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Construction of Lusaka – Ndola Dual Carriage to commence

General News Construction of Lusaka - Ndola Dual Carriage to commence

File:Works on progress on the Lusaka-Ndola dual carriageway costing $1.2 Billion in chibombo District

Government says the construction of the Lusaka- Ndola Dual Carriage way will soon commence as the Road Development Agency (RDA) has approved the design by the contractor China Jiangxi.

ZANIS reports that Chisamba District Commissioner (DC) Martin Chowa said government is impressed with the preliminary works done by the contractor so far.

Speaking when he inspected the Asphalt Plant in Chisamba, Mr. Chowa said government is confident that the contractor will do a good job once works start, considering the equipment and preparation works that have been put in place.

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  1. Great news! Development is what we want. Not politics. People’s lives need to be uplifted from the resources that Zambia has so that same people can become more productive to contribute to national growth. If this road is improved as per design it will become more quicker & safer to travel on it & thereby making us more efficient & more competitive as a country. God Bless Zambia

    • Simple logic. But the safety part is a pipe dream. That there numerous traffic accidents on these poor roads speak to the stupity of Zambian motorists which even good roads cannot save them.

      Think about it, how can a reasonably intelligent person be speeding when they know Zambian roads are bad? You think that the worst the road conditions are, the more cautious drivers would be.

      Imagine how many accidents Zambia would sustain if started to snow. Thousand MFs.

    • No speed humps in the please! My toyota spacio doesn’t have enough ground clearance and I can’t afford a 4X4. And, employ a qualified contractor to install rumble strips; not like the strips at Shimabala. They have damaged my ball joints twice already.

    • Where on earth do you have the contractor designing the road for the client when he has already been awarded the project…it is like giving someone a blank cheque

  2. At 1.2 billion are you alright ? This is tax payers money ! It should cost half that price maximum !

  3. It has been said Lungu’s government is a listening government and the people of this country have spoken in revulsion at the corrupt manner this project was contracted. The boss would be wise to take a coupla steps back and review/or revise details of this contract or forge ahead at his own peril! The thieving can’t go on stealing from the nation with impunity. Where is Godfridah Sumaili in this? She lifts her head above the parapet to condemn the nations, when she eats with these thieves and is most comfortable amongst them! What a pathetic rotten leadership!!

    • How long does it take to design and prepare for such a huge project? Mind you, they just told you some of the aspects of this project that had to be done….like the building of the ASPHALT PLANT in Chisamba.

      And have you considered the amount and kind of road building that have to be aquired and shipped in? Along do you think that should or would take knowing that most of this equipment has to come from abroad since you have none in Zanbia.

      By the way, just a side note; to those who look at projects like this as a waste of resources, well, NOW YOU HAVE AN ASPHALT PLANT THAT WILL LIVE ON LONG AFTER CHINA JIANGXI is gone. You can just imagine smaller Zambian road contractors who will benefit from cheaper and readily available asphalt going forward. And that is what EASY OF DOING…

  4. Why not start with Masangano road since it’s part of the project. This will act as a by pass rd more especially trucks & hence will help decongestant Ndola.

  5. Am sure what is on the brief is not what will be constructed as they will share the money with Chine contractors like they have done at KKIA

  6. If all the present developmental works are been done with borrowed money, then will have a sold future generation when they come to ask for there monies. . .that’s my vision!!!!

  7. Would be more prudent to develop the people first, on bilateral exchange programs with various Western and other developed countries, send top scorer school leavers to be trained in various mergers – Civil Engineers Austria (eg), mechanical engineers in Germany (eg), IT in India or the US, mining in Canada (eg), Agriculture in Isreal (eg), and while you do this, remain training more learners in trade schools…

    While you have these programs running, halt all of these major construction works until further notice (doesn’t matter how long it takes) – once you have all these people ready for service, create a deliberate policy to empower them by helping them set up companies, with various equipment in a form loans, further, these companies should employ graduates from trade schools ready…

  8. He ‘dead! Congratulations Zambia! I think this road may need three lanes not just two. It is not ideal for two now!

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