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Three Zambian truck drivers petrol bombed and trucks burnt to ashes in South Africa


Three Zambian Truck drivers have been petrol-bombed and their trucks burnt to ashes by violent protesters in Groblersbrug, Limpompo Province, South Africa in two separate incidences that happened on Tuesday night.

And the Zambian High Commission in Pretoria, South Africa has appealed to the South African government through the Department of International Relations and Co-orporation (DIRCO) to urgently help safe guard the safety of Zambian truckers involved in the transportation of goods between the two countries.

One of the drivers whose identity is yet to be confirmed with his employers, an identified Zambian registered trucking company sustained life threatening injuries and has been admitted to a nearby hospital while the another one identified as Vincent Yavwa, 54, sustained minor burns and has since been discharged from hospital.

Mr. Yavwa,a driver at Southgate Investments Limited was attacked along the R 572 road at around 18 hours South African time by violent protesters en route to Groblersbrug.

According to the information made available to the Zambian Mission in Pretoria, truck registration number BAH 1795ZM with interlink trailers belonging to Southgate was set alight by petrol bombs and burnt to ashes including the cargo it was to deliver.

Last week about 30 foreign trucks including three (3) Zambian trucks were burnt to ashes on the N3 Toll Route near Mooi River in KwaZulu-Natal bringing the total number of Zambian trucks burnt in various parts of that country to six.

In a note written to the Department of International Relations and Cooperation DIRCO, Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa His Excellency Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba has called on the South African government to put in place urgent measures that would guarantee the safety of Zambian truckers.

He said that the unfortunate development had the potential to disrupt international trade and halt the movement of goods and services between the two countries as there were many South African trucks transporting goods to Zambia and Vice versa.

Mr. Mwamba noted that the attacks were unfortunate and the Mission will continue to engage South African authorities to ensure that human life and property were protected.

He noted that he was so far encouraged by the immediate response by government to arrest those allegedly involved in burning to ashes of trucks.

Mr. Mwamba has since called for calm among truck drivers and the Truckers Association of Zambia as the Mission had engaged the South African government to help put measures in place to safe guard the safety of the truckers and their goods.

This is according to First Secretary Press and Public Relations at Zambia’s High Commission in South Africa Mrs Naomi Nyawali.


  1. South Africans are savages that shouldn’t have a place in a global civilized society. These are natural anarchists,, killers and rapists with no regard for human life or association. It beggars my thoughts and understanding why even people want to go there. those people think no better than animals. I stop before saying anything bad about them

    • Our under-priviledged brothers and sisters in RSA have big problems.

      They are venting their anger at the wrong people. The problem is largely ignorance on their part.

      Their government should help by educating these ‘ghetto’ youths, and help create jobs for them.

      BTW, not all South Africans are savages. Their ladies are quite tasty…if I say so myself.

      God bless Africa.

    • This must be UPND again! remember what happened with the markets- they have started

      Why is President Lungu not doing something about this

      I hate UPND- the police should be ashamed.



    • Six trucks so far? That’s way too many, one would have a lot already. The vigilante attitude of most South Africans is really appalling.

      I have no faith in their government to bring this under control soon. This is a vast country and unless authorities have chatter, its almost impossible to know the next target.

      Extra measures need to be taken in order to protect our drivers. One of them could be dual vehicle registration if allowed. I guess these thugs are looking for non-RSA registered vehicles as targets.

      We have insurance on trucks and goods, how about drivers too in case of fatalities, their families would have a lifetime income.

      Protect all our smart people of the Zambian Enterprise, it’s crucial.

    • Mushota stopped development during the anal stage. She must be forgiven for her utterances.

    • And this is where HH wants to get help…this is where HH is running to
      @catpower true my brother South Africans are ruthless they’ve no regard for human life whatsoever and even someone’s property

    • This is the problem with seeing every problem as a nail and the solution a hammer. so how has this burning changed their status? Vigilante mentality must not be allowed to take root in any society otherwise its disaster. I can visit Botswana, Namibia, Malawi and Zimbabwe but SA is a transit area for me.

    • This is a calamity and All useless Mwamba can do is call for Calm. What is causing these attacks?

    • The SA government should invest alot in education and sensitization. These ignorant sons of freedom fighters think that south Africa can survive without trade with other countries. They think whatever is produced in SA is consumed locally. They are very low class homo sapiens who belong to the stone age.
      No wonder Mugabe said it is only in SA where uneducated people cry that foreign doctors have taken our jobs.

    • Repugiant behaviour. Totalling unacceptable for whatever explaination. Illiteracy, incorrigible hatred and or criminal nature of a people impossible to justify this barbarism. To Cyril Ramaposa, Mbeki, Zuma, Mangope and all ANC leaders, how can you forget the role of Zambians at your darkest hour of ANC in Exil, 1963 to 1994.

    • The miscreants were not specifically after Zambian trucks but after any truck driven by a Non-South African as they were protesting against employment of foreign truck drivers. This happened on 29 April and our news media sleeps as usual. They have nothing to report worthwhile. Always reporting on Lungu, HH, and who is sleeping with who?

      54 arsonists have been arrested.

      South Africans are protesting and destroying properties at every little excuse.

      SA Federation of Trade Union blamed greedy employers who are employing foreign drivers.

      Government, your response?

    • South African public figures in power or retirement cannot forget so soon but remind the citizenry the status and indellible history of the ANC in Zambia from one among many Zambia-based liberation movements in the 1960s and 1970s to a predominant position gained with support of Zambians in the 1980s, as SA exile population increased, and the ANC developed the bureaucratic structures of a government-in-waiting. The ANC’s headquarters in Lusaka Zambia gained in importance as its members were pushed out of other front-line states in the 1980s but Zambia. Our copper money oiled the anti-apatheid struggle structures and programs.

    • I am gutted, really gutted by this. It is actually apartheid to blame. Education for blacks was neglected for a long time after driving the people from their ancestral homes in rural areas so that they could provide cheap labour for white-owned farms, factories and mines. As a result a large black urban and insular underclass without skills emerged in SA towns. Such people are unlikely to be informed, broad-minded and tolerant. White South Africans had a choice between the Progressive Federal Party of Helen Suzman which did not support apartheid but they repeatedly were voting for the National Party of John Vorster and his Afrikaans who imposed apartheid on the country. White South Africans should be taxed heavily to fund education in that country.

    • The Zambian drivers were driving Zambian trucks how possible is it that they were protesting against unemployment against foreign drivers?

    • B R Mumba Sr, you are senior to Senior Citizen.

      Wise words. Government shall come out on compulsory funeral plan for citizens of Zambia on the lines of National Health insurance.

      Government shall bring a bill to the parliament to make it compulsory for employers and employees to contribute monthly to pay to the family of the deceased a minimum pension.

      Napsa contributions shall be increased and 50% of total contribution shall be available for unemployed persons. They shall get minimum pension on reaching the age of 50.

    • Wrong analysis based on anger and failure to exhume the root cause, the historical and perpetual suffering. Apartheid brought this on them. It is not natural. They are humans who were taught to hate by white people. We see this everywhere racism was used on people. Look at poor white people in USA. They hate Mexicans and blacks because they think they are poor because of them. It is poverty. They not animals. It clouds their thinking. Poverty can be dangerous. They feel others have it while they don’t. Can you say the same on PF who hack people? Remember Lungu and Sata did that in Chawama. Can you call them the same way as you did on South Africans? I don’t agree with you.

      Senior Citizen, this has nothing to do with ANC. You want people to behave differently towards Zambia because of…

    • This is not a political matter. This is social and economic issue that needs different thinking and solutions. Please, don’t try to fit a square peg in a round circle. They careless where ANC was sheltered and if you look closely, these kids were not even born by then. You cannot extort them with that kind of thinking. These kids are smart. Probably smarter than you streetwise. So, you approach them with your text book crap, they will burn your behind too.

    • Lusaka Times, I’m not a journalist but this is poor reporting. You haven’t addressed the WHY this incident happened. South Africans are not just some rabid lunatics who just do stuff randomly. There’s a reason why they’re doing this, even if the reason is not justified. You failed to address this. Again we ask. Why did this happen? WHY are they doing this? What are their reasons, complaints, grievances ? You have to do some investigative journalism and answer those questions. This is poor reporting. Remember the WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHEN, WHERE questions a journalist report must address. You failed to answer the WHY question. If you don’t know the WHY, then you have to let us know.

    • I don’t know what the reason for this is, but whatever it is, the South African government will need to bring this savagely behavior under control. Otherwise the neighboring countries should start thinking about isolating this lawless country, and let them trade with themselves within their country. We understand that there is still a large population of uneducated South Africans who’re xenophobic and believe that they’re poor because foreigners are taking their jobs. But the educated ones are to blame, including the South African government. Invest in education and teach your new generation of black kids about what role the neighboring countries played in your liberation struggle. Zambia, is not given the credit that she deserves in the SADC region. We virtually helped most of the…

    • (Continued)… neighboring countries in their struggle for independence. I don’t think these brainless riotous kids know that. What a shame.

    • You leaders in the opposition have you see you careless statements and its potential danger to the Innocent Zambians,yet you claim to love the country with intention to rule, is this wat pipo want?you must check yourselves before you ate voted in office

  2. Am sure these Trucks were carrying Shoprite goods destined for Shopping malls…a dull South African wouldn’t know that these trucks are creating employment for them in RSA factories.

    • Matokwani…you’re a very ignorant individual. Your profile flag indicates you’re in the UK. And yet you still sound like you’re some uneducated guy in SOWETO. Do you even know the role Zambia played in South Africa’s liberation struggle? And you think South Africa will still prosper without inter-trade with their neighbors? I’m sure not all South Africans think like you. You’re one of the few ignorant ones.

  3. South africans are thugs. I don’t envy to visit their country only stepped foot once when I was in transit. How can one enjoy their holiday when you always have to check your back. UBUTUTU

    • Where were you when your father wanted you to go to school? This has nothing to do with upnd. Learn to engage in issues you are understand

    • you are so stupid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its because of people like you that we will go nowhere as a country !!!

  4. Open and upgrade the route to the Nicala port in Mozambique by rail and road and forget this RSA route. Link Serenje to Petauke for Copper exports to Nicala. As for the idea that these trucks could have been carrying Shoprite goods, let’s impose tariffs on any foodstuffs from South Africa that we can be grown/manufactured locally. That is the best way to grow the local agricultural/manufacturing economy.

    • That is a good point Pakudya salimbana. But it is on this blog that one UPND experiencing ‘cognitive rigidity’ condemned the construction of a new bridge across Luangwa river so that a Nacala corridor can be of help to Zambia. Please shed more light so that these loquacious and egomaniac swines with photocopying type of thinking know that globalisation is all about thinking out side the box.

    • I am surprised that there is no posting about a peaceful protest at the South African High Commission in Lusaka. We used to march against apartheid violence in SA why not violence against our own lorries and drivers? Is it Zambian indolence at work?

  5. @Matokwani
    I think something went wrong when your father made your mother pregnant and Matokwani was born. How can you pride in such horrible acts? Only an imbecile like yourself can celebrate.

  6. 1. He smiles. He dances. He wears green.

    2. He wears red. He never smiles. He doesnt dance.

    Who’s your preferred candidate

  7. That person who says Zambians are embiciles should be an animal and very foolish not fit to be human. I he is south african he must realise that they have depended on us for the trade. If he is Zambian then he must be a DOG . THE MOST WORTHLESS. If he has no comments , he should shut up. This level of thinking is retarded.

  8. Only Nigeria knows how to treat foooolish RSA…they just issue a 7 day ultimatum to sort out the mess or will close our borders you would see how the RSA billionaires who own those Shopping Malls in Zambia would be on Cyril’s case, RSA people are the most ignorant brothers and sisters will have in Africa…its clear that the truck has Zambian reg. plates and was targeted.

  9. Can you imagine with all this anarchy in their country Mmusi Maimane pretends to care for Zambians and would rather poke his nose in what is going on in Zambia than help to solve the big issues they have. And how do cry babies feel after appealing to South Africans to intervene in your country while they are burning your citizens???

  10. our brothers are being killed and here we are watching these good for nothing south Africans mo.ther.f.ukas drivers passing through our roads freely without any problems? I think it is high time we stood up and defend our country and our people from these monsters. Eye for an eye is the way to go. this is too much.

    • 2 evils or wrongs have never made and will never ever make a right! Let’s put our heads together and figure out how help these backward friends of ours could be helped!

  11. South Africans are beyond description….they equally kill themselves. Forgive them, savage level….who cannot reason but only feel…..animal level of sentiments. Bwafya

  12. They are Animals disguised as human beings. They are dangerous creatures, not yet human beings. Almost all of them.

    • I work for a South African company full of whites or Boars whatever you can call them. They have this attitude of not even trusting us, because of the behavior of the people in SA where they come from. Our illiterate brothers in SA lacks education just like Congolese period!.

  13. And they have forgotten that Zambia played a major role in ending their slavery from the Boers in the apartheid time, shame on these bastards!

    • You wasting your time with that to this new generation of Black SA …this is why I laugh when Western media says Mandela was a great President as he never freed his people mentally.


    • South Africans are doing this as local employers prefer foreign drivers. Instead of learning from their past mistakes and improving work culture, they are resorting to destruction. It will affect South African economy and jobs more than what these shortsighted ruffians are doing. With Chingola- Angola railway line, Nacala corridor linkage, and new road project from Lubumbashi to Dar via Luapula Province, traffic will become zero to Durban.
      Short-sighted and ungrateful thugs do not remember what Zambia did for their independence.

    • I agree. KK overdid it. He went beyond reasonableness and made his people suffer irrevocably. Most of the problems we face today are offshoots of KK’s misrule. He started well and built good infrastructure and education but he single-handedly killed everything we built when liberation struggle confused him so much he forgot he had a country to run. South Africans are vigilant. They wont allow foreigners to dominate them for whatever reason. Whether you kept them in your homes, that was your own decision.

  15. Problem is that we have a useless government with no tech but full of thieves. With all the South African shops in Zambia a proper government would have given the South African government a 7 day ultimatum to secure our truckers failure to which a ban on South African trucks would be imposed on Zambian roads. Heavy duty to be imposed on South African goods so that South Africa fails to sell many of their goods outside South Africa. These South African don’t appreciate the sacrifice Zambia made to house ANC in Zambia during their liberation struggle years.

  16. Lets show them these Barbarians with primitive pumpkin butts that civilised people can ignore savages.

    Come November, all those Zambia Airways slots generously given to SAA, Airlink and BA will revert to Zambia Airways. They will feel the pain of the loss of those full flights. Solwezi to Kaoma road should be done pronto and Ndola to Mkushi to Shikibeta onto the new Luangwa road to Mozambique should be started. That way all cargo via South Africa from Zambia and Congo would have out flanked their toy toying.

    Float the PPPs for these routes now. Construction starts next year!!

    • There are people in this country who are not interested in such infrastructure. The ideas are good, but there will be politicised by you know who.

    • It is all about jobs from lazy and stealing South Africans given to foreign drivers who work late hours, do not murmur too much and say thanks for the jobs.

      Google is flooded with news on this and trade union of south africa’s instigating stand is also all over.

  17. This is the country UNDER FIVE has been soliciting to destroy Zambia! If we can use this as evidence can Under Five say “No! I didn’t say that!” Childish!

  18. HH is not only dull he is a baby! He has no idea what an opposition party is supposed to be doing to win an election! Maybe he wanted his boys to “inspect ballot papers!”

  19. And some disillusioned Zambians say, in South Africa this or that is better than Zambia. O God protect our people out there. I saw Malema today on news assuring whites that their houses were safe because it’s only land that will be nationalized. …where are houses built, is it not on land? This is how nonsensical people can be.

  20. Awe this is far from been acceptable, Zambia needs to value it’s property en people more, we can’t always be taking a sluggish approach to such acts by SA, summon the ambassador here in Zambia to explain how this happened first… then close the border for 5 to 10days so that SA knows who they r dealing with…we can’t always b enganging after enganging…yashani…we have things we can do to send a message, strong message..that if you hurt our own, we shall mess u up as well… they surely gat to be a red line sumwhere

  21. Ba mtola nkhani You should have just said “trucks burnt”
    We can all see they weren’t burned to ashes

  22. But the story does not explain what the riots were all about and why Zambian truckers were targeted. We need this information to understand what happened.

  23. Why go far trying to identify the chief causer of this? Who was there recently in South and made headlines about violance and chemical weapons? H.h across borders?

  24. Too bad to just descend on fellow human beings without a second thought thinking like a mad dog which beats anyone it sees.

  25. Maybe we should burn a few if there’s too. First xenophobia now this nonesse. How can a transporter from zambia be stealing South African jobs. They move more stuff across their border to the rest of Africa least they forget. We have to retatilate for once in a way the seem to comprehend. Torch a few of there precious trucks . I remember even with uber they behaved the same. Chaps need to be educated

  26. This is a direct implication of careless talk and/or deliberate misrepresentation of your country when you are abroad especially when you are a so called “prominent opposition leader”.

  27. may God forgive them,for they are not in the know of what they are doing. Evil has darkened their hearts and blinded them,love is not in them,the only way they no to survive, or putting an end to their problems is by using violence. The only way to stop this is by praying for them,you can’t put an end to bad with bad,it’s ungodly, let’s leave it in the hands of God. He’ll vindicate us.

  28. In 2008, these ghetto youths claimed a lot of foreign lives over unskilled labour. Today they are at it again and stupid political leaders busy requesting for Signal when it’s signal enough that their people have no human faces. South Africa please do something….

  29. You are wasting your time trying to address those poor poverty-stricken hungry and very angry youth in South Africa. Address your President. He is your elected messiah who you say was God sent. Let him solve your problems. You cannot force those boys in South Africa to like you. Develop your country guys. You are not solving anything by screaming and kicking yelling at the youth in South Africa. You are at their mercy as of right now. Solve your problems instead of pointing fingers at those kids. You can shut them up if you stopped going there for shopping and hauling what to put at your tuntemba.

  30. You guys blaming this on apartheid you are ***** to blame white for blacks burning your people .the war is not against the flesh but against the unclean spirits most of the black south african youth was not even born in the apartheid time so what do they know or how was they affected .you are your brothers keeper right or wrong

  31. Nice to see Mr B R Mumba, Sr here after a long time i think we need people like you to come back to Africa to sort out this kind of mess.

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