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Kazungula Bridge construction progresses

Photo Gallery Kazungula Bridge construction progresses

Works on the Kazungula bridge construction are progressing well.






  1. Hope the bridge comes on soon. Those stupid pontoons have damaged a lot of cars – all they are interested in is collecting the ferry fee. There is no compensation when they mess up your car.

  2. Go PF go!! This bridge will help traffic via the botswana root, loaded trucks have long ques on this boarder point or some have avoided this route all together.

    • This is not a pf funded project koswe.This project started way back in MMD era. The Botswana Democratic Party has not been gaining political mileage for a project which they know is jointly funded and supported by the ADB.The project is on course because those with long fingers from pf can’t assess the millions involved.

    • Ba Katana – It is being constructed under the PF Government. It does not matter who the originator was, the one who takes it to the finish line is the real winner. Sorry, but that is real life.

    • If no bridge is constructed PF is doing fakoall, if the bridge is constructed it’s not PF responsible? To repair a road I need permission from government and government can either say yes or no.

  3. Its the Koreans that are building and Japanese funding it along with the African Dev. Bank. Zambian govt has not put any money down just loan from ADB. Bots side much more advanced stage and the bridge was supposed to be open and complete this month not next year as they are saying now. Bridge will not fix the back load of trucks, the customs offers need to be replaced and work faster.

    • Doesn’t who’s funding the project. ….regional government requested for the bridge. …Japan can’t just come and start construction of a bridge in our country. Excuses, excuses and excuses

  4. Thank god this was not via a PF – Chinese loan or else this project would have cost half billion dollars. I am just annoyed Lazy Lungu let the Zimbabweans in on the project when the refused 10 years ago ..now they have seen that traffic will go through there instead of their borders they want in.

  5. This bridge is PF and NOT MMD, period. Documents speak for themselves.
    MMD was long dead and buried when papers were signed and contract awarded and construction begun.

    GO PF.

  6. Why wasting time trying to convince negative minded blind followers who will condemn everthing except for their small god hungry hyena…! We have eyes to see what pf is doing. Come 2021….we shall do the need..!

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