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Zambia committed to consolidate its relations with Angola


President Lungu with First Lady Esther Lungu during the State Banquet Hosted in honour of the Visiting Angolan President Joáo Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço at Pamodzi Hotel in Lusaka on Wednesday,May 2,2018 -Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA

President Edgar Lungu has reaffirmed government’s commitment to further consolidate the relations and cooperation between Zambia and Angola through continued political engagement and enhanced economic cooperation.

President Lungu has expressed confidence that the two countries will take advantage of the vast opportunities in different sectors to fulfil their bilateral development objectives whose ultimate purpose is to uplift the livelihoods of the two people.

The President said this during a state banquet he hosted for his Angolan counterpart Joao Lourenco and his wife Dr. Ana Afonso Dias Lourenco.

He urged the Angolan government to continue taking full advantage of Zambia’s vast and diverse investment opportunities as the two countries seek better and more innovative ideas to secure the future of the region and the continent at large.

First Lady Esther Lungu with visiting First Lady Angolan First Lady with Former First Ladies Dr Christine Kaseba and Vera Chiluba during the State Banquet Hosted in honour of the Visiting Angolan President at Pamodzi Hotel in Lusaka on Wednesday,May 2,2018 -Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA

The Head of State stated that Zambia attaches great importance to its relations with that country saying that not only historical ties but also the immense potential that lies in the two countries to compliment and contribute to each other’s development.

“I am now happy to announce today that Zambia and Angola have signed a number of agreements including one which will abolish visa requirements for persons with ordinary passports,” he said.

He explained that the move will facilitate free movement of people and enhance trade and investment in line with the continental and bilateral agenda.

President Lungu said Zambia and Angola remains committed to upholding peace, security and stability in the region and the African continent.

He noted that this is because the two countries believe that sustainable development can only be achieved in a peaceful environment.

The President said as a current member of the SADC organ Troika, and AU peace and Security Council, the two governments have an obligation to continue to strive towards the emerging political and security challenges in the region.

He said the two countries should continue to build on the momentum of the existing cooperation as a bilateral, regional and multilateral levels to ensure that the continental agenda for a more developed, peaceful and prosperous Africa is successfully attained.

And President Joao Lourenco said it is important for the two countries to explore sectors where the two countries’ economies can complement each other.

The Angolan Leader said this can be done by seeking solutions to satisfy the reciprocal needs through the trade of diverse products which instead of importing them from distant parts of the region or continent can be transacted with the obvious advantage at the level of the two economies.

President Lourenco has called on the business community from the two countries to develop a proactive and reactive attitude in the framework of relations between the two countries.

He urged the Angolan business community to partner with the Zambian business community to develop businesses in diverse areas such as road, transport, agriculture, tourism which will see an increase in the supply of goods and services between the two countries

The Angolan President added that the move will in turn see an increase in job creation in the two countries.

President Lungu toasts Angolan President Joáo Lourenço and his wife


  1. Can you now start getting oil from Angola and reduce the price of fuel not the promised Saudi Arabia oil which never comes????????????

    • Mr. President, you sound vague, as thought you left out the nit grit. The specifics are the ones which matter.

    • I was happy Zambia is having Autism awareness.

      Please also speak up about geriatric conditions and care. Old people with Alzheimers and dementia found wondering and naked are deemed to be witches and beaten up or even killed.

  2. The Angolan President was straight to the point: Trade between the two countries. I think the critical mass is not the politics any more. The critical mass is the economies.

  3. This is a power couple. The First Lady for Angola was once Minister of Finance and Planning. A professional in her own right.

  4. So someone somewhere isnt happy to see Presidents from near and far coming to visit Zambia its people and President Lungu.

  5. So the civil servant Dr Christine Kaseba is still in the country and not in Paris after being sworn in…surely how do you reduce to that!!

  6. Angolan GDP is five times that of Zambia and their budget is twice our entire GDP so its important we pursue deeper trade relations with this rich country .

  7. ECL got addicted to state banquets on foreign soils now he’s doing it at home after backlash of frequent travels.

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