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I have been vindicated- Isaac Amata


Prophet Isaac Amata (centre) at KKIA after he was acquitted

A Nigerian Prophet who was acquitted of drug charges on Monday says he has been vindicated by the Zambian justice system.
Isaac Amata thanked God for the acquittal and said he knew that he would be freed.

Posting on his Facebook page before departing for Nigeria, Prophet Amata paid tribute to his lawyers for the legal advice.
“Glory to Jesus. When Jesus says yes no one can no.l Am vindicated..Amen and Amen. God bless u all,” he wrote.

The Lusaka Magistrate Court on Monday acquitted Prophet Amata, 42, of two charges of drug trafficking of trafficking and importation of ephedrine, a prohibited drug, following the failure by state prosecutors to prove the charge.

The Nigerian prophet was arrested on January 25 upon arrival at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka for allegedly trafficking 26.29 kilogram of ephedrine.

Tutwa Ngulube, the Nigerian prophet’s lawyer told Journalists after the acquittal that it was evident from the start that the case would not go anywhere.

He said he will sit down with his client on the way forward, which may include the possibility of suing the state for unlawful prosecution.


  1. Time will tell. The prosecuting team has failed the Zambian people once again. When you see the man celebrating his acquittal surrounded by Ngoma, who is a State House insider, then you know this case was influenced by some external forces.

    • The combination of ngoma and Ngulube raises serious doubts about the case.
      Wake up people these silly ‘profits’ are after your money

    • Tutwa alitumpa, his PF friends help him aquit his prophet, now he turns around to sue and extort money from PF government?

  2. I would just ask one question , did they have evidence when this man was arrested how do you convict anyone without evidence.
    If there was evidence what really happened for the man to be acquitted .

  3. When they arrested him he must have had the contraband on him otherwise you can’t arrest someone based on suspicions.

  4. This so called prophet has connections to state house and therefore this acquittal was expected. Even the so called story of him denying that he was the owner of the contraband was all concocted by his defence team together with the prosecution so that eventually the magistrate would have no choice but to aquit. Even the plan to die the state after the acquittal was in the grand design of things to extract money from state coffers and share without raising suspicion.

  5. The drug was just enough to show evidence,hence state prosecutors next time don’t loose such cases.people will loss confidence in you.

  6. I lost faith in the public prosecutor’s abilities a long time ago. Please notice that they have never successful prosecuted any meaningful case in Zambia even when the evidence was right in front of them touching a finger to their noses. What a waste of tax payers money.

  7. okey you have been vindicated but stay in your country, you have more sinners in Nigeria we dont need you in Zambia, we are over flooded with false pastors like you

  8. Did those drugs, ephedrine have valid documents, and where was he taking them? Ka namba chabe ka koswe na keve. He should not come back to Zambia ka drug trafficker needs to go and pray for Boko haram. Vindicated for what it’s just that they is lawlessness in this country of corrupt Jonathan Mutaware.

  9. Fake prophets you are fake no.1 atleast zambian govt has exposed you for your devilish activities . Go and Go useless man of gold.

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