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KK honoured for championing an AIDS free generation

Health KK honoured for championing an AIDS free generation

First Republican President Dr.Kenneth Kaunda being conferred with the 2018 Leadership award by UNAIDS Executive Director Mr.Michel Sidibe and President Edgar Lungu in Lusaka
First Republican President Dr.Kenneth Kaunda being conferred with the 2018 Leadership award by UNAIDS Executive Director Mr.Michel Sidibe and President Edgar Lungu in Lusaka

President Edgar Lungu has stated that the fight against HIV can be won by 2030 with concerted efforts from all stakeholders.

President Lungu said he is hopeful that with everyone’s commitment and without criticism towards HIV, the fight against the epidemic could be won.

The Head of State said this in Lusaka today at the 2018, UNAIDS Leadership Award bestowed on Zambia’s First President Kenneth Kaunda as a Champion for an AIDS free generation.

President Lungu noted that Dr. Kaunda’s contribution to fight stigmatisation among others, has greatly contributed to the management of HIV not only in Zambia but in another countries as well.

He expressed gratitude to UNAIDS for the award which he said has helped to elevate Zambia’s credentials and rekindled the country’s hope in the fight against HIV.

UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibe indicated that the award to Zambia’s First Republican President is due to his contribution towards the fight against HIV by speaking out against stigma and discrimination.

Mr. Sidibe said Dr. Kaunda is an inspiration to the young people who are the future champion generation in HIV fight.

And Former President of Namibia Hifikepunye Pohamba noted that the award is befitting for the recognition of the outstanding work that Dr. Kaunda has contributed to championing awareness about the HIV fight on the continent.

Mr. Pohamba said Dr. Kaunda ‘ s work in the fight against HIV has inspired many whose work will ensure total eradication of HIV as a public health concern.

Meanwhile, First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda has observed that HIV is one of the most serious threats on development as it attacks people at their most productive stage.

Dr. Kaunda noted that if not eradicated completely the disease has the potential to cause more deaths in the near future.

He further advised that to win the fight against HIV, there is need to remove stigma attached to HIV and AIDS and that no one should be left behind.

Speaking at the same event, Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya noted that there has been continuity in the fight against HIV in Zambia since the 1980’s and the country has made tremendous progress in the fight against the disease.

Dr. Chilufya added that Zambia has also embarked on a robust programme to strengthen health care systems including the fight against HIV which has seen the number of people on Anti-Retroviral treatment rising from 3,500 in 2003 to 855,000.

Also present at the event were other Champions for an AIDS free generation who included Former Vice President of Uganda, Speciosa Wandira- Kazibwe and Chancellor of Moi University Professor Miriam Were.

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    • someone in Europe here went to Switzerland to die at 104

      he said, life became unbearable 10 years before ie, when he turned 94

      I wonder if Dr kaunda, thinks its worth living now



  1. Kaunda’s failure to disclose “HIV/AIDS in early 80’s is reason many died in the 90’s .He faced massive pressure to disclose the disease ,and only onliged after loosing his son. Its amazing how he has become a saint…its that Zambians and Christians at large pretend to be good.
    Create a fake legacy old man.

    • KK’s real legacy is still being created in front of your eyes. The guy is a living legend and you are no match for him.

  2. Mumba, you are small boys of yesterday ..perhaps with no experience..simply with ideas of who the old man…
    I still appreciate his contributions.. but he aint an angel at this juncture .

    • KK deserves to be a legacy. He made mistakes, but can not be compared to the current leadership.
      Long Live KK

    • Abena Gjc … I forgive and disregard your ignorance on this. And of course you have a democratic right to be ignorant.

      For your information the only small boy I know currently is my grandson who is about to turn 2 and expecting another one by August … those are the small boys, NOT ME, Badala.

      … assumption is the lowest level of knowledge ~ Ed Louis Cole (MHSRIP)

    • Ichikonko will kill you Jay Jay. Lungu is soldiering on while you keep up with your negativity. You are the lazy one!

    • Foolish and docile Jay Jay. If you are really brave then come to Zambia and criticise. Only cowards do it on internet.

  3. Lazy bum polygamist tribalist produced a tribalist and representative of a tribal grouping headed by a tribal guy who owns Three Mansions.

  4. President Lungu is caught on tape making disparaging remarks about KK on a plane – presumable the presidential jet. He wants to be seen as the humble guy in public, but privately denounces and basically saying he is will not abide by the constitution he swore to uphold.

  5. The Professor was British born and was living in Australia, he was 104 years old man and left Australia to die at Dignitas in Switzerland. Long live KK, nobleman.

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