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Stella Artois extends celebration of culinary arts with launch in Ndola

Headlines Stella Artois extends celebration of culinary arts with launch in Ndola

On Saturday, 12 May 2018, Stella Artois will host a launch event at Ndola’s Urban Hotel. The stylish venue has partnered with Stella Artois to celebrate Zambia’s culinary delights. In attendance at the event will be an array of consumers including celebrities, socialites and local business leaders on the Copperbelt.

 The Belgian beer was officially launched in Zambia on 3 March 2018 and has since continued to create unforgettable premium experiences at Zambia’s lifestyle events and venues. Under the theme ‘Host Beautifully’, Urban Hotel will present a special menu that merges international and local cuisine. With culinary delights such as “slow braised oxtail in stella beer served on toasted nshima”, the event promises to be an experience of the finest of gourmet food.

“We value our consumers and partners on the Copperbelt and we are honored to have the opportunity to celebrate Zambia’s top Chefs with one of the world’s best selling beers. Stella Artois is founded on a long heritage and ability to blend into multicultural markets. We look forward to more of these opportunities and moments with our consumers not only on the Copperbelt but across the country” stated Jose D Moran, Country Director of Zambian Breweries Plc.

House DJ El Mukuka and local DJ Welly Styles will entertain the guests in the colourful backyard of the upmarket and trendy hotel. Details of the event can be found on PR Girl Media social media platforms, the PR & Events Management Agency organizing the launch event.



    • Why do you see only alcohol, when there is a nice picture of great food? And the article talks about ” honored to have the opportunity to celebrate Zambia’s top Chefs”, …..promoting Zambian Chefs.

    • Because apparently zambians love two things Nshima and Alcohol!
      Look at those bellies of both men and women its so unhealthy.

    • Because alcohol is thriving in Zambia and your country is full of drunkards ….the company that owns Stella Artolis owns Zambian Breweries and all your brown bottles…they only got rid of your Chibuku as it was downgrading their brand.

  1. Zambia Breweries is turning the whole country into drunkards. Increased volumes of beer sales means people drinking more alcohol than water year in year out.

  2. I goggled the place
    Address: Golf Estate), Ndola, Zambia
    Phone: +260 96 3881684
    I don’t think Zambians drink that much….I’ve been to countries and seen people really drink!, they’d put Zambian drinkers to shame lol
    stella artois is pretty smooth beer I ain’t gonna lie, esp on a hot summer day and/or while i bbq. 3 bottles is my max though, 4 if I push it!

  3. Why cant we launch Zambian beer in Belgium? They have more consumers and more purchasing power after all, so it would make more sense to launch our products in their country, not vice versa.

  4. great point ba nine chale.
    there’s tusker (Kenyan) in a few places in the us and Canada.
    it’s not an easy market to penetrate due to protectionist rules (which Zambian has none, leading to slowly killing Zambian/local brands, not just for alcohol but that’s the case with everything else

    • That’s because Tusker is partly owned by British beverage Giant Diageo which owns Smirnof, Johnnie Walker, Baileys, and Guinness, Moët Hennessy and Hennessy.

  5. Tribal gathering alias “UPND” online hooligans’ and bully chief and spokesman of the chronically losing gathering. Soon someone will be history and GBM will take over the party! Kekeke

  6. This is funny! Like Stella Artois or SAB Miller really care about the average Zambian drunk. The ad should say : Make me rich while I externalise my profits!

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