH doesnt reprent Zambians as he has deceived his tribesmen, he has done everything and all things possible to discredit President Lungu, an innocent man simply because us, the employers prefer Lungu and PF to him and his dead party. God cannot be mocked, iwe HH and UPND. Wait and see what you will get in 2021.

    • @Malinso says “As Zambians…” so according to you the people who don’t support your point of view are not Zambians!!!!????

  9. The PF rats blaming Zambians for asking questions are people who avoid formality and are used to operating in Gray areas of the law in other words …….kaponya cader rule and mediocre GRZ is what they are used to and expect…….lungu has published an autobiography full of holes and has never given a press conference to answer any concerns….lungu and his fear of facing the press has only him self to blame.

    If lungu accepts accusations that he is a corrupt theif why should citizens not question his incomplete autobiography ?

    • @ Spaka like lilo
      I dont like your arguments and its really not necessary to respond to you empty postings but am compelled to tell or remind you that Press Conferences are not modern ways of governing just in case you are still living in the stone age.

    • Malinso

      Every leader holds a press conference so citizens and the press can ask what ever questions they have concerning the country and governance…….lungu is the only leader to shy away from facing questions…….if lungu goes not like facing the press , let siliya face them on his behalf and invite all press not just ZNBC and daily nation with prepared questions..

      You don’t like my arguments because they are true…….

    • This issue has just made upnd and hh lose 2021 elections in advance. You will be beaten in PF strongholds with more no votes than ever before because you have proved you are true tribalism. Continue exposing your ignorance. We are having a field day because you have been derailed from the real issues and many Zambians do not care about this nationality stupidity.

    • If it is your mother’s farm well and good, no need for Press Conferences, do as you please. Now if the tax payer pays your bills, sorry you need to report to them.

  10. At-least you can recognize this one in Black and White Oldies their Family Photos That there was a family of lungu Small Chilanga member of parliament Keith LunguWeulungu from KMB mukuba sec school

    What appears a lie was being spread to be true Ichalo Chi

  11. Its really laughable that it takes people like Mulongoti the “madman” to force Lazy Lungu to show us his komboni sister and komboni clan he has …not even the bootlickers like autobiographer Anthony & Co knew about her…..the dots will connect either way. I feel Lazy Lungu has something in his past that needs digging out it may not be nationality but there is something he is not proud of…

  12. But none of what she has said here proves or disapprove that Mr Lungu is not a Malawian or whether he stole someone else’s identity. Saying I’m the sister and we have other siblings doesn’t prove the allegations to the contrary. The family could have migrated from Malawi and that in itself isn’t a crime. Mr Lungu the more he does all the propaganda, like this and throwing people in jail, the more he gives this fire oxygen… it will keep burning.

    • Now she has come out the people in the shanty compound will recognise her and come forward…the dots will start to connect, I feel Siwale is just being frustrated as there is something in Lazy Lungu’s past somewhere that he doesn’t want people to find

  13. Of all the politicians in the opposition Wynter Kabimba is and will always remain relevant, the man never joined the crazy crusade of these petty politicians who were claiming that President Lungu was Not Zambian.
    Its important to be level headed and always be consistent it what u say and do. I wonder what lies these losers will come up with next.
    If they have proof then let them go to court and not Prime Tv and prove to us that Lungu is not who he says he is.
    Twanaka naimwe ama losers

    • What you mean the Wynter who came out and stated that Fred proposed to him? The man who was propping him up in the The Post…if you call that relevance then you are sick and twisted as he is..

  14. The point is even identity thieves have siblings; they have parents and other relatives. So what is the point of this article? It doesn’t disapprove anything.

    • Yes, the lady is very careful with what she is saying she is not going further into the past …about her parents, at least we have found out the Lazy Lungu has sisters, its a shame we do not have investigative Journalists anymore they would have opened this can of worms long ago.

  15. Imwe bantu leave the president’s poor family alone and find something worthwhile to do. Bushe abantu baba shani kanshi?

    Most people just don’t have anything better to do than jump on any sensation bandwagon. Even in the western world, there is always a very negative group of people who talk day and night and specialize in spreading all kinds of petty, xenophopic and ridiculous rumours about leaders. You will hear a lot of silly allegations about Angela Merkel but she will never waste any time to comment on them.

    The Bible is very clear on rumours (a.k.a alternative facts): “truthful lips will be established forever, but a lying tongue is only for a moment.Proverbs 19,9

    And there is also a special word for someone who leans upon his own misunderstanding. You can find it in…

  16. Conception immediately from labour, hhmmmmm yali ikali iyo! Sister was born on 12 Feb 1956, exactly 9 months later Edgar was born? I dont believe this story. She was told what to say but forgot how to say it. Now its more controvesy. These people are Malawan

    • Keeping digging my friend …If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.
      There is something in Lazy Lungu’s past that does not add up he may be a Zambian but something somewhere is amiss.

    • My sister was born in 1963 and her sister was born in 1963. The difference was just slightly less than a year.

    • The problem may also be due to the way officers at the Department of National Registration handle matters of date of birth when issuing NRCs. I remember I went a year late to get my NRC because my family life was disrupted after the death of one of my parents. I was 17 years old at the time, but because there was a requirement t that one had to be 16 years old to obtain an NRC, the officers at the boma cut my date of birth by one year and one month which is what still appears on my NRC.

    • I later discovered that quite number of people were affected by this. A friend of mine, who was once a lecturer at UNZA, told me an even more ridiculous experience. Because he delayed in getting his NRC, the information on his NRC shows that he is two years younger than his younger brother!

    • An even weirder story is that of my late father and grandma. Their respective NRCs showed that my dad was three years older than my grandma. When I jokingly pointed this out this anomaly to my illiterate grandma she just rebuked me – “We chinangwa we. Kuti nabashani umwaiche kumwana wandi”

    • @FACTS, Your experience is not unique. I was born on February 14, the people at the NRC registration office put February 4 (left out the 1). I was made 10 days older than I really am. Such mistakes were very common, and trying to correct them was like pulling teeth (painful), so most people never bothered.

  17. Whoever did the plastic surgery is very good …. Kikikiki. They look alike! However, she has just contradicted her own brother’s version. You wonder why she took so long to come out. At least we have more versions of our Kateka’s origins. Case dismissed!

  18. Even if they are Malawians, they are Zambians by birth. The truth is, this lungu family is purely Zambian, we are neighbors kwa kalindawalo.

  19. Dundumwezi people 9859 against 3 for Pf what’s good about them.Lungu is a Zambian period.Let that Satanist wait for his time in 2036

    • Where have you been or may be you smoke weed! Haven’t you seen HH’s mother’s picture in the village. Mike Mulongoti’s mother is also still alive anyone can speak to her about Mike’s nationality! We talking about parents not siblings and they vouch for their sons!
      Unfortunately Lungu’s mother is no more and I sympathise with him actually and now believe Lungu is Zambian because of her sister who lives in my aunt’s neighbourhood.
      So Lungu, HH and Mike Mulongoti are ALL Zambians – so where’s the problem?

    • I am UPND through thick and thin and I support our party materially as well. I now believe Lungu is Zambian because this woman has been our neighbor for a long time. I have a house in Jack and we have lived in Jack since 1968 when there were less than 200 people and people knew each other like relatives.
      We even knew the 4 Malawians living in Jack at the time and there was shame of origin like. We played together with their children and they were even more peaceful than Zambians.
      The problem here is from that book written by Chikwita which full of lies just show as if Lungu didn’t come from a severely deprived background when that very untrue.

    • Chilyata, I hope you are not a hired gun. All we want is truth, not lies. If Edgar Changwa Lungu is truly a Zambian, why then is he arresting and imprisoning those who claim to have incriminating evidence against him? Why can’t he just prove to the rest of us who don’t really know him well, that he is truly a Zambian, and not the fraud they allege he is?? About a decade ago, form U.S. president, Barrack Obama, found himself in a similar situation. Did he arrest anybody? No, he didn’t. He willingly provided the evidence and proceeded to laugh at those who were busy constructing a castle in the air. Their castle crumbled to the ground. Edgar Changwa Lungu could have chosen to do the same. He hasn’t.

  20. She volunteered information and now she will mess up everything. The dates of birth are too close even in African cultures. 8 months difference between the two is close to miracle births. Full term pregnancy is close to 9 months, someone explain how these two were born 8 months apart.

  21. It is possible for people to be born few months apart, even nowadays.It is not magic nor a miracle. It is real Mr Smart

    • Yes, it’s possible. Nonetheless, it still raises speculation. When you are investigating a matter, you go after anything that looks suspicious, particularly if it fails to pass the smell test. This particular one is nostalgic. It stinks.

    • Not born 8 or 9 months apart from the same mother. That is physically and biologically completely impossible, she would have to ovulate etc. Try reading a school book

    • @Wireless Phiri: Yeah, but how long does it take for a woman to ovulate again after giving birth? You do understand there are 12 months in a year, right? So what’s imposible if the sister was concieved in 1955 and born in early 1956 for the mother to get pregnant again and give birth within 1956?

      You are assuming the President’s sister was concieved in the same year (1956) as Edgar….which is quite presumptuous of you. Being born and being concieved are two separate envents.

  22. Actually the woman resembles Lungu.. I’m convinced they are Zambians only that they are machonas. Their parents never took them to visit relatives to know there roots..

    • This is a matter that could have allowed for a clean investigation, if at all, Edgar Changwa Lungu is a genuine Zambian. Instead, he is arresting people who are challenging his nationality. Why? Is he that much of a green mamba that no one dare point a finger at him? He appears humble. Why is he ruthless?

  23. Arserne Wenger the outgoing arsenal manager does not discuss his family or private life and very few people know how many children he has. So not having relatives hanging around you doesn’t mean one hasn’t got a family. You don’t know how they relate to one another.

    • You elected Wenger he a Public official paid with taxpayer’s money? Just go and drink your chibuku …

    • Iwe kolwe I have advised you to leave me alone. There so many people on this site that you can interact with. Please keep your stoopidity in your kraal.

    • Ndanje Khakis – you are a little crybaby… don’t post things as if you are drunk? Surely how do you compare Wenger an employee you works for a private company to an elected public official.
      Wake up or wise up!!

    • Simply put I don’t like you. …call me whenever you want I don’t want you. You act like the bottle green fly that keeps on coming no matter how much swatting you do.

    • Ndanje Khakis – look here I wont lose sleep whether you like me or not …really laughable…dont post daft things on public platforms then cry like a baby when you are quizzed.
      Wise up little whining boy!!!

  24. The supreme law of the land talks about a person who has twice been elected as president not being eligible to stand again. When MCS died, there was a presidential election and someone got elected. In 2016, there was another presidential election and the same person got elected again. So he has twice been elected. The law is silent on how long one has served; it only talks about being elected twice and becoming ineligible on account of that. KBF is on firm ground on this one, love him or loathe him. I despise KBF but I agree with him on this one.

  25. I admire KK who made sure everybody knew his Malawian roots.The school curriculum taught every student this history.
    But FTJ took advantage of this and introduced the parentage clause to bar him from standing.The parentage clause was still in effect in the 2015 presidential by-elections .
    The Ms Jere woman whom Anthony mentions as ECL’s mother in the biography is originally from Malawi. Alines Zulu on the other hand is a Zambian woman from Chief Kalindawalo’s area.
    The question is very simple and ECL should answer this .Who is the real mother between Zulu and Jere?

    • This what the dingbats and bootlickers are forgetting …protecting our constitution its one thing Lazy Lungu being a Zambian but its another thing when his parentage is suspect.

    • @Jay Jay
      The old pictures of ECL’s father shown in the Daily Nation paper are surprisingly in colour.
      I was born in the mid 70’s and our old family pictures are in Black and white..

    • They will say she had two forenames and two family names. The comedy is becoming interesting, I hope you are having a good laugh.

  26. This so called “Edgar Changwa Lungu” is viciously fighting back like a wounded buffalo. Why is he fighting back if he is not wounded? If he is wounded, why should he be, if the allegations against him are frivolous? But if the allegations against him are not frivolous, tell me why we should not be concerned? Which other country in Africa has fallen prey to be ruled by foreigners to the extent that Zambia has? Kenneth Kaunda, a Malawian, Frederick Chiluba, a Congolese, Rupiah Banda, a Zimbabwean, and now this man, who is he? Where does he come from? We need to know. We deserve to be concerned. We are concerned, and that rightfully so. Arresting people and putting them in prison is not the solution.

  27. The citizenship nonsense is over so what’s next? Oh he wasn’t at Unza. The Lungu who was at Unza was a dark and dwarf like. ..he died 10 years ago and this Chagwa is using a stolen degree.

  28. See how shallow our level of reasoning: “He resembles the sister, so he must be a Zambian,” akin to if KK had paraded any of his siblings and point to their resemblance as proof he was a Zambian, and not a Malawian. Any wonder we can’t unravel simple matters of life such as how to eradicate malaria?

    • @Meimatungu, unfortunately the average IQ of a Zambian is somewhere south of 50. It’s a disgrace judging by the type of discourse on this blog. These are the supposedly best educated, the cream de creme of the country with access to computer resources reasoning. You wondered why the country remains at the bottom of human civilization.

    “It’s not the blowing of the wind that determines your destination, it’s the set of the sail. The same wind blows on us all.” – Jim Rohn.

    The wind that is blowing on Lungu is precisely the same wind that blew on Obama. Both are lawyers. Obama angled his sail such that the force of the wind LIFTED him even higher on the integrity scale. Hence none of his relatives and loved ones got hurt. Instead, the accuser Trump was put to shame like never before, and the accusations died a death.
    But Lungu has angled his sails so badly (got an accuser arrested and thrown in jail for three days without charge nor trial) such that the same wind HAS LOWERED Lungu down into the sewers. He is now a complete disgrace to mother Zambia.

    Don’t blame the wind…

    • ……. Don’t blame the wind. Blame the set of the sail.

      So, the question now is:- what is Lungu hiding? If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck and even smells like a duck …. no amount of emotional display from relatives will turn it into an Eagle. It will still be a duck.

  30. Zambians who do you want to believe ? The family has spoken yet you keep arguing. so no matter whatever evidence will be brought you will still argue. surprisingly you would rather believe Mulongoti who is not even family

  31. I did not read Anthony Mukwita’s book ‘Against all odds’, but the people who read it tell me there was no mention of Bertha Lungu in the book. DNA test please.

  32. Imwe be Zambia, this issue is not about the presidents nationality.. Given Lubinda & Mulenga Data are equally Zambians but were bared from even considering contesting the highest office by virtue of the parentage close in our constitution.. So the question we should be asking is if or not our president was eligible to occupy the highest office in Zambia..Yes ba Betha could be his blood sister but the question is about the parentange article in our constitution.. Stop stressing about NRC’s and focus on the main issue or better let the president work if you have no evidence.. We are getting bored of this nonesence..

  33. The anomalies in age differences may also be due to the way officers at the Department of National Registration handle matters of date of birth when issuing NRCs. I remember I went a year late to get my NRC because my family life was disrupted after the death of one of my parents. I was 17 years old at the time, but because there was a requirement t that one had to be 16 years old to obtain an NRC, the officers at the boma cut my date of birth by one year and one month which is what still appears on my NRC.

  34. I later discovered that quite number of people were affected by this. A friend of mine, who was once a lecturer at UNZA, told me an even more ridiculous experience. Because he delayed in getting his NRC, the information on his NRC shows that he is two years younger than his younger brother!

    An even weirder story is that of my late father and grandma. Their respective NRCs showed that my dad was three years older than my grandma. When I jokingly pointed this out this anomaly to my illiterate grandma she just rebuked me – “We chinangwa we. Kuti nabashani umwaiche kumwana wandi”

  35. Do you wonder why Zambia is still backward and will continue to be backward? Spending precious time on trivialities. Debating this issue will not bring food on the table except for Mulongoti who’s pockets are being lined by his sponsors. I have said this time and again, the president needs to use his powers to instill discipline in the country. This nonsense cannot be tolerated in Rwanda. Are you still wondering why Rwanda is progressing? People mind their business and concentrate on issues that brings food on their tables.
    President Chagwa save this country, a stitch in tome saves 9.

  36. Do you wonder why Zambia is still backward and will continue to be backward? Spending precious time on trivialities. Debating this issue will not bring food on the table except for Mulongoti who’s pockets are being lined by his sponsors. I have said this time and again, the president needs to use his powers to instill discipline in the country. This nonsense cannot be tolerated in Rwanda. Are you still wondering why Rwanda is progressing? People mind their business and concentrate on issues that brings food on their tables.
    President Chagwa save this country, a stitch in tome saves 9. Epo mpelele

  37. This is Wat failures do just to destroy someone just to be come a president first it was Gayscot be for Edgar become president he send the op to the village just to verify if truly Edgar is from that village and they find it was true his a Zambia were was this people because if he was a Malawian he was not going to stand why can’t you people start telling us Wat u are going to do when you be coming a president than every time talking about this nonsense if u don’t have anything to offer just stop and Wat u need to do is to let government work because u are just westing your time 2021 is near u will say the votes has stolen again

  38. These accusations same like in Jerusalem. Full of false witnesses. President Lungu is Zambian. All of us are foreigners our ancestors came from Cameroon Highlands! Leave the humble man alone.

  39. Does having a sister called betha make someone. They may both be foreigners. Even foreigners look alike mwe bantu. Why didnt lungu say she had sisters in lusaka all this time.

  40. Does having a sister called Bertha make someone a Zambian. Suppose both of the are foreigners. Even other foreigners look alike mwe bantu. The problem is that Lungu is too selfish to even think of his relatives.

  41. Now l am very sure that most of you guys sending comments are very young guys. I am 63 years old and the last born in the family of eight. The strange thing three of us share the same birth date and our first born and second born have a five months difference. It’s very common mistake especially with the older generation.

    • UPND Life President ,

      I have given these guys – I suspect most of them are very, very young – an example of my grandmother whose NRC showed that she was three years younger than my father because of the problems at the Department of National Registration, but they still can’t get it! For crying out aloud, in the old days, these mistakes were the rule rather than the exception! We are dealing with incorrigible bloggers here – kids with extremely poor reading culture and without any sense of history!

  42. She looks just as much a foreigner as does her resemblance to this strange character called Edgar Changwa Lungu.

  43. Before someone becomes President it is very important that all his next of kins are revealed including mentioning where his parents were born,all his children and brothers and sisters if any.

  44. @ Meimatungu, you mean my parents where isane or what? This is just a discussion forum and I meant to give some information that I decently have. The very older generation had ususally larger families and im most cases used to mix up this information and nothing to be isane about. i am disturbed with your comment. Goodnite.

    • My apologies. Sad that you are disturbed with my comment. Truth be told, error is worse than ignorance. My dilemma is trying to figure out if the poor woman is trying to feed us on error or ignorance, none of which is defensible in matters of legality.

  45. Kilaye Larry you are a goat.what more evidence do you want .she has explained they don’t need your rubbish to prove that they are Zambians nor do they need to be in public or the time just because Chagwa is president they are hamble family and respect them for what they are ,if they start living lavish life styles you will be the same people saying it’s because Chagwa is stealing.i love my president for not responding to thieves like Kambwili where everyone knows that he is a thief,look at those houses on golf course you don’t need a judge to tell you the source of that wealth,those are the things we should questioning these people who making so much noise about corruption to answer before they point fingers at other people.we can see the evidence of there corrupt activisities how do you…

  46. In a new twist, Bertha Lungu is claiming that they are twins with Edgar Jonathan Lungu. She was born in the village and he was born in Ndola AS TWINS!

  47. Mr brabus,
    I have said it before that mulongoti and siwale are minors in politics. They have no followers but want to use falsewood to attract audience and attention from people within and outside the country. Unfortunately, this may not go well with them. Commonwealth will not solicity his release on such a stupid thing .Moreover, siwale is not a member of freemansons. Mr brabus dont behave like people who first think of their tribe before they cast a votes. Remember there is no small insult against the president. The police have the duty & powers to protect the office president from stupid elements. Mind you, Its not you to tell the entire police how to investigate cases of this nature. Brabus understand this simple advice and watch your words.

    • @Yulu,
      “I have said it before that mulongoti and siwale are minors in politics.”

      LOL – they are minor in politics? How old are you? You clearly have no clue what you are talking about. Where in the Rule of Law does it say if the likes of Yulu think someone is a ‘minor’ in politics they can legally be arrested willy nilly, and they should NOT be accorded a writ of habeas corpus in a timely manner?
      Yulu, your vain attempt to defend the indefensible clearly suggests you are either one of the many parasites in PF busy sponging off Tax-payers money, or you are an immature young person vainly trying to protect a relative in the system and are way in over your head on this subject.

  48. Mulekenifye Edgar Ali na batata ku national service. Bonse ba pa Nkana but elabika abanankwe my njema for a stupid defamation case atase!

  49. Lungu is to blame for the confusion about his origin; Zambia is full of citizens whose parents came from Malawi; Mozambique, DRC or Zimbabwe etc; No one says that they’re not Zambians; For Lungu; his book is full of lies about himself; this is the issue and people want to know the truth; jailing Siwale in no solution; it just confirms that his parents were not Zambians; why jail a person questioning one’s nationality? All Zambian presidents have been questioned; but no one of them has jailed those who questioned them; this Lungu’s sister is older and has NRC with same year as Lungu; just 6 month’s difference; this tells me that Edgar and his sister were brought up by different relatives in Zambia; check the school Betha attended; Lungu should address the nation himself and put this debate…

  50. to rest; no one will chase him and his relatives from Zambia; Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Southern Africa are one people divided by colonial master’s boundaries; but truth of one’s origin is needed to correct wrong information from the past; KK is a great Zambian; yet his parents came from Malawi;

  51. Bushe icalo ca Zambia, calo cafikopo ? How can it be true that Bertha Lungu who was born in February, 1956 and Edgar Lungu who was born in November, 1956 can be biological brothers and sisters born from the same parents ? How possible mwe fipuba mwe nangu fye kukanasambilila? Ici Bemba citila ”ubufi bulaya nokubwela”. Mwe fikopo mwe nokulandikisha sana kwati muli ba mano kanshi muli fipumbu, ifikopo, ifipuba, no wonder you shall continue to be ruled by foreigners.

  52. The President is Zambian. He was born in Ndola before independence, and as the sister says, people used to give birth at home and older women in the neighborhood were the midwives. Registration was done later and in some cases, registration never happened. When you grow up, that is when you get an affidavit before you get your NRC.
    With regards to the President and his sister being born in the same year, she could be a step sister brought up in the same house. They were sisters and never referred to as “step-sisters” Even a cousin brought up in the same house, were referred to as either a brother or sisters.
    The President should be evaluated based on the policies being implemented and not on some lies being peddled by some politicians.

    • What the shushushus should be doing is to write the family tree of every Presidential candidate before elections so that we don’t waste time afterwards as we’re doing now. Take example of Jesus. The whole family tree is given spanning several generations and this was more than 2,000 years ago. What is our problem today?

    • @60 I am sure if you were asked your nationality, your explanation would be clearer that what we are reading here, maybe you would even include the years when and where your brothers and sisters were born including step sisters/brothers because you have nothing to hide you are a genuine Zambian.

  53. Opposition Parties have just run out of ideas now. OK why the identity of President be questionable today? Why do have to wait for someone to ascend to the position of head of state to investigate one’s nationality? This is all madness from people without objective ideas to discuss. P.F. is gaining competitive advantage in opposition strong holds while the opposition is busy with unproductive issues.

  54. Just to comment on the defamation of a Zambian president. You cannot blame any Zambian president if you are arrested for insulting that president.’s law and his/her hands are tied. The president cannot sue. …I think if Trump feels offended and thinks an end should should be put to it he’ll instruct his attorneys to sue. ..that’s how their law works so we should not confuse it with our law. Instead of engaging in unproductive activities, the Upnd MPs should be looking at such laws including the PoA.

  55. There are a lot of inconsistencies coming from people who claim to know Lungu’s nationality. It is these inconsistencies that make lawyers win cases in courts of law. Detectives use these same inconsistencies as evidence that a certain individual is untrustworthy, for instance Bertha Lungu and Anthony Mukwita gave different accounts as to where exactly in Ndola Lungu was born. MUkwita told us that it was at Ndola Central while Bertha said actually it was at home because there was no hospital at the time, just as Mlongoti said. A judge listening to all this in a court of law might think one is telling the truth or both are telling lies. Bertha’s NRC is a genuine one,(not shown on this thread) that is how the NRCs taken in the 70’s looked like, the one for Edgar is different.

  56. Bertha’s NRC indicates she was born in February of 1956 in Lusaka, Edgar was born in November 1956 in Ndola – seven months later! Was Edgar a premature birth???? The plot just thickens!!!!

    • I don’t see the records for Bertha. The date of birth indicated for Bertha are not from Bertha’s NRC. Whilst Bertha availed her NRC to the Daily nation, the details have not been published. Someone just indicated false dates for Berth’s NRC to create an argument.

  57. It is disgusting that most bloggers have been urging politicians to be serious, but on the hand when you read ama lushi yafuma from some of ama bloggers you just wonder. To some of you the jungle is better period

  58. Just wondering why God created some of you *****s, for that is what you are and will always be, yaba

  59. HaDelusions is HaTribal and HaMulongoti is HaDisgusting too! He qualifies as Childish too even though he may no be HaDelusional!

  60. This is becoming interesting. I don’t doubt citizenship of the president but worried about the constitutional clause in terms of qualification for presidency. Dr KK is 100% Zambian by birth as well but he couldnt stand for presidency after constitution was amended by FTJ (bad move) as his parents were not Zambians. So the issue is technical. Proving that ba Bertha is our president’s sister is easy with DNA but still the technical issue need to be rested. Is this really difficult? Ine nzelu za pelebela because we are debating something that is easy to prove either way. So let’s get over this and move on. Zambia is bigger than all of us currently with big problems to solve! Truth liberates!

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