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Sarovar Hotels debuts in Zambia


Sarovar Premiere Lusaka will open in Lusaka in September.

The hotel is being developed by Neelkanth Group based out of Zambia whose core business lies in steel, lime, copper cables and real estate and will be managed by Sarovar Hotels. 

Hotel Managing Director Ajay Bakaya said the hotel would have 82 ‘all-suite’ rooms, each with a balcony, kitchenette, living room, spacious bedroom and bathroom.

In-room facilities include a TV, microwave, tea/coffee maker, juicer and a washing machine. 

Sarovar Premiere Lusaka will offer banquet and conference facilities, with the conference venue accommodating up to 500 people.

All-day dining, a bar lounge and an alfresco diner will be available for guests, along with a gym, spa and swimming pool.  

Built in elegant designs with all modern facilities, it is the only all-suite hotel in town which will offer the space and comfort of a personal apartment.

“Sarovar Premiere Lusaka is conveniently located at Manda Hill, opposite the Shoprite Mall, in the finest location in Lusaka. Elegant in design, the hotel offers all the modern facilities, and it is the only apartment hotel in town,” says Ajay.

This development marks Sarovar’s presence in the five countries in Africa including Tanzania, Kenya, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Zambia.


    • Hotels in Zambia are primarily for foreigners. Then for government officials spending tax-payers money on endless workshops and seminars and lastly for one-night affairs. The ordinary Zambian does not know what a holiday is. Too expensive for them.

    • The Saint: all over the world hotels are primarily made for tourists. locals built own houses or rent. why should you go and stay in a hotel? it will always be expensive for you.

  1. @Nzelu. Hospitality industry is fine for Zed as a start especially with our pontential in tourism. But I agree with you that in the long run manufacturing industries are the way. We need to be smart about it though. Modern manufacturing uses a lot of high tech. and so may not result in direct easy short-term benefits such as employment.

  2. Good to hear; need more competition in tourism industry as Zambia is too expensive; wish you luck;

  3. Zambias tourism potential , agricultural potential, power potential. When will WE realise this POTENTIAL.

    • @6 Godzilla,I think it is part of THE PIECEMEAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE SHOW GROUNDS where pits of land are being given corruptly to some individuals and companies INSTEAD OF HAVING A COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH!

  4. You know something is not balanced somewhere when investors are putting money in Hotels and Shopping Malls instead of manufacturing

  5. The entry of Sarovar Hotels and Resorts makes good reading. Tax incentives in peace and stability will bring more investors into the country. Through tourism, the country will create employment and provide opportunities to suppliers of goods and services as well as bank deposits for loaning and borrowing at low interest.

    • Ba Doctor Makasa these guys will rent a building in Zambia; employ Zambians to clean and run the hotel’s brand whilst management will be “expatriates” who will be paid top Dollar to attract them. Customers (tourists) will pay hard currency via Booking dot com or even AirBnB. That money will not even touch a Zambian bank and no tax benefit for Zambia! Before I forget, the owners will be paid management fees (as a way to transfer “expenses” legally. The company will also have signed a 5 year tax holiday with government and none will be the wiser!

    • MB,

      I suspect you are outside Lusaka or Zambia. These investors are not renting a building. They have actually contributed to the beauty of Lusaka by constructing an impressive multistorey building opposite Manda Hill Shopping Mall.

    • @Facts then you don’t know how a brand works! Intercontinental Hotel does not own a single hotel and yet they have the brand in Lusaka. The hotel in Lusaka is owned by a Ugandan family and marketed by the Intercontinental Hotels brand! Do I have to be in Lusaka to see an impressive multi-storey building at coordinates -15.4188373,28.3083788

    • MB,

      I am not disagreeing entirely with all the points you have raised. I am referring more specifically about the point you have made about these investors – the Neelkanth Group -renting a building. This is factually incorrect because I have followed the construction activities at the hotel site. I also has happen to know about their other investments on the Copperbelt. What you are you saying may be true about the Ugandan family running Inters, but it’s unfair to tar every foreign investor with the same brush.

    • @ Facts & MB

      Can you two “experts” (LOL) expand your rather thin knowledge before commenting?

  6. jay jay,tourism is a major earner in terms of GDP and our country needs to obtain momoey from all sectors. we cant have the entire country turned into one big factory,where will investors and tourists stay. people travel to Dubai for the resorts and shopping because it has many malls and great hotels. infact many factories are become very automated and dont even employ that many people

  7. This condemnation of investments other than factories is just a PHD syndromme of the successes of PF Govt, ignorance of a Globalised economy and the symbiotic nature of many ingredients of economies and the essence of life. If it gives a return its good and essential. Why should a people with bucks to build factories come to a place with no housing meeting their taste or restaurants and casinos to match? They make money and do what with it? They’ve got to enjoy.

    Many economies just marketing financial services, beaches, resorts and Zodwas have better standards of living than Zambia which some would rather it just has pollution spewing factories.

  8. The ignorance of some bloggers is mind-boggling. Don’t they know that tourism – hotel business – is a money – spinning industry? They only think of those factories spewing smoke from chimneys as industries! If you go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City in the US, you will only find huge hotels, shopping malls, and casinos – and not a single manufacturing factory – and yet these two places generate several times Zambia’s national income! There’s more than one way to skin a cat!

    • @ Facts
      “The ignorance of some bloggers is mind-boggling”
      Did you include yourself as ignorant of the hospitality industry?

  9. welcome investment, more dollars in the country from tourist. Infact tourisim brings alot of foreign currency exchange which stabilises our exchange rate.

  10. Quick question. Does anyone know how the British economy is modelled? Do people know the domicile of most major UK based business owners? I rest my case.

    • Duda,

      You are dead right. Most bloggers here are even more xenophobic than black South Africans. They wouldn’t believe you if you told them that most business owners and investors fueling the British economy are not British.

  11. For those who don’t know the Neelkanth Group, this is the same company that has put up a cable manufacturing factory in Ndola and also constructing a state of the art warehouse and show room in Kitwe along the Kitwe-Chingola road.

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