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Update on the partial lifting of the suspension of production and sale of larger sizes of containers of Bottled drinking water

General News Update on the partial lifting of the suspension of production and sale...

Fake Bottled Water at the Chinese Plant

The Zambia Metrology Agency (ZMA) has partially lifted the suspension on an additional eleven (11) companies engaged in the production and retail of bottled water in quantities of 18.9L, 20L and 21.8L containers.

The additional 11 companies and products brands that have been granted permission to resume production and trading in the above stated quantities of bottled water are:


Company Name Product Brand Town
1 Aqua Rent Aqua pure Ndola
2 Horn of Africa Manufacturing & Bottling Ltd Solwezi Spring Solwezi
3 S&V Investments Ltd Seasons Mineral Water Chingola
4 Fairy bottling Aquasavana Lusaka
5 Spackletts Spackletts Lusaka
6 Aqua Bliss Aqua bliss Lusaka
7 Acton Beverages Ryan mineral water kitwe
8 RVS Investments Bobs Lusaka
9 Refresh Products Refresh2 kitwe
10 Tolp Tolp water Chilanga
11 Spectrum Clear H2O/ Spectrum Clear Lusaka


This brings the total number of companies granted permission to produce and trade in the larger container sizes of drinking water to 20, after the Zambia Metrology Agency partially lifted the suspension on nine (09) products brands on 27th April 2018.

The complete list of the 20 companies and product brands as of 11th May 2018 are:


S/No. Company Product Town
1 Natural Valley Limited Manzi Valley Lusaka
2 Vital Beverages Limited Vital Kitwe
3 Carribea Beverages Limited Aquavita Kitwe
4 Nejur Plex Investments Well Splash Ice Lusaka
5 Aquarite Aquarite Lusaka
6 Jucee Drinks Limited Kwench Lusaka
7 OK Investments Zambia Limited Ice Dew Lusaka
8 Gulriz Limited Aqua-Plus Lusaka
9 Wasim Wholesalers Limited Zam Natural Lusaka
10 Aqua Rent Aqua Pure Ndola
11 Horn of Africa Manufacturing & Bottling Ltd Solwezi Spring Solwezi
12 S&V Investments Limited Seasons Mineral Water Chingola
13 Fairy Bottling Aquasavana Lusaka
14 Spackletts Spackletts Lusaka
15 Aqua Bliss Aqua Bliss Lusaka
16 Acton Beverages Ryan Mineral Water Kitwe
17 Rvs Investments Bobs Lusaka
18 Refresh Products Refresh2 Kitwe
19 Tolp Tolp Water Chilanga
20 Spectrum Clear H2o/ Spectrum Clear Lusaka


The suspension of production and sale of larger container sizes of drinking water remains in force indefinitely and shall only be partially lifted on a case-by-case basis, as and when a company becomes compliant.

The General Public is hereby informed that the Agency, in collaboration with other stakeholders, is taking the necessary interventions to protect the consumers against fraudulent activities and public health risks in the potable water bottling sector.

The Agency continues to conduct surveillance activities to ensure that non-conforming products are not brought on the market.

The Agency commends the retailers for strictly adhering to the directive not to sale or offer for sale products from non-authorised producers during this suspension.

The Public is urged to be wary of water products that are not part of the cleared list of the 20.

The Agency shall regularly announce to the public the names of companies that shall be allowed to produce, supply, and sell bottled water in the affected container sizes. 

Issued by:

Mutale Chileshe
Public Relations Officer
Zambia Metrology Agency

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    • Am confused as usual. Meteology should be about weather related. So why engange in controlling drinking water. Whose is their minister?

  1. what’s going on in Zambia?
    why the f uck do they need all that many bottled water?
    boil your drinking water and then when it’s cooled down put it in your refrigerator. that’s it!. I’ve been doing that ever since I left Kenneth Kaunda secondary school…
    you’re wasting your hard earned money by buying the same water that’s coming out of your house faucets

  2. One Chinese crook has caused companies to lose revenue. Aikona!
    The briefing is incomplete without informing us about what has been done to a fraudster.

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