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A Chinese national impounded for driving a Government vehicle without authorisation


The Impounded Chinese National
The Impounded Chinese National

A Chinese national was among the drivers impounded by Ministry of Works and Supply officers for driving a government vehicles without any documentation that allows government workers to drive government vehicles on the weekend.

The Chinese national who was driving from the East was impounded at Waterfalls Check Point where ministry officials had mounted their Road Block on the Great East Road.

The foreigner who was driving from the East could not explain himself as to why he was driving a government vehicle without documentation prompting the Ministry Officials to impound the vehicle and instruct the Chinese national to come to the Ministry of Works and Supply on Monday

Minister of Works and Supply Felix Mutati says government has intensified the control of usage of government vehicles on weekends by launching the first phase of a nation wide campaign which saw a lock down of Lusaka Province.

All the 4 main entry points into the province had Road Blocks mounted by Ministry of Works and Supply Officials.

Speaking in Kabwe were he was part of the team of officers who mounted a Road Block at Mulungushi University Mitati said his Ministry had intensified the control of government vehicles abuse as way of controlling use of tax payers money and usage of public resources.

He said government vehicles were part of the assets that belonged to the people of Zambia and that it was his duty to control the usage of people’s assets and prevent abuse being perpetuated by those who are allergic to following the rules adding that there is need to bring back discipline and order in the usage of people’s resources.

And Senior Inspector of Government Transport John Chisanga says the Ministry has recorded some compliance in the usage of government vehicles on weekends and after working hours since the commencement of the exercise to cramp down on the abuse of government vehicles on weekends and after working hours.

Chisanga explained that though they are some radicals who are still giving them problems in their execution of duty the exercise has recorded some level of compliance as people have started to follow procedure as can be seen from the reduction in the number of culprits.

“The Government Control Unity has carried out a countrywide operation and for Lusaka I have got details which we have just gathered because we mounted road blocks on four points. Eastern, Western, Southern and Northern entry points and the data from all these points which we have gathered from 07 up to 12:45 from Eastern entry point there about 19 vehicles recorded two impounded and and 4 were charged they are supposed to pay the charges at Works and Supply. From the Southern entry 30 were recorded 10 where charged 4 was impounded so these have to come to some fines at Works and Supply. From Western entry point 16 vehicles were recorded and 5 were impounded. From Northern entry point 25 were recorded 10 were charged and 4 impounded…

“From the statistics we have here its like there is a down ward trend. There is some compliance somewhere though there are some radicals here and there who are trying to still give us problems in our execution of this duty but we are still cramping down on them like on the Eastern part there was a certain individual who claimed that he had bought the vichile but he was still using GRZ number plate so we had to remove those number plates since he said the process of changing ownership was still on going so asked him to come to Ministry with the vehicles new number so that we can assist to complete the process of changing ownership,” he said.

The exercise which started three weeks ago to control the usage of government vehicles during weekends and after working hours continued on Saturday with Ministry officers mounting 4 Road Blocks in Lusaka.

The Impounded Chinese National
The Impounded Chinese National
The Impounded Government Vehicle
The Impounded Government Vehicle
The Impounded Government Vehicle


    • Let him go.

      Chinese and whites are more superior to Blacks.

      I hate saying it, but its the truth

      I have heard Chinese killing Zambians and no one has been sentenced to anything close to a death penalty

      I hate saying it, but the Chinese and whites are demi gods in Agrica

      Let him go people



    • This is what happens when officials concentrate on trivial things. As a result we have a situation where no one is really running the country. A Chinese national driving a government vehicle on a weekend! I have never driven one myself. International news agencies have already wired this around the world to illustrate the extent of Chinese influence on the Zambian state. Just when you thought we have reached the lowest point in how bad things can get, it suddenly hits you that you were wrong. What words can I use to describe this? Go Mutati go, save the country from rascals an their agents.

    • Chinese are in full control of Zambia…just what’s really going on…do we really have a government…how possible is this….smh

    • it can only be State house vehicle.
      What is ACC for when even chinese behaving in such a manner?

    • And we have opposition…sleeping and arguing about useless things whilst PF finds time to loot and mismanage govt properties…The late Anderson Mazoka was a genuine opposition leader not these rifruffs we have today..Kambwili..HH..Mulongoti..Nevers..all useless…

    • Nkana Kitwe – exactly …these morons have borrowed so much to the point where Chines can walk in when your wife is bathing and there is nothing you can do about it….

    • @Jay Jay, that’s very true and that’s why they kept on asking us to invest back in Zambia so that any kind of our investments can pour in tax revenues. Mexicans send all the income back home helping the country economy, for us it’s just enough for family and personal because our Zambian Government is very wasteful. No wonder all the Government OFFICIALS got big stomachs.

    • Does the china man work for our government or the peoples rep of china? Anyway who knows he was in his way to state house to sign some deals. The one who impounded will be fired by Kaizer Zulu the special assistant for corruption at state house.

    • This is good keep it up Felix! However there are manny GRZ vehicles which do not have GRZ plates, some have normal A plates so if they are only going for GRZ plates they will be missing those with normal registration plates.

    • Language challenge was at play with the Chinese national, those who impounded the vehicle must have released it and it must have just taken “a call.” This must surely be a donated vehicle assigned to a China administered project and someone at the originating point is not doing their job.

      Okay for Mutati to be overzealous and joining teams of government inspectors in mounting check points but on the other hand it just may explain that his new office is not as demanding as it was when he was at Finance.

    • Language challenge was at play with the Chinese national, those who impounded the vehicle must have released it and it must have just taken “a call.” This must surely be a donated vehicle assigned to a China administered project and someone at the originating point is not doing their job.

      Okay for Mutati to be overzealous and joining teams of government inspectors in mounting check points but on the other hand it just may explain that his new office is not as demanding as when he was at Finance.

    • This is an avic international employee the logo is clear enough on his sweat shirt. So the government workers in this case are worrying their time

    • I remember when JICA was in full swing under UNIP, their largest project had their fleet with GRZ plates on them.

      All employees at the time either being Zambian or Japanese would drive them. This may be the case here but without all details it would be presumptuous of anyone to conclude anything in this particular case.

      However, what would be further wrong would be driving this vehicle without a weekend permit but if this Chinese is an expertriate working for GRZ, expect apologies on Monday.

      Not all that glitters is gold … Heaven help us all.

    • Lungu has sold Zambia to the Chinese, these are effects of the strings attached to the loans Lungu has been getting from China left, right centre blindly.

  1. Was the driver detained and the car impounded or was the driver “Impounded!” What a joke of a tribal party commenting on the reporting! In RSA? Anyway, I can’t be surprised! It is either Prof. HaNdulo or Prof. Hansoni!

  2. Koma kuli reporting mu Zambia! How do you know he is a Chinese national? Did you check his ID? Or you only looked at him and assumed he was a Chinese national?
    “He was driving from the East” Kikikikikikiki! From the East. Anyway China is in the East so he may have been coming from Beijing?

    • He definitely produced a driver’s licence. On the Zambian licence there’s a field for one’s ID or NRC number. For a foreigner, they enter his/her passport number and nationality. Simple!!!

    • Simple!!!!? He showed the license to the reporter? And the license said Chinese national??? I doubt all this

  3. This is a chinese man details withheld but its ONLY in zed under PF that chinese pipo are Zambian Government officials this guy is an AVIC EMPLOYEE from his uniform, no wonder avic has all infrastructure jobs and has built several houses as bribes to officials , what can a PS say when chinaman wants to use his official car ?? VOTE WISELY IN CHILANGA

    • The Chines know that the share the money together of those overprice Chinese contracts that your children will be paying


    • Iwe chisenga……people have eyes and ears….it is only under lungu such things are seen or heard of…..

  4. Then you have the usual PF LT suspects pontaring about HH wanting to sell the country to Anglo ……..there is nothing left to sell, the chinese own you….

  5. This is the lawlessness of Lazy Lungu govt by 2021…Chines will be shooting utterly docile Zambians for sport, even Zimbabwe will surpass Zambia.
    Zambia needs serious people like Mutati in every ministry and State House not dancing lazy donkeys who relish being shamelessly escorted to the KKIA by the whole Cabinet and PSs when he is only flying to Chongwe with Flight 9J-ONE Challenger. The lazy bum has even the cheek to give interviews on the tarmac..

    • Uncle Felix had the platform to carry out all such cost cutting measures across the whole GRZ when he was Minister of Finance – this seems like too little too late for me. People just want to be seen to be working.

  6. Registration plate GRZ 162 CE … i presume CE means Chinese from the East? We shouldn’t let these Communist Effluent (CE) come abuse our resources.

  7. Under PF, Chagwa Chalo cha Zambia.
    Any wonder, when the Leader is a Corrupt client cash embezzling clown called Chagwa?
    You would NEVER have seen such Rot under K.K, or Mwanawasa.
    Under Chagwa, CHALO Chagwa!!!

  8. Imwe ba UPND the problem you have is that you dont understand how things are run. Its normal for a counterpart on a project to use the resources depending on the agreement entered into. It happens either in private or public. So there is absolutely nothing wrong but authority needs to be given either for a government official or a counterpart on the project.

    • ”…..Its normal for a counterpart on a project to use the resources depending on the agreement entered into..”

      The highly taxed people of Zambia’s money ka ?

  9. I know the solution to this. Just ask Godfridah Sumaili to organise a national prayers against abuse of state property. With God nothing is impossible. It always works.

  10. Kikikikikiki…..kekekekekeke….when I want a good laugh I just look out for a poorly disguised tribal comment by a upnd cadre, like Spaka lilo for instance…….kekekekekekeeeeeeeeee!!!

    • badala….you even tried to corruptly force Chinese police officers onto Zambians…..the backlash made you peddle back fast……seems now the Chinese are running GRZ ministries under cover of the corrupt rats of PF….

  11. Icho chintu! We are becoming second class citizens in our own country. Foreigners are already in the police force as reservists (thank God, Zambians were united on this). They were probably not fired but are being kept from all of us ndwii Zambians. If they are now driving GRZ cars, it means they are government officials. Where is our pride?
    We should be scared, we should be very scared!

  12. It never happened in all previous governments, under Lungu nothing is surprising anymore. Corruption at its peak, nepotism is the order of the day, speaker reduced to a mere cadre, judges are not judges anymore, police men are no different from police dogs, waiting for instructions from their master,

  13. Okay, I now know why a Chinese was found driving a GRZ vehicle. Firstly he must have come from the AVIC Int’l workshop located on the Great East Rd. I assume that he was on road test as these guys work throughout the week. People note that a lot of GRZ vehicles are serviced by AVIC. I am suppose the Journalist failed to investigate further to get to the bottom of the story. The chinaman most likely had some language issues and could not explain. Maybe the question people should be asking is why are such contracts to service GRZ vehicles not all of them given to Zambian companies? There could be reasons.

  14. But this exercise of checking GRZ vehicles should be continuous and not just for show. If it is only for a short time then we shall take it that it’s only for mutati to garner some plus points for his presidential bid in 2021 & not really about saving money.

  15. Zambia twasebana! How on earth could we sink so low to start thinking Chinese are any better than us? A GRZ vehicle being driven by a Chink? Please investigate! RTSA, ACC and ZP and give us the reality of what’s going on.

    • So u want zp to investigate a Chinese from zp to investigate a Chinese why is this happening because we Zambians are lazy or too corrupt to do this work chapwa

  16. I think they should let him go. After all the Chinese are the new owners of the country. Will the last Zambian to leave please switch the lights off.

  17. Kikikikikiki! Ati A Chinese national impounded! Yaba Zambia has journalists who don’t fail to tickle. Impounded?

  18. Mushota, what is that you have written, “Agrica” Ph.D. Mumenshi
    Can the police and journalist follow it up to see, what will happen to this choncholi? Thrown out of the police force, now are in Government. Only in Chagwa government.


  20. We were told by Mutati, there will be action against the (State House sanctioned Thug), who physically assaulted a journalist @ that roadblock, “within 5 days”
    We the NOT so gullible posted here “ALL P.F TALK, NO ACTION!
    Like ex- ng’wangwazi -(call boy) Kaizer, we were promised an urgent investigation asap, into an alleged assault on a female law enforcement officer @ Gabon Disaster Stadium.
    MPAKA LELO!! The Great humble Chagwa Mutawali is NDWIII!!

  21. Cnt you see the log on the pocket,its for avic when they are busy making roads all over the country what do you expect?

  22. The Chinese issue needs to be sorted out with both hands. This infiltration of government by the unpopular Chinese must be critically addressed and resolved urgently by strategic leadership before things get out of hand.

  23. I have told you that PF is corrupt from top to bottom; here you have it; leave the China man; he is getting paid for using GZR because of what PF has gotten from China; and deal with the corrupt Zambian who gave him the vehicle; PF has sold Zambia; Zambians will cry like Jamaicans are crying for new colonisation from Chinese;

  24. But why did they not arrest that Chinese national? Maybe he had just stolen that GRZ vehicle and they let him scot free.Mutati come on!!! That Chinese should have spent the weekend in cells.
    Maybe that Chinese national was using that GRZ car for illegal activities so many questions to be answered.

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