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Fred M’membe outlines his plan for Job Creation in Zambia


We have a very serious problem about jobs. Jobs, jobs, Jobs; if we don’t sort out the problem of jobs, we are in problems. Young people are coming out of school, they can’t find jobs. They are coming out of colleges, they can’t find jobs.

There is hope that, you know, with more foreign investment jobs will be created. But there will be no jobs created by foreign investors. No matter how many foreign investors we bring into the mining sector, there will be no jobs. Things have changed. Those armies of miners we used to have, we will never see them again. Those jobs have been taken over by machines, excavators. One excavator wipes out 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 jobs.

So the armies we used to have of mineworkers will not be there no matter how much foreign investment we pump into the mining sector. Equally, in commercial agriculture, we used to have huge camps of workers around a farm. We will never have those big camps of workers around farms, because one small tractor, one small combine harvester takes away thousands of farm workers’ jobs. Banks: We used to have full banking halls, full of clerks. We used to have tills from one end of the wall to the other and on each till there is a teller. Today you go into the banking halls, they are empty.

The jobs have been taken over by a machine, the ATM. The ATM doesn’t go on maternity leave. The ATM does not attend funerals, it has got no relatives. The ATM has no lunch break. The ATM doesn’t go on study leave, it simply works. It’s not possible for capitalism to address this issue of jobs.

We have to look outside the capitalist system because the current unemployment rate is inherent in the capitalist system; production for profits and not to satisfy human needs.

For us the solution will only come from peasant agriculture. And agriculture in general today, is only contributing 9 per cent or so of our GDP.

But it is deploying or we have deployed 85 per cent of our workforce in agriculture, producing 9 per cent of the GDP. We have 6 per cent of our work force deployed in industry producing 24 per cent of our GDP. We have 9 per cent of our work force deployed in services, producing 67 per cent of the GDP. But services and industry can no longer take any people.

The only sector that can take people is peasant agriculture, and by peasant agriculture everybody should be carrying a Kambwili on their shoulders. I don’t mean the brother who is in politics, I mean that little instrument we use to plough, the hoe.

We will also need people to produce vet medicines, chemicals for crops that will also create jobs in those sectors.

Peasant agriculture will also need serious marketing for inputs and outputs. That will also create jobs in those areas for marketers, drivers, mechanics and other logistics experts. We will also need to produce manufactured goods out of farm produce.

There is no need for cotton produced in Eastern Province just to leave the country and be processed elsewhere. We need clothes to start coming out of Eastern Province. We will need manufacturing industry; tailors, designers to start making clothes and we export clothes from the cotton grown by our people in Eastern Province. So, you can see that more jobs will be created around peasant agriculture than just the tilling of the land. For us that’s the way out.

We need to put more and more resources, more and more attention, more and more effort into peasant agriculture. We are the third hungriest country in the world today, after Chad and Central African Republic. What does that mean? It means we are not utilising the resources God has given us in terms of land, water and a young population. Jobs can be created and will be created by the Socialist government in 2021


  1. I thought this guy would have more impact on the political scene but alas

    any way he’s better than (HH)

    • Do we have a candidate in Chilanga by-elections?
      We need test be how social the water is.
      The all media is on our side. They get it, no print newspaper no jobs.

    • Are you going to nationalize everything like Mr. Kaunda? Could be clear on your perception of socialism; are we going Cuba or China?

      So all those times you were busy discrediting Governments in your Newspaper, this is the M’membeconomics you were trying to impose and preach to them. Banish all the machines and let’s get back to the manual way of doing things. Use shovels and picks to make roads. Remove ICTs in banks and M’membe is a happy man. He would have created jobs.

    • Karl Max is known for condemning utopian ideas. Mr Fred, what you are propounding on right now are utopian ideas!!!! Much as you are right about human employment, machines do certain tasks human beings are incapable of doing. Machines are in fact a creation from human employment – for a reason, and that is “efficiency”. The responsibility of government is to ensure that those using machines are taxed to compensate the unemployed – aka “social welfare”. The problem in most 3rd world countries is that we have clueless leaders like Jonathan Mutaware. I rest my case!

    • His approach and frank talk make sense.

      A society and country is built on people.

      If a few enjoy by exploiting and fooling around with manipulating talks dishing out crumbs while the cream is taken by a few elites, that kills the whole humanity.
      Haves and Have-nots cannot go on forever.

      Solution to a fair and equitable society lies in creating opportunities for all, especially the poorest of the poors.

      Zambia has to invest in villages, in schools, clinics, cottage and small scale industries at village, district levels across Zambia.

      My vote goes to Comrade Fred.

    • Nubian is a worse darker evil than devil.

      He is a prestitude on the payrolls of PF.

      Zambia has to go on the path where 90% of the underprivileged have to benefit than perpetually recycled exploitative 10% coming in all sizes and masks.
      Chinese way of socialism is the way forward.

    • Chief architects Russia & China have abandoned Socialism & communism, imwe thats when you want to pick it up from the dust bin.

      On paper socialism seems perfect but in practice it’s NOT productive & workers are abused, paid peanuts. Most Cuban workers get less than K200 salary.

      Then it creates Brutal DICTATORS like KK, Kim Jong Un, Stalin, Castro, Lungu, & other former African dictators who want to rule till death. Watch or read Animal Farm to see how it pans out.


  2. Really laughable ….this guy needs to be serious and stop reading from teleprompter even with poor eyesight. Why has he not fielded anyone for Chilanga!!

    • Only a fool like you will waste scarce resources on byelections where ruling party pumps in stolen money and drains the opposition of resources and disadvantages them when it comes to general elections.

      Give the ruling idi-ots enough rope to hang themselves. Let them enjoy the feeling of invincibility and rout them out in general elections like Kaunda lost in 1991.

      Socialism, the Chinese way is the way forward.
      90% to share the GDP than 10% enjoying while majority living in perpetual povery.


  3. This chap wants Zambians to be enslaved by foreigners. He wants the country to go back 100 years and start all over again. Never ever heard of such STUPIDITY.

  4. At least membe recognises that ZAF can not be spending
    $67 million to import uniforms from cotton grown in Zambia when we can make those uniforms locally, unlike the corrupt thief lungu who is actually being bribed to agree such arrangements…

    • @ Spaka like lilo
      Simple question for you, if you answer this one i will respect you. Where does the US army uniforms manufactured? Just answer, no explanations.

  5. M’membe has his foot in the right place, Land/ agriculture is the basis of our livelihoods, a people’s wealth. We abhor agriculture, yet we dream of a time (candy mountain, if you wish) we import less and less of agricultural byproducts. Yet you laugh at a man who wishes to endeavor to bring this within our reach. He might not make a lot of sense, but on this one wa kunupa.

  6. Did Mmembe read the story of Van Winkle? I’m sure he has. No need to say more. And where in Zambia has a machine taken 1,000 mine jobs? The only point I accept is that investors don’t have room for auxiliary employees. They only want employees for the core business. sports, no mealie meal issuers, no township clinics. ..there he’s got a point.

    • In most countries you come to work get paid and that it, its your decision to join a sports club or not and its govt job to run clinics from tax payers Kwacha not have public servants steal the funds. govt collects income tax, excise tax, customs duty, VAT, mining royalties, ect so there is plenty of money for govt projects but corruption sucks most of it.

    • I think you’re missing the point. I’m pointing out that the mines had a huge population because even unnecessary jobs were provided by them. Government has always had clinics along those owned by the mines. But with privitization many social amenities were offloaded by the mines.

  7. I would give a plus to anyone who can propose any job creation strategy. Fred Mmembe is talking the right thing affecting the masses and if he continues on this path no matter what he will get the attention of the masses. The PF, UPND, NDC and others need to catch on with regards to job creation as this is the ultimate agenda for 2021 elections make no mistake!

    • @ maules,
      Yes job creation is a buzzy word in today’s complex and advanced world. The question on everybody’s lips world over is which jobs? If people aren’t creative and innovative, if they think in the past, too bad that wont create jobs for them no matter what.

    • Well, I don’t exactly like Fred but he’s right when he says this country needs jobs, jobs, jobs…..

  8. I believe it is incredibly hypocritical of this man to be peddling the communist ideal and decry capitalism after having benefitted from it immensely! I mean is he going to give up his nice mansion to live and break break with his “comrades” in Chipata compound from now on or is his empire protected from his loft ideals??

  9. The corrupt thief lungu makes sure GRZ uniform importers get import permits in exchange for bribes instead of banning all importation of ZAF , ZP, GRZ school uniforms and all work safety cloths instead of making them locally to create jobs……

    We know who the corrupt thief lungu gives import permits to and who contributes to PF campaigns….dirty parasitic thieves.

  10. Seriously, it’s this another attempt to hoodwink the masses PF style once again by pretending to be one of them and understanding their plight? And furthermore, where was this when the money was rolling in at the post and you were enjoying being Zambias kingmaker??

  11. It is an insult to people who actually live with the negative side of capitalism to be preached to by someone who likely has a full English and a couple glasses of OJ before going out to “represent” those that actually live on less than a dollar daily.

  12. My laughter disease has just come back too! It’s laughable two losers think they have a shot at the presidency! It is in their heads!

  13. asant
    agriculture, and by peasant agriculture everybody
    should be carrying a Kambwili on their shoulders.
    I don’t mean the brother who is in politics, I mean
    that little instrument we use to plough, the hoe.
    We will also need people to produce… M’membe anipanga.. Kkkkkk

  14. How had stolen from Zambians thru privatization or selling state owned compaigns?
    (a) HH
    (b) lungu
    (c) Fred

  15. Who had stolen from Zambians thru privatization or selling state owned compaigns?
    (c) Fred

  16. by elimination to find that simple answer, look at who has a conviction ? Has HH or lungu or membe got a conviction ?

  17. The day lungu bans all importation of GRZ uniforms, safety cloths and has them made locally is the day I will support lungu……

  18. Agriculture is the basis for economic development of our country. It will create a multiplier effect

  19. Lots of wrong facts here from Fred, since when are we 3 poorest starving countries, what about Zim, Sudan north and south and many more, foreign investors only use machines and Zambians don’t what a joke all business use machines,as for clothing the Chinese flood the world with cheap cloths, the wage in china is 5kw day. Zambian’s will buy whats cheapest on the market even the used closes from overseas that are sold in the markets. KK socialist experiment was a disaster remember the empty shelves and Q’s. Fred other idea is run a newspaper than not pay your bills and taxes that’s Freds socialism. however the uneducated Zambians will vote for him in the rural area thats why he’s not running in the current byelection

    • “…Chinese flood the world with cheap cloths, the wage in china is 5kw day. Zambian’s will buy whats cheapest on the market even the used closes from overseas that are sold in the markets…”

      The West and especially trump have realised that subsidised local production by way of massive tax breaks and other gimmicks to sustain local employment has far reaching positive implications for people and the country as a whole. Saying China produces cheaper is for lazy people..

  20. It’s time to change to a new system called socialism. The capitalist has not done very well in Zambia, people in rural areas are still very poor and workers go for long hours without overtime.

  21. Cecil Rhodes, aka, Fred Mmembe has nothing to offer. He will die a bitter man. Those are borrowed theories from HH via his wife.

  22. Malama Katulwende: With efficient agriculture we would not need so many people to be farmers. But since we have so many people without skills that are employable in an urban economy, we can for a while leave them in rural areas to live as small scale farmers so that they grow their own food and trouble no one as jobless workers in towns. As for peasants’ children, they need to acquire skills to be better farmers or urban workers in industry and commerce so that in this way the peasantry can die out eventually as it has in Europe, Japan, South Korea etc. This policy would require a good education system run by by a corruption-free govt. We have neither at present and so we are sunk.

    • KK’s back to the land policy could have done the trick, but the more he preached the more people trekked to town and the more unplanned settlements we built.

    • Ndanje Khakis: Urbanisation is the trend world-wide. Farming is a comparatively low-earning, high risk business and gets less and less attractive to young people including kids of successive farmers. Once they have acquired non-farm skills, most young people no longer want to live as farmers. The late Abe Galaun had only two children. One became an accountant and changed his father’s business model after inheriting the business, although he has sadly died. One read law and practices in the UK and has no interest in farming. The Galaun business still survives but it is diversifying into real estate and converting land once used for farming into residential use. I bought a residential plot from them recently. We will still need farmers since we need food but the farmers will be fewer and…

  23. Spaka lilo you have resurfaced? We are still waiting for your comment on h.h candidate for Chilanga by election.
    Hiding away from important and pertinent issues only to resurface to comment on tribal lines has made you an unreliable commentator, just like it has damaged h.h himself surrounded by core tribalists like the disgraced chief mukuni, professor hansungule, ackson sejani, ooh ooh nearly forgot jack, gary.

    • The coward cader who took cover and disappeared from the blog about lungus parentage when asked what was connection between lungu and LAZ he was alluding to………

      That charmain woman has not committed any crime and as far as I am aware has been cleared by the courts…..she has no fraud convictions , no record of corruption so UPND are at liberty to chose her as their candidate….

  24. Everyone in the opposition are just crap to say the least. No one has sat seriously to outline a strategy that may be interesting to the people of Zambia. Agriculture of course is the answer today by most countries but not in the manner this 1000 years back ideology proposes. The Agriculture we are talking about is one that of course uses modern techniques and machinery and utilize the whole process chain to value addition. But that requires people who ready to use research and take advantage of modern technology. How do you create jobs if you cant export your agriculture produce? M’membe please think!

    • The corrupt theif lungu must put Zambia before his lust to stay in power and ban all importation of GRZ uniforms by his campain financiers and have them made in Zambia….

  25. Well well. Look who we’ve got here. That we should change our approach to problem of unemployment is true. Socialism answer in Agriculture? That’s Debatable. We need a multi-dimensional approach tapping into areas of absolute and comparative advantage which include agriculture, tourism and mining among others. Pay attention to the so-called informal sector where there’s a lot of creativity. Empower those guys and they will create lots of employment opportunities.

  26. We’re forgetting the reasons we have such high unemployment in Zambia. Just count how many companies government owned from Livingston to Chililabombwe, Mansa, Mwinilunga and not to mention Lusaka, Ndola, Kitwe. All these companies. ..Livingston Motor Assembly, ITT Radio Assembly, Textile (Kafue and Livingston ), Consolidated Tyres, Ndola Copper Refinery, the Mines from Nampundwe to Konkola, the tens of companies in Ndola, Maranouch of Chingola. fact too numerous to mention employed more than half the population. We sold them and most buyers simply uprooted the machinery and took it RSA, the mines want to operate within “budgets “. But hope shouldn’t be lost. With determination by each individual we can do it. may take years but we shall get there.

    • That is true…..zambia needs a ruthless approach to job creation……why are we importing bottles when we can make them in kapri ? Why are we importing GRZ uniforms made with Zambia cotton when we can make them at mulungushi textiles ?

      That is why Donald trump has the right ideas regarding importing cheap products than can be made locally….he realises that local employment in local production of those imported goods, even though more expensive then importing , has far wider Benifits for the country…

    • Spaka when were you born? Kapiri Glass used to make enough glass products even to export to neighboring countries until someone sold it and the buyer dismantled the machinery.

    • It’s called governing ……relunch kapri glass and ban all import of bottles…even have some things you can not make locally imported in bulk and rebottle in the country…….

    • Ndanji you surprise me… because someone dismantled it , it can not be re established ?

    • That is why I say all of are very lazy people waiting for foreigners to do everything…..get of your GRZ butts and work in establishing industries

    • You are busy building roads for loafing youth to be spending all day loitering on them instead of re establishing industries to provide jobs for them….

  27. Fred maybe having an idea though I don’t believe in Socialism. The problem we have in Zambia is laziness. We want fast cash without working for it. Lusaka is congested with people who are doing nothing but loitering in the streets disturbing innocent people. These guys if they channel their energy into peasant farming can contribute to the growth of the economy. If you see how lazy people are disturbing visitors in our borders, its really shameful and quite discouragingly to our tourists. The government has even allowed this kind of harassment in the name of vending. That’s is why people keep on following HH and GBM in the hope that they will share their riches when they form government. Leaders who speak sense like Chipimo and Sinkamba are not supported. We have turned ourselves into…

  28. Ndanje Khakis: We still refine copper in Zambia; it just doesn’t have to be at Ndola. So those workers with marketable skills moved with them to where copper is being refined now. You need to realise that countries like companies are actually in competition with one another for domination of markets. That is why industrial espionage occurs within countries among competing companies and between countries. The Zambia Privatization Agency was not backed by any think tank and blundered on many things. Ronald Penza didn’t know what he was supposed to do.

  29. Its a schopet plan but at least he’s got a plan unlike all opposition parties in Zed who just think to oppose is a manifesto. I think MMD when they stood against KK had a plan. After that it was just rubbish from all parties. Mmembe’s plan is foolish because you can’t fight machines. They are here to stay so you just need to repurpose your labour. You can’t continue producing grade 7 failures when the industries need skilled manpower
    So be careful with your socialism

  30. Its a stoopid plan but at least he’s got a plan unlike all opposition parties in Zed who just think to oppose is a manifesto. I think MMD when they stood against KK had a plan. After that it was just rubbish from all parties.

  31. Mmembe’s plan is foolish because you can’t fight machines. They are here to stay so you just need to repurpose your labour. You can’t continue producing grade 7 failures when the industries need skilled manpower
    So be careful with your socialism

  32. Moderation moderation to helll with moderation i repost:
    Mmembe’s plan is fullish because you can’t fight machines. They are here to stay you just need to repurpose your labour. You can’t continue producing grade seven failures when the industries need skilled manpower so be careful with your socialism

  33. Ataseee ba Mmembe you are tu furish and get ouchi of hiye. Such is backward thinking. No more socialism.

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