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Electoral Commission of Zambia to disqualify violent parties

Headlines Electoral Commission of Zambia to disqualify violent parties

ECZThe Electoral Commission of Zambia has issued a stern warning that it will be compelled to cancel and disqualify anyone found committing acts of violence in the by-elections slated for 5th June 2018.

ECZ Public Relations Manager Margaret Chimase says the commission is deeply concerned with rising levels of intolerance and political violence that have characterized the nominations on 3 may 2018 so far.

Ms. Chimase has stated that the electoral act and the electoral code of conduct both empowers the commission to suspend all campaigns and disqualify candidates that will be found wanting.

She has since appealed to all political parties to urge to refrain from acts of violence or risk disqualification.

Meanwhile ms. Chimase has revealed that the commission received reports of intimidation from their officers of an incident in Luangwa ward, Nyimba District that took place during nominations to which the commission is actually addressing.

She says the commission reaffirms the stakeholder expectations agreed upon by the church mother bodies and political parties on Monday 30th april 2018.

Ms. Chimase adds it is important that political parties honor their expectations which include the need for political parties to refrain from clashing and verbal disputes in an addition to provocation which can propel undesirable acts of violence.

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  1. erm….except PF.

    That is of course what it is, regardless of how you spin this spin off



    • It is better to write, “ECZ will disqualify UPND if violence is recorded”. Because there is no way ECZ can disqualify PF.

    • My fear is that party cadres will be masquerading their opponents so that the other party is disqualified.

    • Mushota I doubt whether the ECZ has any constitutional powers to ban any political party from participating in elections in Zambia. Any serious PhD candidate would have given us empirical evidence as to what the constitution says! But Mushota concentrates on BB2014 so I will not take her serious. It’s annoying that both PF and UPND have no economic programs which will create a middle economy even if either ruled for 20 years!

  2. It seems Garry Nkombo`s comment made ECZ wake up. Should ECZ be reminded all the time in order to take action? Passive ECZ !!! Now you are talking… but please do not be selective, whichever party is involved in violence, just disqualify. period.

    • Margarate Chimanse is talking about disqualifying opposition she cannot pretend she doesn’t know its PF at the helm of violence and PF police blocking other political parties from holding meeting. How will Chimanse stop PF police to level playing fileld for all.

  3. There is no need to even mention violent parties. Its PF. ECZ should instead say they will be disqualifying PF if it performs violent acts again.

  4. Try to disqualify PF if you are truly independent otherwise it’s even better not to make any statement at all Ba toothless ECZ.

  5. I’d you love to start with my party (PF) and then followed by UPND. Please disqualify these two parties and let the small parties take the seat. Show your powers

  6. Upnd are the only ones who wear terrorist masks like the ones you see with Al Shabaab.
    And they are the only ones who have openly pronounced their desire and readiness for violence, I heard it direct from the mouths of GBM and Gary Nkombo. But Gary seems to have more interest in Chamene winning at all costs….don’t know why but Spaka lilo can guide us.

  7. And also disqualify those political carders clad in political attires of other political parties and posing and shouting political slogans of other political parties. Its easy to know them they are using vehicles with Zambian number plates. Go to RTSA.

  8. Really??………………we shall see about that. Battle lines have been drawn in Chilanga and it is obvious that the ruling party does not want the opposition to campaign freely. So let the police capture the perpetrators of violence and take them straight to the ECZ so they disqualified

  9. Shameless ECZ…blind loyalty and a case of ububomba mwibala stupid statement. Who doesn’t know ECZ is captured? Kudos to Garry Nkombo for issuing that timely statement to wake up this incompetent institution, ECZ…..it is well know the patriotic fools are alwayz starting election violence….

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