Ailing Napsa Stars hire Chabby Chabala


Much -travelled coach Levy ‘Chabby’ Chabala has moved from one troubled winless club to another after ailing Napsa Stars hired him on Tuesday.

Chabala has dumped second from bottom Kabwe Youth Soccer Academy and joined Napsa stars who are just above the 2018 FAZ Super Division debutants at number 18 and interestingly both teams are tied on 3 points.

He joins Chikwanda who has collected just two points from five games in charge since replacing Linos Makwaza on April 10.

“Napsa Stars Football Club has reinforced its technical bench with the addition of Levy ‘Chabby’ Chabala to assist Coach Elijah Chikwanda,” Napsa media officer Gwen Chipasula said.

“Coach Chabby joins other members of the technical staff who include Sipho Mumbi, Donwell Yobe and Lameck Nyangu.

“He has coached Kabwe Warriors, Green Eagles and Red Arrows among other teams.”



    • I’m wondering the same thing. The club has been in free fall since they relieved the man and his team. Serves them right, dropping an entire coaching staff few games into a season.


  1. Panic button . Or SOS. I hope that was the choice of coach Chikwanda. What club sponsors or EXCO don’t understand is that each coach travels with his own back room staff. When Tenant he found about 5 assistance. Sometimes it is the question of coordination in back room. Solution is find replacement for sikombe, musisi and the rest that left


  2. Garbage in garbage out. That is the simplest principle in academic world, unless you went to a community school. Like others I don’t understand this sudden drop in NAPSA rating let alone coaching staff. Now you listen to me NAPSA management. You get my money every month and you transformed yourselves a business venture hence shopping malls you are building; which is a good idea. You have just failed to run a group of stranded youths in the name of footballers to a point of hiring finished and good for nothing coaches and you want to continue giving them salaries for nothing!!! Are you really in business. Sit down and look at NASPA stars as a business that MUST raise money, invest, pay itself, buy shares and grow. Then you can attract quality coaches and players. Not Chabby mwebantu…



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