Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Press Briefing By Keith Mataka’s wife



  1. This is bizarre at best. Leave God out of this. When Keith was whoring and murdering people He had forsaken.

  2. This is desperation at its best by PF. You cannot use a fellow woman like this. You cant parade her just for the sake of the election, it is your strategy but it is immoral.

    • What is immoral supporting a home wrecker for political mileage. This is what reparation is. rallying behind a family which has lost a husband because of his selfishness is not reparation. UPND aitaya apa peve. Clearly she is no being paraded here but just being accorded a platform to rebuff the home wreckers claim that Keith was sleeping with her legally. Musonda is the one being paraded buy UPND for political mileage without regard to any morals.

    • Mukata’s wife had no water in her mouth when she spoke. Mukata was not married at the time he was popping Musonda. End of story.

  3. This is not about Keith but the family he affected, especially his wife and children, so off course God must come in fully.

  4. For a Family person and someone who has heart you would say yes Keith made a mistake but it’s only God that has the power to judge we as human beings can only forgive our brother for what happened.But moving forward let’s support his family and more his children this is not about politics but having morals.i pray that people of Chilanga we vote wisely

  5. He killed an innocent soul and they re using the same pipo who have jailed him and if they lose i promise u, u will never see them again kikikikiki lol

  6. I dont see what is wrong with the Mr. Mukata’s wife expressing her husband’s desires. What’s the fussy?. His behind bars awaiting his death. And besides, Isn’t the air , the sun and moon, the environment and everything else in Chilanga is the strong hold of UPND. Why are you worried again. Let her be with her life. They have a right to making decisions. Good or bad. African Politics is no different from MAFIA . Its all about the Merchandise(Money) instead of the people.

  7. UPND should have seen this coming…In fact, they asked for it. The Charm. adoption move was the worst political move by UPND.
    ……Next they will visit the late Mr. Kwenda’s family.

  8. I used to sympathise with UPND.BBut there ration on the chklanga candidatate. was so poor. even a blind pers seated at a corner of a round tal e can see the lose:-) coming. Even if you want to punish Keith for aligning himself with PF. you dont play with a death of someone. one tging though. Should PF take Chilanga. forget about forming govt in the next 20yrs. Mark my words.

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