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President Lungu troubled with rise of non-communicable diseases


President Edgar Lungu with Dr Chitalu Chilufya during the official Launch of the National Health Week at OYDC in Lusaka on Tuesday, May 8,2018 -Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA

President Edgar Lungu has expressed concerned over the growing burden of non- communicable diseases in the country.

President Lungu noted that non- communicable diseases are not only costly to treat but rob the nation of the most productive members of society largely at the Peak of their productivity.

He added that non- communicable diseases disproportionately affect the poor and disadvantaged populations in both rural and urban settings hence, the need for the whole nation to take particular care of the epidemic.

The Head of State was speaking in Lusaka today when he launched the 2018 National Health Week under the theme Health for All: Leaving No One Behind.

And President Lungu further noted that obesity is also another increasing area of concern especially among children.

He pointed out that obesity rates in children are rising several times faster than in the adult population hence, the need to address the trend.

President Lungu and First Lady Esther Lungu takes part in aerobics during the official Launch of Health Week at OYDC in Lusaka on Tuesday, May 8,2018 -Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA

The Head of State observed that the National Health Week therefore, seeks to provide a multi sectorial platform and opportunity to utilise multi sectorial health promotion approaches that catalyse national action leaving no one behind.

He said there is need for everyone to diligently follow the theme of leaving no one behind because a nation is only as strong, healthy and productive as its weakest link.

President Lungu also urged everyone to analyse and address the causes of ill health as well as examine and uphold factors that contribute to good health and well-being.

And Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya commended President Lungu for his political will in promoting good health and investment in the country’s health transformation agenda.

Meanwhile, World Health Organisation (WHO) Representative Nathan Bakyaita noted that commemoration of a national health week is important as it applies to everyone to redirect efforts and increase knowledge about disease prevention in order to promote good health.

Dr. Bakyaita said his organisation will continue to work with the Zambian government in promoting healthy surroundings where no one is left behind.

Speaking at the same event, Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo noted that his office is dedicated to promoting good health to all people in the province including those in per- urban areas in order for them to be productive and contribute to economic growth.

President Lungu and First Lady Esther Lungu takes diabetes test during the official Launch of Health Week at OYDC in Lusaka on Tuesday, May 8,2018 -Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA
1First Lady Esther Lungu inspects one of the stands during the official Launch of the National Health Week at OYDC in Lusaka on Tuesday, May 8,2018 -Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA


    • They are a worry. I understand the life span in zambia is a mere 41.

      There is a lot that need to be done to our health sector and it starts by retaining the best doctors and not compromising the UTH budget.



    • Cause of non communicable diseases, 1- Alcohol – does Edgar drink? Excessively. 2- Poor diet, as a result 45% of children under 5 are stunted. Has Edgar and his PF been helpful in this regards? Total failures–poverty has increase under their 7 years leadership

    • He is looking at Obesity of children of his fellow plunderers …. statistically I can assure you that this is not a nationwide problem. The fact that Zambia was listed as the hungriest country tells you the story. Our country also prominently features among those with the highest rates of malnutrition. Children in the rural do a lot of walking for almost any task so they pretty much exercise adequately on a daily basis…… So Bwana Chagwa this is mostly an Urban problem confined to a few.

    • This is what he meant when he said “I AM VISION-LESS, I AM VISION-LESS”.

      Zambia is the only country where mortuaries are more busy than theatres and it’ll remain so as long as we have such vision-less chaps in State House.

  1. Everything with Lazy Lungu is just a talking …last week the Bum was picking rubbish, other week he is planting trees, now this national health week…very soon it will week of silly prayers…no policy just shambles.
    Nothing serious …just an opportunity to wear an outfit

  2. It’s not a national problem but a Lusaka problem – they don’t cook at home any more! All they do is eat out every day! The developed world has been through this but it seems we can’t learn from history and the mistakes of others! It’s possible that Lusaka is consuming 80% of the Health budget due to the high concentration of deadly NCDs in Lusaka! Well done ECL for showing leadership on this. Please extend the same towards reducing government expenditure that should translate into lower rates of taxation! Too much tax is not good for business! Twachula with high taxation!

  3. What is wrong is probably the acting associated with the whole thing and all other problems past and present .We heard the President complaining about Zambia importing Mangoes from South Africa. If you are to ask every Zambian what has been done by the ministers he was asking at the time to do something about the situation ,the answer from every lip would be ,’nothing has been done we are still doing our rubbish dancing about it .’
    Cholera is gone but will be back in November because we are still dancing instead of expanding our sewage and water supply systems which cannot cope with the unplanned house building .This is what we call lazy politics .

  4. Lazy bum polygamist father who raised up a profane-prone child cum tribal online grouping chief hooligan and bully, I guess, may be ashamed of his produce!

  5. Good Mr. President to recognise the problem and address it. They criticise you on anything and everything because you are not Tonga.


  7. The perfect exercise that comes naturally to Zambians is walking a good distance. Get out of cars and walk.

    Look at our Village folk, the women walk miles for wood and water and are wafer thin. #WALKADISTANCE everyday, if you can’t run. I’ve been doing so in the last month and half my belly is gone already! Recommend it highly.

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