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HH, GBM and Given Lubinda hold a roadside chat, call for dialogue


Hakainde Hichilema along with his Vice President Geoffrey Mwamba today meeting  with Justice Minister Given Lubinda
Hakainde Hichilema along with his Vice President Geoffrey Mwamba today meeting with Justice Minister Given Lubinda

Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema along with his Vice President Geoffrey Mwamba today met with Justice Minister Given Lubinda and held a roadside chat in Chilanga.

The political leaders were in Chilanga undertaking campaigns for the forthcoming by election.

Mr Hichilema and Mr Mwamba used the occasion to stress the need for dialogue and that they remain committed to the process.

The trip agreed that the dialogue process should be led by the Church and not those with partisan interests.

“In that short meeting, we told our colleague that violence was relentlessly visited upon innocent victims but as leaders we can stop this if only we can commit to reforms,” Mr Hichilema wrote on his Facebook page.

“This country does not belong to Hakainde, GBM or indeed anyone abusing State powers and as such it is vital that we come together and talk but under the umbrella of the Church,” he said.

The UPND leader said the Church has a long history of resolving conflicts.

He said ,”therefore, to resolve the impasse of other parties not interested in the Commonwealth-led dialogue and we having no confidence in the Zambia Center For Interparty Dialogue (ZCID), we must all then agree that the Church leads the way.”

He added, “Only those without a faith, denomination or religion, will deny that the Church must not lead the way in bringing unity and harmony in our country.”

Hakainde Hichilema along with his Vice President Geoffrey Mwamba today meeting  with Justice Minister Given Lubinda
Hakainde Hichilema along with his Vice President Geoffrey Mwamba today meeting with Justice Minister Given Lubinda
Hakainde Hichilema along with his Vice President Geoffrey Mwamba today meeting  with Justice Minister Given Lubinda
Hakainde Hichilema along with his Vice President Geoffrey Mwamba today meeting with Justice Minister Given Lubinda
Hakainde Hichilema along with his Vice President Geoffrey Mwamba today meeting  with Justice Minister Given Lubinda
Hakainde Hichilema along with his Vice President Geoffrey Mwamba today meeting with Justice Minister Given Lubinda


  1. Way to go. This is the way you guys should be thinking. Only thing is you should be serious with what you say.

    • We are all Zambians. We should not become enemies because we are from different political parties. Given and HH you are displaying the maturity we want to see in Zambians. Tiyende Pamodzi ndimutima umooo!

    • Am abusing my powers of committing on lusaka times, 27 yrs mushota has abusing the same powers since she was born ,, me, I just abuse once you get annoyed,,, leave me! Its my privilege, when I say something ati ‘awe you abusing ‘jameson” ,, Edgar is my friend,

    • Cadres must see this. They are busy throwing stones yet them leaders are shaking hands and laughing. I believe they were even laughing at brainless cadres most of them contributing rubbish here day and night.

    • GIVEN Lubinda coloured,i doubt if a pure blooded african can do this,too much beliefs of charms,belief in pastors of doom.ECL is a good person but because of his ……has made him the worst president.sorry this may sound racist but its a fact.

    • 100% good gesture.
      Hope and hope the PF will not crusify Lubinda again of being treacherous. Lubinda didn’t abuse power like others. He stopped, and chatted. Gentele.
      PF wants their boss recognized, who don’t recognize Edgar?

    • Planzo at 1.6: Yours is a comment I would quarrel with all day long. What HH and GBM, are they so-called coloureds? When will we learn to stick to issues? Who perpetrated evil against Jews? Who killed Labour MP from Leeds Jo Cox? Who imprisoned Nelson Mandela?

    • They will now put Bo Lubinda under 24/7 surveillance like they have done with Old Hen Inonge …as people like KZ, Stephen K, Bowman thrive when there is trouble….

  2. This is a miracle meeting as it has produced results in record time. I am sure ECL can not refuse to this suggestion that the Church should move in well done Given, HH and GBM.

  3. Meanwhile fooools are running around with pangas and bats in Chilanga to show their love for Lazy Lungu and Hakainde.

  4. As a famous Red Indian Chief once said to a white Cowboy , ‘Politicians speak with forked tongue.’

    Roadside meeting eh? Or were they trying to recruit Hon Lubinda into UPND? We’ve got our eyes on you, Hon Lubinda!

  5. Please you two *****s HH and GBM give our president the respect he deserves don’t go about with all the nonsense wether it’s the church or ZCID just accept Chagwa is in charge for now ,your time will come if the majority of Zambians vote for you ,for now Chagwa is your president kwamana

  6. The church is a more suitable partner in this process , not that rubbish ZCID which has been a spectator all along….

    It was the church that condemned lungu for his excessive attacks on the freedoms of the opposition and lungu tried to dismiss them only to come back crawling…

    • Spaka just because your kama idol has suggested church you also supports it. Just stick to your Gambari and commonwealth Kiki. Ecl is driving your small brains Kiki. He rubbished commonwealth which you highly deposited your energies so much. To tell you the truth zcid is the way to go because your under5 leader never sticks to anything, he’s known for changing posts.

  7. HH and GBM bowing to God. If I was the PF MP candidate I would hit the importance of righteousness to the voting masses. Making any chance jezebel had disappears.

  8. On a road side????? that’s not being serious with issues of the country, why not having it officially. To me and many other Zambians, that is a joke from Lubinda, HH and GBM. Any way, may be they were just greeting each other. One Zambia One Nation

    • I don’t know who you are but even your name is tribal. Do you know there are Tongas in PF so why use a tribe. Use UPND not a tribe. Can you say that about the President I am sure not yet Eastern Province voted 4 him. You are the people separating Zambians. Democracy means voting 4 who you want. When Tonga vote 4 HH but when Easterners vote ELC its not tribal. Just accept people chose who they wanted period.

  9. Don’t forget Lubinda was upnd at one time. He is just keeping his options open in case upnd wins in future so he doesn’t want to burn any bridges.

    • Take your retrogressive views elsewhere.Was this a dark corner meeting?Are these people enemies that they can not even talk to each other? What kind of a human being are you?

  10. HH wants in the dialogue to hear Hagain that he lost the election? He didn’t get it from the Common Health?

  11. What has been expressed in this article is the opinion of the UPND, I would personally want to hear the personal views of Hon Given Lubinda and the PF views. To me this is just the reaction of HH after seeing that ZCID process of dialogue has begun and is slowly gathering momentum and hence the fear of being rendered useless and not a factor otherwise HH is just playing drama as usual. I don’t expect anything from HH apart from divisiveness.

  12. And I quote:
    ‘How Kaunda deliberately impoverished Barotseland
    The Western Province (Barotseland) is said to be one of the poorest in Zambia with poverty levels measured at 89 percent as per 2000 statistics. Its infrastructure in education and many other sectors is a sorry sight with only around 800 people in formal employment as of 2011.

    Ironically, at the time of independence in 1964, Barotseland was the most affluent place than any other in Northern Rhodesia apart from some selected towns along the line of rail.

    The change in the state of affairs was not by accident but by design as there was a master mind behind the running down of all sectors in Barotseland.

    Having entered into a union with Barotseland through the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 (BA…

  13. all this is just talk. we will believe when action is done. how come they do not stand on the hill to condemn the violence when it happens from their cadres!

  14. Let’s hope Hon. Given Lubinda will not be fired for holding that brief meeting with the largest opposition political party leaders, H.H and G.B.M.

  15. What the under5s don’t understand is that this roadshow meeting is a pf thing meant to bring these tribal eliens to normality.

  16. It boggles my mind for to think that UPND will win elections in the near future! Truth is UPND will never rule this country as long as its aligned to one tribe!

  17. What UPND should realise is that the dialogue process is not for them to dictate who does what. Yes they can suggest but that should be with the approval of the other camp. This HH is just too big headed you don’t say we want, you say we would like.

  18. Which trio agreed? Lusaka Times don’t get my Zayelo in trouble. I am a Kabwata resident and just love the way he articulate issues in Parliament.

  19. I like the last sentence & I quote; “only those without a faith, denomination or religion will not allow the church to lead the way in bringing unity & harmony in our country”. Well, we know that some people “congregate & pray from bars & tarvens of chawama. Kikikikiki…kwekwekwekweee

  20. So the creating of Ministry of Churches led by Sumaili was not in vain. There was a future plan. But Miister of Churches is PF – see where its going!!!!!

  21. Great handshake! Learn from President Uhuru Kenyatta and Hon. Raila Amollo Odinga Handshake, which has quenched political tension in Kenya. Zambia is greater than President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and Hakainde Hichilema

  22. It should be led by the Catholic bishop, and representatives from the other two main church mother bodied. Not those other mother bodies that were supporting anything the ruling party says what’s needed is balance, objective non partisan people. E.g Bishop Chomba the Permanent Secretary he is PF he has been at their campaigns. So that one is not balanced.

  23. Lubinda that’s a wrong move my brother. It seems to me as if you are intelligent but not wise. Bad move!

    Democracy goes hand in hand with discipline especially if you are in such a high office. Avoid contact with bad people like HH and GBM. Those people don’t listen not even to their UPND cadres. Chilanga candidate is the best example and this will cost them not only Chilanga but 2021 presidential election too.

  24. There is nothing wrong with the ZCID. They will simply facilitate the dialogue process as moderator. Besides, other stake holders such as the church and NGOs will be present. Even the Commonwealth will be present as an observer. So where is the problem, for goodness sake?

  25. No smoke without fire.lubinda got fired by late sata for his treacherous behaviour and today that has proved exactly that.

  26. A good example from HH and LUBINDA it should also be extended to other meaningful leaders.IT’S just a talk and cadres too can also have such a talk as Zambia is one.

  27. That interaction was good, it shows maturity and being responsible. Only senseless individuals can condemn that.

  28. Universal Church?, Stop this HH. We know the history of the Universal Church and why you want the Universal Church to be part of the dialogue process. We haven’t forgotten the Universal Church.

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