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Ethiopian Airways plans to buy new jets as it readies for Zambia Airways relaunch


An Ethiopian Airlines Dreamliner jet. Photographer-Jenny Vaughan-AFP via Getty Images
An Ethiopian Airlines Dreamliner jet. Photographer-Jenny Vaughan-AFP via Getty Images

Ethiopian Airways has announced that it plans to buy new regional jets in the next month or so as it prepares to relaunch Zambia Airways.

According to Chief Executive Officer Tewolde GebreMariam, the airline has narrowed its choice to Bombardier Inc.’s C Series and Embraer SA’s E2-family E195.

Mr GebreMariam said Boeing Co.’s 737 Max 7 is now out of the running for the contract, which could feature 10 firm orders and the same number of options.

He said there are no more pressing fleet requirements, though the airline could decide to add more Boeing 787 Dreamliners and Airbus SE A350s.

Ethiopian Airlines agreed in January to take a 45 percent stake in the new Zambia Airways, with flights likely to start in October.

Mr. GebreMariam said Zambia Airways is meant to initially serve national and regional destinations before embarking on international flights.

He also revealed that Ethiopian Airways has also signed an outline accord to establish new national carrier Chad Airlines with a 49 percent holding.

The company will also own all of the planned Ethiopia Mozambique Airlines and 49 percent of Guinea Airlines.

This is part of the Airline’s plans to establish half a dozen international offshoots before the end of the year as Africa’s biggest carrier steps up efforts to dominate markets across the continent.

The new initiatives are aimed at consolidating its lead over rivals Kenya Airways Plc and South African Airways.


  1. 1. How many jets will “buy” (LOL) with USD 30 Million?
    2. What happened with PF “flaying” Zambia Airways to Europe, USA and China?
    3. Settled to be “feeder” to ET?
    It looks business as usual, full of crap, short on cash?

    • You seem to have a lot of issues mwana, is your problem the PF or Zambia as a nation? If you use common sense, from the article you can tell that ET has the least shares in Zambia compared to Mozambique, Chad, and even Malawi. If you fly often, you will understand that ET is a leading airline looking at the economic status of Africa. Further you should understand that running an airline is not like running your kantemba at City market or Soweto market. We commend the gvt when it’s due, we don’t just antagonise just for the sake. So in your sane 5 senses, it is right to build a new airport in Lusaka (KKIA) and let all the revenues go to foreign companies, just like all the revenues from all these South African malls dotted throughout Zambia. Education is good mwana, please choose…

    • I have issue with pseudo experts like you making comments without any knowledge. Get educated on the subject matter before patronizing.
      In the age of internet I expect “knowledgeable” (LOL) contributor to check the price of “green” aircraft before trying to pick bone.
      By the way, is ET going to buy or lease aircraft and engines or is GRZ going to give BOZ guaranties?
      As to PF, or for that matter, any other “political party”, there is no difference. Just yapping and fattening whilst 95% of population goes hungry.

    • LAP-Green is patiently waiting to grab those Zambia Airways planes.

      Why didn’t PF00Ls send a delegation to Malawi to see how Ethiopian Airlines is ripping them off?

      We have an ocean of jobless ACCA, MBA holders, Business management-graduates, pilots, models, caterers, aircraft technicians roaming the streets.

      Surely a carefully selected handful can’t fail to operate a bus service for the skies.

    • Really laughable…EA is expanding and the PF empty tins just gave them $30 mil to merely paint their new aircrafts with s Zambian flag…already EA has signed a deals in Europe for a number new routes including UK’s second largest airport….we told you fooools but you didnt want to sure you have given them exclusive rights over others ….really laughable what dumb fooooools.
      And for your information EA ordered these aircraft 8 years ago as you dont order planes like you do with pizza.

    • It is such a shame that Zambians behave so dull and use emotions than facts. This article clearly shows that the deal is one-sided. ET is calling the shots; they will kill all African airlines with a vision to strengthen their footprint. It’s what we call a dark and unethical Business Expansion strategy that those Fools in PF cannot see. They Promised Bigger plans now have downgraded to smaller jets. ZAMBIANS WAKE UP before it’s too late. It is clear ET have won we have Lost as they want to buy every African Airline so that they BLOCK COMPETITION. ALL THE MONEY WILL BENEFIT ETHIOPIAN. As Malawians, they have gotten nothing from the Deal.

  2. I have just discovered that Zambia is the country with the most expensive petrol prize in Africa. This is sad guys. It is not easy to drive in Zambia. But why only Zambia ? Why petrol is so expensive in Zambia ?

    In Africa, Zambia is number one country with the highest fuel prize??? Interesting. At least, Zambia is number one but for a wrong reason.

    • Cross-border truckers fill up in Botswana. Most L/stone residents actually drive to Kasane in Bots to fill up & are able to save after driving over 150km.

    • Only a fooool would ask you for a source…i mean why does a Kenyan Airlines flight to Nairobi on its daily schedule from Lusaka will at one point detour to Harare for a 30 minute stop to topup on Jet A1 fuel….even Emirates flies from Dubai bypasses Lusaka to stop in Harare then fly for final stop in Lusaka.

    • Dj7 how much is Petrol in Zambia in dollars. It almost the same with the neighboring countries just convert it to dollar then you will not say that

    • Iwee chii colour PF cadre , can u stop giving sllly excuses…are other countries, ie, wr fuel is very cheap not landlocked ?

      The only reason why fuel is so expensive among other things is bcz PF are a batch of thieving corrupt vampires….who are there not to serve the masses but enrich themselves !

  3. According to LT it is ethiopian airways that is relaunching Zambian Airways, i thought we were relaunching our airline,, so Ethiopian is the controlling entity. Can we have a statement from governmwnt how this “partnership’ with operate please if Ethiopian is buying new jets what is our $30 million being used for

    • More money in the pocket let the Ethiopians run it for us we failed to run our beautiful airline Zambia Airways let the do it

    • If you were intelligent Cholera you would know that an intelligent person would rather align with a successful person and get a kwacha a day by having a partnership over his land if he can’t manage it, rather than sit idle with a non-performing asset. Zambia Airways is a non-performing asset of a prime tourist destination that we failed to run. Ethiopian Airways on the other hand is a model African (world) airline.

    • @ Masalamuso . The $30mln is just the operational cost shared by Zambia side. It is too small to buy a new aircraft.

  4. An uncomfortable truth is that Southern Africa is not home to reasonably priced petrol, despite Angola is Africa’s second largest exporter of oil. Africa’s most expensive fuel is to be found in Zambia, where a litre of petrol costs R18.81. Zimbabweans don’t have it much easier at R16.53. Annoyingly most of South Africa’s other region neighbours and trading partners – Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique and Malawi – have cheaper fuel. Unsurprisingly Angola has by far the cheapest petrol, regionally, at only R8.48 per litre. It’s worth noting that there exists an uncomfortable correlation between low fuel prices and even lower quality of life. ***********

  5. Ethiopian isn’t gonna buy Zambia some new jets for $30m -that’s for their own airline. Ba LT this airline isn’t a charity .

    • Who told you that Ethiopian was going to buy new jets from the $30 million Zambia input? Ethiopian will recoup their money from running Zambia Airways as a profitable business in the same way they have been running their airline. Zambia sells the name – that is where the value is. The $30 million will just go towards operational costs.

  6. Proflight should do away with those second UK Jetstreams and replace them with the Bombardier, Antonov or Embraer light passenger jets which are cheap as USD20 million per aircraft.Buy one or two low cost Boeing dreamliners or Airbus just for international trip. Comfy your planes with plush leather seats, WIFI & TV screen for movies. Offer complimentary snacks like Linden’s chocolate chip cookies, Terra blues potato chips, and Dunkin Donuts coffee. Provide snooze kit with eyeshades, ear plugs, and pre-landing treats like hot towels, coffee, orange juice, Junta & Jameson to help those with hangovers.Some fool will even comment on the Antonov when I mean the “light passenger jets” as low as USD 22 million dollars.So Proflight take advantage with the upgrade of KKIA & construction of…

  7. Proflight should do away with those second UK Jetstreams & replace them with the Bombardier, Antonov or Embraer light passenger jets which are cheap as USD20 million per aircraft.Buy one or two low cost Boeing dreamliners or Airbus just for international trip. Comfy your planes with plush leather seats, WIFI & TV screen for movies..Provide snooze kit with eyeshades, ear plugs, and pre-landing treats like hot towels, coffee, juice, Junta & Jameson to help those with HOs.Some f00l will even comment on the Antonov when I mean the “light passenger jets” as low as USD 22 million .So Proflight take advantage with the upgrade of KKIA & construction of C/Belt Intl.Airport.Learn from others like South West Airlines & Jet Blue Airlines who operate cheap domestics in the US.

    • This is the utter igorance I talk about you think aircraft are so cheap that you just walk in a showroom and point at one and tell the salesman that you are taking it today… Proflight probably dont own any aircraft on paper and they are all leased. The sector is so competitive only the likes of Ryan Air and Southwest have big fleets to their names.

    • I work in the aircraft industry a LAME (Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer) somewhere in Asia. Who the jerk are you to lecture me about aviation industry?I know the 50 seat Bombardier CRJ- 100 for Proflight was acquired in 2015 is under South African aircraft leasing company.Are you aware that Proflight operates over 200 flights a week? With those high prices they charge definitely they can purchase low cost jets than those Uk jetstreams. Look at Fastjet from Tanzania with bigger aircraft than Proflight yet they are cheaper than Proflight. No wonder flying in Zambia is like going to “heaven”…

    • Like you said you are a Technician (Not Engineer) who maintains aircraft or changes oil…if you knew anything about who the founder of Fastjet is, you would know that he founded Easyjet the second biggest budget airline in the UK. The man is Stelios Haji-Ioannou the founder of the Easy Brand..he has deep pockets..its laughable you comparing his company to Proflight.
      You know absolutely nothing about running a business…simply crawl back under the aircraft and change the Tyre and check the flaps and oil.
      Have ever flown on a European budget airline dont even get extras like USB or Screen!!

    • Wala ….FYI I got Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with a major in aerospace engineering; Got FAA certification;Got AQF Certificate IV (ANZSCO Skill Level 3)…Annual salary $125000 …Based Qatar

    • You know nothing about business…sit down..Do those credentials you are highlighting got anything to do with managing an airline!!!!!

  8. Every right-thinking person on earth who looks at this partnership agreement from the side of Ethiopian Airlines, sees immediately that this deal is about Ethiopian Airlines advancing and expanding its business. This is not about Zambia Airways.

    • We told these educated foools but …you honestly think EA will strategically switch caterers to Lusaka from Addis or start employing Zambian pilots for a mere $30million….really laughable…they are looking at the bigger picture bringing business to Addis

    • So what imwe??? Zambia will still benefit from this deal. You have failed to start a flagship carrier over all these years and someone comes along and helps you, you complain. For all I care, I have no problems with Ethiopian “owning” Zambia Airways as long as they run a profitable business based in Zambia and markets this country. The benefits are not just from ticket sales bangwele imwe.

    • @ JayJay… Ethiopian Airlines is not a charity organization to bring profits only for Zambia airways, but for itself, too. What they start benefits both Zambia airways and Ethiopian airlines. One more thing, you seem to be dismissive of other’s comments to make yours comments heard. Be aware, there are always better people who knows the airlines business than you do.

  9. ET is making it very clear that the strategy and positioning is to gain a larger market share in the region so as to outwit their major competitors, KQ and SAA. Whilst the new Zambia Airline initial focus will be on domestic operations, ET is looking at international traffic from and to Zambia to link to their other routes. Also very likely ET will not even be uplifting aviation fuel from Zambia, they will land fully loaded, pick up traffic, beefing up their hard currency to sustain their survival. For Zambia its all Piggybacking as usual, the foreign company will climb on our shoulders gather the fruits, serve their own interests whilst we look on. It is happened with mines, construction etc. our youths remain jobless.

    • I have stated time and time again for years on LT that the only way to attract more traffic to KKIA’s new airport is bite the bullet and reduce tax on Jet A1 fuel…not wasting millions of dollars on painting EA’s aircraft with Zambian flag…its utter folly.
      All EA is interested in is crashing competition with our help…we (the travellers) will suffer because less competition means expensive deals on Flight Scanner, Kayak, etc.

  10. Zambia Airways welcome back home! It is time to run ZA economically and socially. Stick to the basics. reasonable profit, reasonable service, reasonable coverage. To make ZA truly Zambian, it is good to go multilingualism. Use English with French and Bemba and Nyanja to make tourists comfortable.

    • Dr Makasa Kasonde: Obviously you are an informed person so what I say here will ring a bell with you. “To make it truly Zambian, it’s good to go multilingualism. Use English with French and Bemba and Nyanja……”. Why not si-Lozi, Tumbuka or Lamba or ki-Kaonde? Are they not Zambian languages? No doubt you have heard of problems in the Basque and Catalonia regions of Spain and Quebec in Canada. They are based on linguistic marginalisation of the kind Kenneth Kaunda and his UNIP introduced in Zambia. Why an enlightened person such as yourself can be so insensitive beats me. Lambas on the Copperbelt have told the Zambian govt that they no longer want ci-Bemba to be the language of instruction in early education to Lamba children.

  11. I now have documented proof that the PF government and its cadre laden civil service is but a bunch of cluesless and short sighted ID10ts;

    Benefits for ET – Free landing at KKIA, Free Air Traffic tarriffs, Expansion of their route network considering Zambia’s central African location (regional routes)

    Benefit for ZM – Nothing except for a small flag and Zambian colour livery on ET aircraft. Basically, we are paying for a wee aero Billboard.

    • As far as PF and Lazy Lungu are concerned they want that flag painted on EA aircrafts as soon as possible so they can go around the country in 2021 and dupe the gullible PF cadres like some on this thread that they re-created Zambia Airways…that’s what matters, that $30million would have been better spent at buying solar street lamps, flowers, trees and street furniture/signs for roads from KKIA to city centre

    • And because you are too dull, you cannot delve into the other benefits coming with this arrangement but prefer to downplay the significance in order to fulfill you bloated ego.

  12. God help us . I hope this is not another conduit of robbing Zambians out of their hard earned cash by this hopeless government.


    • @ KINCHE SHOLA … You made the most embarrassing comment and makes us all ashamed to have you in our African family. You need to research/read a little bit about you history before coming to comment on any matter on African issue. You may not know it, it is any insult for African, to say the least, to say European are Better than African. I shouldn’t have tried to advise you, had you not been my family member. 🙂

  14. Ethiopian should scrap the deal let Zambian Airways run by European careers for Zambians. Running Airlines needs a well educated professionals and highly skilled labor. Ethiopian airways is run by Italians why not ask politely Italy to take over Zambian Airways like Ethiopia did after September 11 crises, since then Italy funded Ethiopian with half a billion euro plus supplied all the management and technicians for Ethiopian. Today all Ethiopian air ways plane are getting high class maintenance in Rom Italy. Zambia should ask France politely to hep run and operate our Zambian Airways why give Ethiopia 30 million dollar? something fishy here. Ethiopians are Blacks they can not operate even a city bus forget about Airlines.

    • EA is a well run profitable company get that right no need for bring your inferior complexes…what we are saying there is absolutely no need for this deal or creation of an airline with anybody for Zambia.

    • Ba Jambo – quite some thinking there — so Ethiopian is run by Italians. Ethiopian is going to run Zambia Airways, and then you remove the Italians, how?

  15. Well I hope after wasting $30million at least the pilots, crew etc will all be zambian if nothing else.

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