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Zambia’s life expectancy increases by 43%

General News Zambia's life expectancy increases by 43%

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President Lungu said Zambia has made strides in improving socio-economic indicators because from 1995 to 2015, life expectancy in Zambia has increased by 43%.He said the average years of schooling for its people increased by 44%, and household income increased by 86%.

President Lungu said these figures are a living testimony of not just the great potential Zambia holds for its people but projects the country’s exemplary position and commitment in achieving sustainable development.

President Lungu said this in Lusaka today, in a speech read for him by Acting Minister of Transport and Communication Lawrence Sichalwe during at the 10th Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) Conference.The conference has drawn over 180 delegates from over 80 countries across the globe.

President Edgar Lungu says government has continued to work towards adopting various sustainable measures aimed at improving the livelihood of its citizens.

He said therefore, in view of this background, government is thankful that Lusaka has been recognized as a platform to share the recent development and successes of the ICT4D.

President Lungu said government is committed to promoting the use of digital technology in reaching the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

“I am looking forward to exploring how digital technology is keeping people healthy, creating entrepreneurs, driving educational research and overall making a significant difference in the lives of millions of our people,” President Lungu said.

The Head of State further said he looks forward to hear not just good stories often told about the potential and possible use of ICTs in delivering sustainable development but real life accounts of the impact of their work demonstrating where and how ICT innovations are transforming lives of ordinary people.

He said the Seventh National Development Plan (7NDP) identifies ICT as a critical catalyst for economic development, job creation and a driver
of effective and inclusive public service.

President Lungu said not only does the 7NDP espouse diversification of the economy for sustainable growth, but that it includes an implementation mechanism to measure performance and results for increased success.

He said this is in line with the vision 2030 which seeks to transform the country into a digital economy without leaving anyone behind.

President Lungu pointed out that without a doubt, the 7NDP rests heavily on the innovative and overarching potential of ICTs.

He explained that one of the most successful implementation stories of ICT in recent Zambian history is the introduction of the SmartCare Electronic Health Records System.

President Lungu said by managing patient care records and clinical information through SmartCare patient cards, the Ministry of Health is able to provide accurate and continuous care for over 200,000 citizens.


    • Central Statistic Office (CSO) life expectancy figures are online and the don’t show such increase.WHO estimates are also available online. Nothing political, but let’s promote fact based issues. I am not questioning the president, but the facts..

    • ….hmmm, the whole of the presidency announcing things that are not confirmed??? I think you will agree with me that the president is the most informed person in the country rather than you who has to depend on google and the upnd propaganda machine for info.

    • I think it is important to remember what brought life expectancy drastically down in the eighties, nineties, and early two- thousands in Zambia….THE HIV/AIDS PANDEMIC coupled with FOOD INSECURITY in the Country. Now that these two factors have exponentially improved over the years, you indeed expect life expectancy to go up. By how much, I am not so sure. But I guess we have to take the President by his word since LT has not bothered to independently verify the statistics.

  1. LT, you haven’t given us life expectancy in real figures. How do we comment in abstract?

  2. Where did the president get that fake statistics on life expectancy? That is a fallacy because people in rural areas are suffering and dying same way. People are still going hungry only in state house they manage six meals/ day. I can only believe president Lungu if he said PF has made strides in causing more deaths with reasons that our hospitals are the worst in the world. They do not only smell but they lack modern equipment and no drugs except money for the PF politicians who can evacuate themselves to South Africa because they have no faith in their own hospitals and health personnel.

    • …you should visit the level 1 hospitals around Lusaka. We don’t need to go to UTH anymore. While you stuff your head with such rubbish, people are seeing the difference from 2006 when you had to go to UTH to get panadol. That’s why people still voted PF two weeks ago because they can see through your lies and rubbish!!!!

  3. This for sure has nothing to do with the economy; it has everything to do with the containment of HIV which is donor driven!

  4. What sort of reporting is this? So what’s the life expectancy now? What was it in 1995? What figures/report is the president referring to?

    What a waste of space this piece is.

  5. It is the best joke.From no where life expectancy has reached the sky.We are waiting for a signal.

  6. If he has improved life expectancy for the people surrounding him & thinks it is automatic everyone else in the country it’s the same, then he must be ellucinating. He is living in an imaginary life. People’s take home pay after the overheads deductions is not even enough to pay for your child 1 semester in any college & someone is saying life expectancy has increased. The actual fact is the life expectancy has tremendously gone down because of less sleeping, you are always in thots how to knit your living. People are dying of BP every day. We get news every day that someone just dropped dead despite showing no signs of any illness. Alibe vision cha chendi.

  7. Life expectancy in Zambia has decreased by 43% is the correct statement . How can this guy claim today that life expectancy in Zambia has increased when just yesterday, him and his army and Air force, were battling with a cholera epidemic instead of enemies? He must be smoking a lot of pot. This is being illusory. Countries with high life expectancy do not have cholera.

  8. LOL – life expectancy in Zambia has increased by 43%? Is this some kind of a sick joke or what?

  9. Its 35years MALES and 40years FEMALE FROM 55YRS MALE AND 65YRS FEMALE.if u are a man and above 35years OLD then celebrate that u wont die of LIFE EXPECTANCY DISEASE in zambia otherwise many die before 35yrs due to life expectancy disease

  10. Imwe, why so ma jealos? Why are you disputing these facts kansi??
    His Excellency got these scientific based researched facts from two highly educated Zambians,
    1. Professor Friday Sikazwe.
    2. Professor Kaizer Zulu.
    This research is authentic as it was supervised by the most learned Professor Warrerr (Water) Chomba, of Cambridge, Oxford, & Yale universities.
    When we tell you dununa reverse is working, you better believe!

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