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Publication for draft constitution to be delayed


Justice Minister Given Lubinda with his Permanent Secretary for Administration, Ms Thandiwe Daka, addressing the media on the extension of the constitution process at his office.

Minister of Justice Given Lubinda has disclosed that government has agreed to allow for more consultations on the draft constitution.

This follows consultations with President Edgar Lungu and various political parties under the auspices of the Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID).

Mr. Lubinda said after consideration of the various requests from various stakeholders, particularly ZCID, government has decided to delay the publication of the draft bill in order to give further opportunity for the stakeholders to make further submissions and to enrich the constitution making process.

Mr. Lubinda said as a consequence, the revised roadmap for the constitution making process will be made and communicated to the public in due course.

He said leading up to the request from the various stakeholders, government had undertaken the drafting work and consulted various stakeholders, before submitting the bill to cabinet for consideration.

Mr. Lubinda further stated that government printers was also ready to publish the draft constitution before the request for further consultation from ZCID.

He has since thanked the various stakeholders who have made inputs into this process this far and to invite the interested stakeholders make their submissions before the final Bill is tabled in Parliament for enactment.

The Justice Minister said this during a press Briefing in Lusaka today.


    • Lubinda has exceeded expectations, I would say he is better than HH and should succeed Lungu

      Great decision here



    • Ba Nubian … please present your manifesto; you may just happen to have my vote.

      And while at it please federalize the entire Zambian Enterprise so that provincial ministers would no longer need to be appointed by the President but elected from each province by the electorate.

      Change the job title from Provincial Minister to Provincial Governor. Let each province have its own legislative, executive and judiciary.

      This way each province will be a stand alone state enterprise with the ability to collect its own taxes such as sales tax, excise, property, and in some cases even income taxes, etc. Let them decide to their own fate.

      Totally decentralized State Enterprises thrive better and increase revenue collection because of being microcosmic thus almost doubling GDP growth in…

    • Continued…

      Totally decentralized State Enterprises thrive better and increase revenue collection because of being microcosmic thus almost doubling GDP growth in less the time it would take a centralized system.

      But the greatest benefit to this would be for people like HH. He may end up being elected Provincial Governor for the rigging capital of the world, Southern Province.

      Also, Indunas in Western Province may use this avenue to ascend to Provincial Governorship and put the Barotse Agreement as part of the new governance structure thereby solving their thorny issue for the first in 54 years.

      This gives more power to the people and local authorities would have more local control and with control comes ownership. If people feel like they own the process, they participate…

    • Continued…

      This gives more power to the people and local authorities would have more local control and with control comes ownership. If people feel like they own the process, they participate more and are more patriotic.

      These are very important items to consider as we create a more prosperous system for the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise … so help us God.

    • @Mumba, boyi why are you calling it a DRAFT prostitution when infact your president signed it in a full capacity stadium?
      Draft means just rough peace of crap.

    • PF00LS need to read the new constitution unlike the case of the last one which was signed in front of 50,000 PF00Ls at Heroes Stadium only to find that their small god Lungu is NOT qualified to stand in 2021.


      1. When Fresher Siwale & Mulongoti said the REAL Late Edgar Changwa Lungu was a brilliant lawyer unlike the current imposter, I sometimes believe him. The real Lungu would not have eaten a widow client’s money, abused police to fix opponents or signed the current Constitution in front of 50,000 PF00Ls at Heroes Stadium only to find later that he’s NOT qualified to stand in 2021.

      2. We need to…

    • Con’d…
      2. Colonial laws like Public Order Act & Excessive Presidential powers have to be abolished as it creates worshipers like Bowman Lusambo & millions of Brain-Damaged PF00Ls. Now we have a murderer & thug Kaizer Zulu more powerful than Vice President Inonge Wina CONTROLLING the PF drunkard president.
      3. High Court & Constitutional Court judges have to be vetted after appointment by the president so that we have separation of power & accountability. Commissioner Malema quizzing Judge Mnguni at The Judicial Service Commission judges Interviews

    • Abena Nostra … you are right about the mistake of calling it a draft. Going forward, we all know what the framework for our constitution is.

      We now need to focus on “Amendments”. For instance, the US Constitution has 27 amendments, the first one was in 1789 and the most was 1992 under Bill Clinton’s watch.

      So, we can’t be going for a complete overhaul every time something becomes relevant.

      And while we are at it … if we manage to federalize the constitution, I think you would be great Governor for our great Province of Liverpool (Luapula).

      You would have my vote now that you have managed to clean up your lips … remember what I asked of you last year? Ama voters would know their Governor te wa nsele anymore Kikikikiki.

      What A Sweet Life …

    • Delays and procrastinations are a sign of an inept system being in charge. I suppose they are now scheming on how they will disadvantage others using the constitution. That’s how systems in Africa work, Lubimda go AWAY!

  1. You say publication, which means its already done, meaning anything that comes out of the process of dialogue will not be incorporated, which means we are wasting our time, unless their is something I am missing????

    • The language is clear.
      “..government has decided to delay the publication of the draft bill in order to give further opportunity for the stakeholders to make further submissions and to enrich the constitution making process”.
      So there is no publication.

  2. Given handles national issues with high level headedness. It’s unheard of for him to throw tantrums at journalists, or raise voice when discussing weighty matters.
    Does he qualify to run for presidency under current constitution?

  3. Yeah, give tu upnd to also make contributions though we all know what they will do – they will make contributions then when its presented in parliament they will reject it & start making loud noises.

    • Same here … he’s very comfortable in his skin and that’s why CK used to lie a lot about him to MCS.

      As far as his irk (CK and Co.) Lubinda was the only one in the inner circle that was more electable than Wynter, CK et al.

      Lubinda could be a great running mate for 2021 if ECL is cleared by ConCourt if not cleared, I would like him to throw his hat in the ring for Party Nominations next round.

      The dynamics are still too fresh though but in the likelihood of ECL not standing for any reason, a Given Lubinda/Cornelius Mweetwa ticket would be the most electable ticket in modern history.

      Let’s wait and see …

    • @Mustafa liars make very good presidents. Mostly because the sincere ones never make it to the throne

  4. We will wait for a real bill when these thieves are gone right now this is a contaminated bill done by those who mean no good for our country. They have enriched themselves, abused and disregarded the same paper the swear to uphold may God deal with them

  5. Upnd has just say no to zcid duologue unless commonwealth ,I can assure upnd faithful guys you’ve lost it again and let down by your selfish leaders who only think of themselves apa ni 2-0 tell hh to lower himself a bit if not forget about power remember Zambians are peace lovers and anyone who say no to peace should brace for reject

  6. Does the Bill include:
    1. Removal of Presidential Immunity;
    2. Provincial Assemblies:
    3. Election of Provincial Governors/Premiers:
    4. Cabinet Outside Parliament;
    5. Chiefs’ Participation in Active Politics;
    6. Limitation of Presidential Office to two Occasions;
    7. Decentralised Tax System; and
    8. Full Decentrlisation of the Entire Statecraft?

    • Abena Maano … that’s impressive. Provincial Governorship should also have term limits to two.

      I love it … Nostra boyi, are you ready? Form your exploratory committee and we start bankrolling your campaign.

      Your experience is valuable back home. Microplus is working on making Liverpool (Luapula) the most industrialized province in the next 20 years.

      God speed to you and your campaign.

  7. PF was and is the worst thing that happened to zambian politics. Waht we have now, is street vendors type of governing. Anyway it is said that every country deserve its current and previous Govts based on the system used

  8. Constitution in Zambia is like a soccer team that every new coach must come change. Why don’t we just make the constitution a terminal document that expires every 5 years according to Presidential term of office. Tired of this draft this, draft that. Come on people, make up your stupjd minds. Probably we don’t deserve a constitution. Tired tired tired about this constitution nonsense. Give it to kindergarten kids, they will write a better document that will last. And tell that Neanderthal in State House to read what he is signing. Who signs a constitution without reading it (while eyes closed)?

  9. Well, here is my Draft for Consideration…..

    ConCourt should also recognise the urgent matter of making His Excellency President Lungu a Life President as a one off, due to a turbulent turmoil period in our political development brought on by Multi Party politics!

    Unless His Excellency wants to share some of the Life Presidency with, Fantastic Honourable Lubinda!

  10. Debate on the Constitution leans more on political provisions clouding out other equally important provisions. We have had too many amendments within a short period and we still don’t seem to get what we want. With less consultations Patrick Mvunga came up with a sensible document than what we currently have. Maybe we should allow just a few people to come up with a Constitution


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