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Zambia Celebrates Relocation of US Embassy to Jerusalem as SA Recalls its Envoy in Protest


Palestinians carry a demonstrator injured during the clashes. Photograph-Mahmud Hams-AFP-Getty Images
Palestinians carry a demonstrator injured during the clashes. Photograph-Mahmud Hams-AFP-Getty Images

Zambia was among African nations that attended celebrations to mark the US embassy’s relocation from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on Sunday evening.

On Monday, Gaza had its bloodiest day in years after Israeli forces shot and killed 52 Palestinians and wounded at least 1,200 as tens of thousands protested the relocation of the US embassy in Jerusalem.

And South Africa took a strong stance against the killing of 41 Palestinians by Israeli armed forces by pulling its Ambassador Sisa Ngombane with immediate effect until further notice out of Israel.

But Zambia’s Ambassador to Israel Martin Mwanambale joined 86 other envoys which included 33 from Africa, Latin American, European and a few Asian diplomats at the controversial ceremony.

This is according to a list released by the Israeli Foreign Ministry on Sunday evening.

The other 11 Ambassadors who attended the event were drawn from Angola, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Sudan and Tanzania.

Notably absent from the list were some of Israel’s allies and staunchest friends, such as Canada, Australia and Germany.

Other important countries with which Israel has good ties such as China, Russia, Argentina and India also boycotted the event.

Most European countries have slammed US President Donald Trump’s move to relocate the embassy as not in line with international consensus, preferring to wait on recognizing the city until its status is finalized in talks with the Palestinians.

On Monday, the new US embassy was officially inaugurated in the capital’s Arnona neighborhood.

“Seventy years ago, the United States, under President Harry S Truman, became the first nation to recognize the State of Israel,” the US State Department said in a statement Saturday.

“Moving our Embassy is not a departure from our strong commitment to facilitate a lasting peace deal; rather it is a necessary condition for it. We are not taking a position on final status issues, including the specific boundaries of Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem, nor on the resolution of contested borders.”

Citing Trump’s December 6 speech, the statement said that “the historic opening of our embassy recognizes the reality that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and the seat of its government.”

The US Consulate General on Jerusalem’s Agron Street will continue to operate as an “independent mission with an unchanged mandate responsible for U.S. relations with the Palestinians and the Palestinian Authority,” the statement went on.

And South Africa has taken a strong stance against the killing of 41 Palestinians by Israeli armed forces by pulling its Ambassador Sisa Ngombane with immediate effect until further notice out of Israel.

“Given the indiscriminate and gravity of the latest Israeli attack, the South African government has taken a decision to recall Ambassador Sisa Ngombane with immediate effect until further notice,” Department of International Relations spokesperson Ndivhuwo Mabaya said on Monday.

Mabaya said the attack also resulted in scores of Palestinian citizens being injured.

He said government condemned “in the strongest terms possible the latest act of violent aggression carried out by Israeli armed forces along the Gaza border”.

“[This] led to the deaths of over 40 [people] killed following a peaceful protest against the provocative inauguration of the US embassy in Jerusalem,” he said.

Mabaya said South Africa reiterated its view that the Israeli Defence Force “must withdraw from the Gaza Strip and bring to an end the violent and destructive incursions into Palestinian territories”.


  1. Zambia especially with Jameson is poor materially or morally to make a stance,,, Israel is deporting black Africans besides killing their neighbors

    • Israel the blessed nation, unfortunately has not realized that this is not time to fight to enter or acquire Jerusalem but its time to fight to acquire a place in Paradise.

    • Could someone explain to me explicitly what on earth is going on. Why is something so insignificant so significant because of this relocation?

      Somewhat surprising this doesn’t mean much sense to me.

      I hold a PhD

      LT is this really newsworthy?



    • Now I hope people understand why Adolf Hitler had a final solution for the jews because religion has negatively affected their mental capacity and don’t feel for anyone

    • In Israel The Gay Capital & Sodom and Gomorra Of The World
      Black lives do not matter in Israel | Racism | Al Jazeera

    • Mushota that’s the result of plagarising your so-called PhD, you wouldn’t understand a 70 year old matter in a few sentences. You have to go back to the biblical times to even begin to understand a tiny bit! Stick to your BB credentials!

    • MB,

      Well that’s one way of looking at it. You have unsurprisingly belittled me. I would rather be hated for what I am than loved for what I’m not. I hold a PhD that doesn’t sit down well
      With you does it ? I bet your skin crawls by that fact.

      I don’t follow politics not much history in my world of studies.

      Why don’t you educate me so
      I learn, rather than biting my nipples time after time, even when I have made it clear I don’t want to.

      The ball is in your court.

      Tell me about the significance of this celebration



    • Trump relocated the US embassy at the behest of the racist so-called white evangelicals. The Jewish lobby and Netenyahu also prompted Trump BUT MOST OF ALL IT’S BECAUSE IT’S SOMETHING OBAMA REFUSED TO DO.
      The present secular state of Israel has nothing to do with the Holy nation in the Bible. How can it be when it’s supported by WICKED EVIL TRUMP?

    • PF00Lish Retards foreign policy is really kak. Maybe thug Kaizer Zulu makes such decisions on behalf of the drunkard.

      – PF regime support Morocco the only African colonialist over Western Sahara.
      – PF regime supports brutal African dictators like Kabila, Kagame, Museveni, Al Bashir, Mugabe, Mswati.
      – Israel is racist to the core. African refugees are imprisoned & deported to Uganda whilst those from Europe are integrated. The police are racist, just search “Ethiopian IDF Soldier Beaten By Israeli Police In Unprovoked Racist Attack”

    • “You will never be able to live here in peace, because you left here black and came back white” (1952)

      Gamal Abdel Nasser former President of Egypt

      That’s why there will never be peace, because the white people in Israel masquerading as Jews are not the descendants of Abraham.

    • Lazy Lungu’s govt has no foreign policy whatsoever to them Foreign policy is like a Traffic light ….RSA can do what they did as they have a robust foreign policy not policy decided by one ignorant drunk dingbat in State House. The likes of PF would only send away or recall an envoy for petty silly issues like attending a launch of a party in Lusaka….am sure these morons at Foreign Affairs didn’t even think twice about the ramifications of attending such an event…they are likened to that boy Saviour Chishimba who is always in Jerusalem looking for acceptance. The Jews do not like you black people ..you are a threat to them and the so called chosen race.
      Wake up you foooooools!!!

    • Mushota, even a grade 5 pupil would know that Jerusalem is disputed territory. This matter is as historical as it is a current affairs issue. Don’t you listen to the news? So you have a PhD and ignorant at the same time? One would think with all that education you would have interest in reading and general knowledge? Or maybe it’s one of those from Matero university somebody keeps talking about?

    • Why do we have to celebrate an event where 58 people got killed? Don’t we care about morality? Or have we just lost our bearings? What is this Jerusalem that people must get killed over it? Our Lord was crucified outside the city gates. Prior to His death, He wept over it and walked away from it. Christianity is about outreach, from that epicenter: “and beginning at Jerusalem, into Judea….” to the entire world. With all due respect to Zionism, the idea to create an ancient glory, long departed, is absurd. It’s not worth the shedding of innocent blood, but less to dance and celebrate when that happens.

    • Zambia: The biggest sell-out nation in Africa. Zambia spent the first 27 years of its independent state fighting against apartheid, Zionism and all forms of oppression. It was one of the most remarkable freedom-fighting African countries. one of the very very few who severed ties with Tel-Aviv because Israel had relations with apartheid South Africa and was persecuting Palestinians. Now the tables are turned; South Africa is boycotting Israel and Zambia, with toothless Lungu, is celebrating Trump’s normalisation of Israeli oppression against hapless Palestinians. We need principled leadership not Lungu.

    • Zambia is lost in the game of International Relations and Diplomacy. As if what happened recently with the Saharawi Republic was not enough, we are at it again! Just what is wrong with the PF and its Government? Do they even make consultions with other stakeholders whom they work with like the AFRICAN UNION and the SADC? SHAME!!!!

  2. Well done Zambia , now the next step is to bring the Africa -Israel summit to Lusaka with USA helping to funding it.

    • You are inviting bombs on your doorstep. Be wise keep off controversies that are sensitive. USA can defend themselves. You can’t.

    • …then we can deport all those moslems if they misbehave; Trump and Netanyahu can bankroll this excercise.

    • Zambian Citizen – there you go again showing his illiteracy and ignorance where are you going to deport them to? Those people are Zambians like you ….you come online trolling about misplaced nationism with noble names like Patriotic that, Citizen this yet you know absolutely nothing …instead of posting drivel on LT use the web to educate your thick shell of a head.

  3. Mayb we wouldnt have anticipated that more than 41 people would have been killed during us attending that embassy celebrations, but we better condemn this atrocity in its strongest terms, even if we dont recall our ambassador…pantu we shall be fisoso if we dont

    • How can you condemn when you attended the party and enjoyed the celebratory drinks whilst Palestinians were gunned down outside!!

  4. In South Africa, the government does not have to shoot foreigners or practice xenophobia, its citizens do that for them. Why do I say that? Well, the government has never taken any action against its citizens for those crimes, not a single south africa is in court or has ever been arrested. RSA govt reacting to Israel is just hypocrisy, not that I have any stance on the Israel- Palestine conflict. I just can’t stand hypocrisy, whether by South Africa or h.h and his cronies, because it is the highest form of deceit, worse than corruption, immorality or for.nication or even conspiracy to murder if you like!!!

    • How do you know they have not done anything? What RSA news website have you ever read or do you follow…just because its not in Zambian news does not mean RSA has not condemned it.

    • @upnd cadre, go hit some books or something and stop the smoking. RSA has consistently stated that their experience mirrors what is going on in Israel. That is the basis for their policy in relation to Israel. Anything else is separate from what you term hypocrisy. I now see why most of you think Pilato went to RSA because he was “joking” about the threats he received. The Bembas say “icikalipa cumfwa umwine”. Do not belittle other peoples’ experiences. You are the hypocrite.

    • We can’t if these are people giving us money. When Trump called African nations “Sh!thole countries” did any (African) leader make noise??

      Off course they didn’t because their mouths are stuck kissing the USA’s a$$

    • Wakanda Citizen is very right. The sh!thole countries like Zambia are always siding with Trump ecause they have been blackmailed. They are happy to be blackmailed for a few dollars. Lungu and his buck teeth dont bite

  5. South Africa has recalled its ambassador to Israel, condemning “the indiscriminate and grave manner of the latest Israeli attack”

  6. Are we done overcoming our cholera ,eliminating pit latrines and cleaning dirty streets/markets to be celebrating foreign events? Lets worry about our own 1st.

  7. Minister for Foreign Affairs just returned to Zambia and the most thing for Ambassador Saudi Arabia was to lobby for The Minister to rescind or cancel a recall of a female 3rd secretary who has been in the Embassy since it’s opening in 2013,
    Insteady of briefing him about issues on one among the problems in the Middle East and beyond.Isnt this corruption and wastage of time and money.The problem for instance of USA Israel.Let the Government Spokes person make a comment.

  8. When Syria bombs her people; South Africa is quiet; when Palestinians provoke Israel; South Africa is quiet; Ignore South Africa; Zambian trucks or 30 foreign trucks were petro bombed in South Africa; South Africa is still quiet; its paga for panga which Israelis has taken;its time to tech these Palestinians a lesson that violence will be met with violence;Viva Israel; viva America; viva Trump; viva Netanyahu;

    • You are lost Africans for sure…..that your trump and Netanyahu see you as nothing but pest monkies …..

    • The same bloggers all the time trying so hard to defend folly… has RSA still got an embassy in Damascus? You do not even know the synchronous historic link between PLO and ANC…

    • What a stoopid fool this blogger. Palestine is a small little community facing the wrath of a nuclear power and all you can say is this rubbish. No sense of justice whatsoever

  9. You black ***** celebrating the subjugation of the occupied Palestinians should know the isrealis would never come to your aid if ever you were in trouble…….they would side against your black ****** like they did with black South Africans when they sided with the boers during their struggle

  10. What impact can Zambia make on US even on Israel: Celebrating what? This country need development to see our minerals being put to good use. Developing in all aspects of our lives and finally HAVING LOVE FOR EACH OTHE whether you are rich or poor, educated or uneducated.

    • Never forget your history or your friends in your quest for development…..those isrealis would never willingly come to the aid of a black man……

    • Germany, France, UK didn’t attend and they are close to USA…they made it clear but Zambia do not have a Foreign policy because we have utter morons for leaders, who even instruct their UN reps not to vote in the UN Assembly for fear of handouts being suspended.

  11. Zambia no longer has principles – KK and his government for all his faults internally took an inspiring MORAL stand on Liberation and Palestine…Israel has NO MORAL RIGHT WHATSOEVER TO PERSECUTE THE PALESTINIANS !! To this day african descendants are being shot all over the “White world”, #blacklivesmatter, native americans are decimated esp. in USA, 20 Million soviets perished in Hitler’s war to mention a few and NONE GO AROUND SLAUGHTERING IN THE NAME OF PAST INJUSTICES! The israeli governments have NO MORAL HIGH-GROUND IN THIS, GENOCIDE IS IMMORAL AND INDEFENSIBLE! They even eliminated their own PM who finally reached out to Arafat to RETAIN the Status quo: USA, Israel=birds of a feather…

    • Trump is a bigotted White elephant charging around the world, tramping the world acclaimed/UN 2 state solution – watch the Impact: the Sunni-Israel-Shi’ite Triangle is a deadly Triad – a hard rain is’a gonna fall ! 🙁

  12. Both the Palestinians and Israeli people are victims of the horrible decision made by Mr Trump. What is happening to the World order?

  13. South Africa is a useless country that cannot be used as a yard stick for Zambia because they have a devil’s constitution as we were told by a late former President MHSRIP and I believe it

    • In world politics its not about using other countries as yardsticks. That yardstick is for the nursery school playground. This is about doing the correct thing. Boycotting a murderer isn’t about first finding out who is on which side. Its about doing the right thing

  14. The South Africans will never forget how the isrealis sided with the boers during the struggle against Apartheid. Ways of apartheid were perfected and tested which we see used today against the pslistininans. During the cold war and when zambia was blockaded by the boers the Arabs provided much needed aid.

    It is shamfull today that black Africans can be siding with racists trump and natenhahue against pslistininans in their struggle ….

  15. #Spaka like lilo; Africans die every day in Nigeria sponsored by Islam; and you never say anything; Is Palestinian life more important to you than black blood; Israel always acts in self defence; panga for panga; why do the Palestinians always use violence instead of dialogue?

    • Have you ever heard of the peace process between the isrealis and pslistininans ?

      Do you know there are close to 3.4 million palistinins who are refugees, evicted from their homes in what is now islreal ?

  16. We have a lot of issues of our own we need to deal with. Let the Palestinians and Hamas deal with their own problems. As much as I don’t support killing of innocent children the question is who took those children to the war zone? South Africa has a bone to chew with Israel so we should not be involved.South Africans ungrateful people particularly to Zambia. We suffered attacks and lives lost to help the liberated and their economy is thriving on the Zambian market. What do we get in return? Deaths for Zambians who collect cars through Durban port, Zambians are attacked in their cities whilst they continue enjoy peace when they are in Zambia. Let us focus on our own issues like the national dialogue by accommodating everyone’s concerns & fears.

    • You, South Africa is suffering a crime wave , it not only Zambians that are beeing killed , all nationalities are being killed by criminals, you are not that important

  17. When you are poor and accept donations from USA like Zambia does, you really dont have the ability to take a stance.

  18. Weldone Zambia. These pipo dont even appreciate our sacrifices . look at the way south africans treat us. as if we never sacrifised resources for them. we cant be cheated twice. do you think if palestine thrives those pipo will remember us. Once beaten twice shy

    • Naimwe how do South Africans treat you ? You want special treatment ? S.A. is suffering a crime wave and it not only Zambians being robbed.

      That trump and Netanyahu think blacks are the scum of the earth….

  19. The spiritual world exists but all are equal. No spirit is better than the other. All religions are the same no more no less.

  20. Brother Spaka you are missing the point which is Palestinians and Israelite conflict should not bother us. we have done enough sacrifices as a country so now its time to just watch. Shebele is right we helped RSA and no thanks from them. They were special during the struggle in our country why should we not be special in the country when all is good

    • You are siding with the wrong people hoping for monetary gain deviod of any morals……..you are seen as nothing but black monkies by racists trump and Netanyahu ……those people would never willingly come to your aid.

  21. Israel has low regard for anybody with black skin. Just last week, Yitzhak Yosef, the top rabbi for Sephardi Jews (Church does not ordain women) in Israel said, black people are monkeys, and imagine, the Government is examining the remark whether it constitutes racism. In the 80’s, an Israeli Government delegation visited newly independent Zimbabwe, during the meeting, on discovering that the Zimbabwean team was led by a woman minister, they walked out, they did not want to be addressed by a woman. Israel was the last country to allow women to vote in an election. Yes they may have built the University of Zambia, please do not count on them very much. Palestine is as poor as Zambia, it will be folly to expect monetary help from them. You can celebrate, dance, drink your lungs out, as a…

  22. The only African country that has a reason to join in the celebrations is Ethiopia, there are over 400, 000 Ethiopian illegal immigrants working in Israel. Even local Israelis are surprised that a president of another country from afar is making decisions on their behalf. There’s no doubt that under Trump the US has become a rogue State, what’s democratic about the massacre of 52 Palestinians? Even animals we only slaughter what we’re able to eat.

  23. I think Israelis are scatterbrains because for 70 years now they have been killing and using excessive force against Palestinians but have continued to achieve the same results, can’t they see that it’s not working? Give peace a chance for the benefits of peace surpass any benefits you can accrue from violence

    • Sense! I agree Indeed If you keep knocking your head on one door and it doesn’t open go look for other doors. I think Israel thinks it can decimate all the Palestinians

  24. We regret the loss of life. Jerusalem is Israel’s capital and it has always been and will forever be. Zambia is blessed to have leaders that can side with God and affirm the chosen city of David, Jerusalem, as the capital city of Israel. Psalm 122:67 – Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee. Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces. God bless Zambia! God bless America! God bless Mr Trump!

    • Trump hates blacks , stop trying to peddle lies , duping black people with your fake religion and where was that same God when 20 million blacks were sold as slaves with many millions dying in the process ?

    • I wasn’t going to reply to you but your ignorance is just palpable. One fact is this, JEWS DON’T BELIEVE JESUS IS THE MESSIAH. Check their bible or holy scriptures it only has the Old Testament. There’s no record of Jesus. They don’t have the four Gospel books. They don’t have the New Testament. Nothing! Have you ever lived with them or near them? You would know this. Not too long ago it was said Netanyahu was encouraging Jews in the diaspora to return to Israel to await the coming of the Messiah. He himself is awaiting the coming of the Messiah. Go figure. They like to use Jesus for profit. Period.

    • Iwe newbie Jews don’t have a bible. You need to go to school to learn that noone ever sat down to write a Bible. Before the bible each temple had its own scriptures. The bible is a collection of selected scriptures or various writings. The selection was done by Christian priesthood. Some of these writings may also be in Jewish scriptures and some in Islamic scriptures. The Christians decided on a bible after seeing that the Moslems had a holy book and they had none. Indeed Judaism makes no mention of Jesus because for them the messiah is yet to come. Jews don’t use Jesus for anything

  25. The Palestines were there before God that land to the Jews.
    Zambia celebrating this injustice is not a surprise. Its pay back for the American ARVs …the Bombay drainage…etc.
    Recognising Jerusalem as the Jewish capital is like giving Pretoria to the Boers!
    Shame on Zambia…Free Palestine!!!

  26. Mushota assist me, each time I read your comment you have to mention your qualifications. Are you the first one in your entire family to have a PhD? What is your major? Which university did you acquire it from?

  27. African nations are beggers it is therefore impossible for them to stand on moral grounds that will look to be against their master USA, they want to support america’s stupidity so that they are able to ask for change tomorrow again,, ITS PATHETIC!!!


  28. @SDA Church, 1.10 “The present secular state of Israel has nothing to do with the Holy nation in the Bible… Amen to that! You are the only one who has said exactly what I keep telling uninformed and brainwashed people. People should stop confusing the present day Israel to that of the Biblical Israel of Jacob… it is insane!

  29. Southafrica just recently burnt Zambian trucks.. shot their own miners and had serious xenophobia attacks against fellow Africans..who withdraw their ambassador? doubles standards here just celebrate…Here i fully support the Zambian Government

    • It is not only Zambian trucks that were targeted , and if zimbabwean or south African registered cars get caught up in a Zambian riot ant get stoned as is the case somtimes , you don’t hear those countries crying that their citizens have been singled out …

  30. Zambia: The biggest sell-out nation in Africa. Zambia spent the first 27 years of its independent state fighting against apartheid, Zionism and all forms of oppression. It was one of the most remarkable freedom fighting African countries. one of the very very few who severed ties with Tel-Aviv because Israel had relations with apartheid South Africa and was persecuting Palestinians. Now South Africa is boycotting Israel and Zambia, with toothless Lungu, is celebrating Trump’s normalisation of Israeli oppression against hapless Palestinians. We need principled leadership not Lungu.

  31. If we can’t support the oppressed Palestinians due to the fact that we don’t want to upset big brother USA & their forgo their $$$, then it’s just better to remain neutral.

  32. Brother Mushota,

    People respect PhD holders because of the sacrifice, in monetary and time resources, a person puts in to acquire a PhD. A Doc is someone who has made original contribution to a field of study meaning that one has invested time in research and researching certain phenomenon. It’s strange that a PhD holder would fail to do a simple ‘google research’ to get an idea of the Palestine/Israel conflict. Its the likes of you that have contributed to the recent disrespect directed at PhD holders.

    Please invest time in researching issues.

  33. Stupid and foolish story. Of what significance has it got on poor you. Worry about your brothers in Congo. Mbuzi. Does it matter whether you celebrate or not. Why do you write about issues you have no bearing about.

  34. Very shameful stance taken by our Government. Zambia has a long history of standing for the oppressed and downtrodden such our Palestinian brothers and sisters.

  35. Despicable Zambia. Even if you are devoid of, or incapable of understanding International politics or formulating a foreign policy for that matter, the least you can do is acknowledge humanity. How do you blindly join a ‘celebration’ of the relocation of an embassy while completely oblivious to the massacre that is taking place a short distance away – on defenseless civilians who have been deprived of so much for so long and who have been affected by the decisions made by Israel and the US for a long time, in way that clearly shows they are not considered human? Even supporters of Israel should, from a human point of view condemn this atrocious indiscriminate killing of people.

  36. The Palestinians attacked Israel so they had to defend themselves as any country would do. They have brought a lot of African Jews to Israel so dont hate Africans and are not racist. More people were murdered in South Africa
    today than in Israel and happens everyday of the year so South Africans should just shut up and keep corrupting each other, hypocrites.

  37. Phiri, South Africa is not boycotting Zambia, they only withdrew the Ambassador from Israel. Zambia is a peace and God fearing nation and don’t need people like you espousing what the the SA Government can’t do which is to stop people there killing each other everyday so stop trying to intimidate people with your ideology when you don’t know the facts. Are you EFF or just stupid?

    • You sound stupid cos even your arguing is incongruent. Just shut up if you have nothing to contribute

  38. And I see you dont care about Zambians anyway, why didnt you say anything about those poor truck drivers that have their trucks burnt and have been killed by you just for being Zambian. Lucky all the people in SA are not like you and your government. chumbu mushololwa

  39. Just like that ***** Spaka like lilo trying to stir things up by saying Israel and USA called black people monkeys. Not even fake news but liars and maybe they are Russians or ISIS. Please everyone don’t believe what you read everywhere, they are just stirring up hatred and trying to turn us against each other. God bless the Chumbu’s.

  40. See, you believe fake news. Look at the pictures where the Palestinians attacked Israel first with petrol bombs, some on kites. Anyone will defend themselves if attacked first even GBM. Unfortunately innocent people including children have been killed but blame both sides not one.

  41. @John … The retaliation is clearly out of proportion and you are defending it. How ridiculous! There are other means of responding to a crowd that has a right to protest and is not using any military hardware. Israeli soldiers use live bullets on babies and people in wheel chairs and you have the audacity to defend this.

  42. Sorry Harold I don’t agree. How can you bring children to a protest and throw petrol bombs whilst storming the border fence. Blame the parents for that not me. I think its awful that anyone dies from this tragedy but both sides are to blame and it will happen again when the funerals take place. So
    its not audacity but look at who are the aggressors and you defend them?
    Who started it first. Any country has a right to defend their borders and their citizens. All they did was to celebrate Jerusalem was reconized as
    their capital and they get attacked yet again?

  43. @Spaka like lilo; i may not be religious; but am not ignorant; check your history; where were these Palestinians 2000 years ago or 3000 years ago? the Jews were in Jerusalem and in modern day Israel; these Palestinians are Muslims who multiply in millions wherever they go because they marry many women and produce more children; check their growth in Zambia from KK days to now and see how many they are now;

  44. Under Jameson Mutaware Lungu, Zambia has an completely useless and aimless foreign policy!

  45. Just like he is married in Zambia but he accepts a spinster with round titties leaving ba Mutaware spooked especially that Ester’s breasts are like pancakes. Now I hear he is going to build a US$3.5 million palace in Manzini for this girl Mswati santa klaused his with where he hopes to leave out his uselss life as a refugee in bliss.

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