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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Kambwili’s NDC accuse ECZ and PF of blocking their candidate in the Chilanga By-Election

Headlines Kambwili's NDC accuse ECZ and PF of blocking their candidate in the...

Chishimba Kambwili flashes the NDC symbo
Chishimba Kambwili flashes the NDC symbol

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has accused the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) of conspiring to prevent their candidate in the Chilanga parliamentary by-election from filing in nominations.

NDC consultant Chishimba Kambwili says the PF deliberately blocked the NDC candidate Webster Katongo from filing his nominations.

Mr. Kambwili has further blamed the ECZ for not providing guidance on how many people should be found at the nominations center.

And party campaign manager Saboi Imboela says the commission should in future make sure that the number of people at the nominations filing centers is limited to reduce confusion.

She says the party through its Secretary General Mwenya Musenga has since written to the commission asking them to ensure that all participating political parties resist from ferrying cadres from other districts to filing centers.

According to reports, NDC’s Webster Katongo was disqualified after failing to file-in his nomination around 13:30 hours and allegedly went into hiding together with his supporters forcing the party to search for an alternative candidate, Edward Simfukwe.

Mr Katongo was unreachable as he was reported to have switched off his mobile phone, sending other party members into panic, and around 16:30 hours, Mr Simfukwe only managed to mobilise a few members to accompany him to file his nomination, but ECZ officials could not allow him to go ahead with filing because he was late.

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  1. Chishimba Kambwili lost everything when he feigned illness to avoid sleeping in cells. Almost everyone now knows that is not a principled man but only a joker!

    • Yes. He can’t be a presidential material as he lied that he is sick under pressure. Can’t vote for him.

    • Be honest, what makes you think he lied about his illness?
      Did you check his health and you can prove that he lied? Remember, the poor guy was locked for days without medicaments, the fact that he is talking about their candidate should not be a proof for you to think he lied.
      Let’s be fair and objective.

    • Look at it from the other perspective. The thug masquerading as a Zambia lost little dignity he had when he starting stealing and selling Zambia to the Chinese and Indians in return for kickbacks.
      Kambwilli is not an honest person but relatively he is an angel when compared to Chagwa, whose stealing started from his client as a lawyer and is continuing with big hush hush money from the Chinese and the Indians of all hue and color.

    • mocking bird

      One thing is lungu does not even attempt to deny he is a corrupt theif ……of who’s scale we will only have a idea after he leaves office….

  2. CK you were in Boma and you know the rules of the game. Your candidate, just ran away I am sure.

    • And why is he in hiding? Probably he chewed the nomination fee money which was given to him by Kambwili.

  3. So Mr consultant Kambwili, your candidate was unreachable by phone. So PF and ECZ also switched off his phones ka?
    Ba Kambwili, you are wasting your money, we told you and even you know that your “party” was stil born. There is no such thing as NDC party in Zambia that is why you are not president but consultant, and why you are still a member of PF.

    Kekekekeke..ama pati ya mu Zambia natuma president twabo, always blaming others for their failure. On 6 June you will hear kambi ka president ati we lost the by election because the government used chemical weapons against my candidate Chamene Musonda. Adulter.y and fornica.tion and the dead guard, revenge against Mukata will be ignored.

  4. Kambwili cisushi. He thought buying his doctorate is similar to buying votes. I wonder even those who follow him what they see in this monister.

    • To tell you the truth 2 thirds think he’s got a lot of money and want a share of it.

  5. You fail your Grade 7 exam you blame your pencil…BUFFOON CK is just a loud toothless dog who barks at you viciously but runs and hides under a parked vehicle when you turn back to confront it!


    WHY BLAME ECZ INSTEAD OF Webster Katongo?
    WHY HAVE YOU GONE FOR Edward Simfukwe?

  7. The guy went into hiding so what’s that got to do with being blocked. Mr Katongo just chickened out for some reason. By the since Kambwili has now come in the open as NDC president can he without wasting time relinquish his membership in PF and declare the Roan seat vacant?

  8. What is this CK barking about, he doesn’t know the reasons why his candidate decided not to file his candidacy, but quick to blame PF?
    Doesn’t make sense

  9. NDC you were just played. dont blame ECZ just move on . or soon you will become another Hechi Hechi. who is always blaming anything and everything except himself

  10. Stop blaming ECZ but instead u blame Katongo who failed to file in the nominations and decided to go into hiding. Don’t continue trusting such cowards, they are bringing the part down.

  11. Mr katongo is an intelligent person cause a person with wisdom can not represent a party without a leader (no president) no way even me can’t.

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