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The Lusaka City Council begins to roll out the re-launched Make Zambia Clean

General News The Lusaka City Council begins to roll out the re-launched Make...

President Edgar Lungu relaunches Make Zambia Clean Campaign at Soweto Market

The Lusaka City Council (LCC) has begun to roll out the re-lauched Make Zambia Clean, Green and Healthy Campaign to ward level.

The first ward to launch the campaign was Kabwata Ward Six a week ago.

The area Councillor Longa Chiboboka launched the campaign with a call for residents of his ward to own the campaign and fully participate in it.

The next ward to launch the campaign will be Lilayi Ward Four on May 18, 2018.

Here the community through their civic and community leaders have organised the activities in such a way that residents of the ward will team up with those from neighbouring wards of Chilanga district to launch the campaign through cleaning activities.

The third ward to lauch the campaign will be Kamulanga Ward where the area Councillor, Jonas Phiri, is mobilising his residents and resources for the launch.

The programme will finally be launched in all the 33 wards across the Seven Constituencies of Lusaka City.

Community members through there civic and other community leaders are being encouraged to mobilise themselves and resources for launch.

Council officials will only be invited to witness the cleaning activities and render technical assistance where necessary.

LCC has taken this approach to encourage community participation, ownership of the campaign and mindset change.

Community participation, ownership of the campaign and mindset change by residents is the only sure way of sustaining the campaign.

In the past, residents have taken the campaign as the programme for Councils, a situation which has led to past campaigns to fail.

The local authority is also taking advantage of the lauches to sensitise residents about the contents of the Statutory Instrument (SI) No. 12 of 2018.

The Council is therefore appealing to all residents. Civil Society and the corporate world alike to partner with LCC in this campaign and other programmes of similar nature.

The campaign is for every individual and organisation as His Excellence the President of the Republic of Zambia Mr. Edgar Charges Lungu rightly put it when he re-launched the campaign at Soweto Market on 28th April, 2018.


  1. Are elections calling up soon? If that’s the case then this PFOOL leader is sticking around the country showing PFOOLS supporters that he’s working hard. Wait until elections or campaigns are over this thief will be flying around Africa and calling those trips as work visits. Wake up and open your eyes. Majority of Zambians life in poverty and the only way out is politics and following blindly without a vision as long as they give them a party t shirt and a chitenge.

  2. Zambians need to be serious. Our soldiers and air force cleaned up Lusaka. ba yamba ku taya Garbage futi sure.

    • Good job. But don’t forget to enact strict laws against littering. And those trash bins you’re using should have large strong disposable trash bags in them. When the bin is full, you just pull out the trash bag and dispose of it. That’s how you keep the bin itself clean. Otherwise without a trash bag in the bin, the bin will start getting nasty and stinky. Otherwise keep up the good work. Also consider making one day in a month a national cleaning day, maybe every last Saturday of the month. Rwanda does that and it has been very effective and has helped sensitize the people concerning cleanliness. Again good job. KEEP ZAMBIA CLEAN!

  3. Cleaning is one thing. Keeping it clean is another. As long as the economic situation does not change and Zambians are given economic opportunity through jobs or enteprenuership it will not sustain. “The more people off the streets the less dirt on the streets”

  4. It’s difficult to keep the momentum given so much informality in Zambia. From informal settlements, informal sector builders, informal sector traders with no fixed business premises etc. The challenge is daunting.

  5. This is all this will end to be …..launches and gatherings….questions must be asked , what are councils doing with the collected bussiness rates ?

    Cleaning and garbage collection must be an on going system , not tu ma gatherings now and again…

  6. The same vigour ,the same discipline and the same diligence you require to keep Zambia clean is the same set of core values you’ll need to escape the poverty trap.Take cleanliness very seriously and institutionalize it into other areas of your life to excel .

  7. Want to do business, be-friend or marry someone, visit their residence. If its dirty, unkempt surroundings and no effort to have a ka lunkoto, forget. Nothing good comes out of shabby places. In army, you don’t make your bed, tie shoes properly or wear the belt right, you face consequences. Cleanliness is goodness.

    Apart from Charmaine the little Demon who disguises behind it!!

  8. I love this president because he is a very hard working man than the past ones. He has backlash from haters like me who don’t like him. I’m saying whole this bs since LT can not post my postings and critizimes 0f their beloved and worshiped president. Now I have to pretend to be a follower of ECL, but if I see this guy?

  9. Kanshii….how many times are we going to make the Zambia clean campaign?????
    Don’t we have other better things to do???

  10. Buy equipment and you will be able to do much, we are in a modern era where you almost don’t have to come in contact with dirt like that. Just five machines and you can clean the whole Lusaka in less time and less resources except for fuel.

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