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President Lungu in Chinsali for tree planting initiative


President Lungu  in Chnsali for a Tree Planting day
President Lungu in Chnsali for a Tree Planting day

President Edgar Lungu has arrived in Chinsali district , Muchinga Province to launch the Zambia Plant a million trees initiative.

President Lungu was received by Muchinga Province Minister Malozo Sichone, Minister of Lands and Natural Resources Jean Kapata and Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo.

The Head of state is accompanied by Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe and Presidential Spokesman Amos Chanda.

President Lungu was given a rousing welcome by Kapasa Makasa University Students and Chinsali residents upon arrival at the university where the launch of the plant a million trees initiative is taking place.

Mr Lungu is expected to plant trees at Kapasa Makasa University and unveil a plaque in the orchard.

Over the weekend President Lungu re-launched the Keep Zambia clean, green and Healthy campaign in Lusaka.

Education Minister Nkandu Luo in Chinsali for Tree Planting day
Education Minister Nkandu Luo in Chinsali for Tree Planting day


  1. He is wasting seedlings ……who plants trees in May when there is no rain. Anything to get on the plane and dance!!

    • He should have done more in stopping the indiscriminate felling of the Mukula trees…but he is yet to acquire a vision

    • Tree planting day in dry season??? Who is is going to water your 1million Mkula trees.
      Where were you in November?
      Ekushikwata amano uku.

  2. Is there anyone who can give sound advice to President that Trees are not planted just before winter.The trees will be entering a dormant phase especially to protect themselves from winter dehydration.It’s a waste of time and resources.

  3. Seeing stuff from the tribal perception of the UPND lenses, “Planting trees is wasting time!” Coded words! “I wish it were Childish planting these trees the statement from me would have changed to, ‘HH is visionary, he knows the importance of trees to life and avoidance of deforestation!’ ” HaTribals Ha Fus!

  4. This is the best time to plant trees when the soil is soft and moisturised to let the roots hold the soil firmly before the next rains begins all else they can be washed away if you plant in rainy season.

    • What do you know about tree planting? In Southern African, it is cold and dry then it will be dry and hot.The trees will need a lot of watering during the dry and hot season.The best planting season is from November to December.You don’t plant trees just before the cold and dry season.Politics aside, this is Forest science.

    • @Katana please go back to school. Trees shed leaves from May into winter, they stop growing. It’s the best time to plant because they preserve water take root in readiness for summer when they release water and bloom.

  5. Let’s give credit where it’s due, I never thought anyone would criticize the tree planting, everything has a foundation, today we are talking of the mukula tree do you know where it started from ? The gov’t have realized the importance of this and profitability it can give. Its not easy to govern wait for your time and you will see what political leadership is all about ( lets hope it comes ) Umutenge ushilala baukumbwa Umutenge.

  6. what a waste of tax payers money?
    you mean the guys residing in Chinsali don’t know how to plant trees!.
    it takes a president with a ka whole plane load of time wasters to go and do this exercise?
    when are we going to develop if this is the mindset!
    God save us….

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