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CARITAS Zambia concerned with confusion around the National Dialogue process

Headlines CARITAS Zambia concerned with confusion around the National Dialogue process

HH meets Commonwealth Secretary General Baroness Patricia Scotland
HH meets Commonwealth Secretary General Baroness Patricia Scotland

Statement on the need for genuine and inclusive dialogue

1.0. Status of the National Dialogue

Caritas Zambia is concerned that there is confusion concerning the much talked about national dialogue since the involvement of ZCID in the equation. While the nation was anxiously waiting for the beginning of talks as organized and arranged by the Commonwealth, another process was being propped up and spearheaded by ZCID. Suddenly we were told that Zambians don’t want talks to be led by “foreigners” but “our own organisation” in the name of ZCID. Caritas finds this argument strange, especially that when the Commonwealth came into Zambia to lobby for the release of the UPND President nobody called them “foreigners”. After all, Zambia is a bonafide member of the Commonwealth. When Professor Gambari began preparing for a road map for this dialogue, he met all the key stakeholders and requested for the formation of a steering committee composed of key representatives from UPND, PF, CSOs and the Church mother bodies. We wonder what has happened to this process. Why is there now, a pull between those who support the Commonwealth led process and those who support the ZCID led process?

The Root Cause of the Problem

It must be stated that the root cause of the tension that has continued in Zambia since the 2016 elections leading up to the arrest of HH, the declaration of threatened state of emergency and the efforts that were made to resolve the conflict, is still alive today. It has become latent but can spring into life if nothing is done to resolve it. Arising from the post Elections Reports of the United Nations in Zambia, the EU Observer Mission, Christian Churches Monitoring Group (CCMG) and others, Zambia has not taken any keen interest to respond to the recommendations contained in these reports. Some of the major recommendations among many include:

• The removal of overly restrictive limitations of freedom of assembly in the Public Order Act.
• Shortening of the notice period required for public campaign events, and respecting the principle of notification as opposed to permission in accordance with the May 2016 judgment of the Supreme Court.
• The ECZ should rely less on local government officials and local administrative structures and exert greater direct management over all aspects of the electoral process.
• The results management system (RMS) should be assessed for accuracy, timeliness and transparency, following which a revised operational plan for the RMS should be introduced.

Failure to deal with root causes of conflicts such as these creates undesirable consequences that may take long to resolve. Zambia will do well to go back to these issues and deal with them one by one.

The National Democracy Stakeholders’ Summit

While we appreciate the effort that has been made by ZCID to hold what they called the National Democracy Summit for Stakeholders, we are of the strong view that this should not and must not replace the Commonwealth initiative. While the Commonwealth initiative is aimed at dealing with specific issues emanating from the 2016 elections and the subsequent arrest of the UPND leader, the ZCID summit is being organized based on the “desire to promote dialogue as a mechanism to influence policy decisions and reforms among government actors and stakeholder”. We are aware that this ZCID led summit is aimed at providing and facilitating a platform for stakeholders and political actors to consult each other and reach a common understanding on identified issues related to national dialogue. That is why we are of the view that this summit should not be confused with the Commonwealth led national dialogue. As can be seen, the two have different objectives, unless there is a hidden motive to circumvent the Commonwealth led initiative by the ZCID.

Furthermore, some key stakeholders such as the Church Mother Bodies, CSOs and Opposition political parties have expressed their reservations with regard to the lack of capacity, track record and impartiality of ZCID. Thesereservations have been confirmed by the fact the three Church Mother Bodies, the UPND and several other CSOs shunned the ZCID led summit.

The Value of Commonwealth Facilitated Dialogue

We appeal to all peace loving Zambians not to underrate the ability of the Commonwealth to manage and transform such complicated conflicts. We must realise that Zambia, as the Catholic Bishops observed in April 2017, is stillpolarized. So, we should try hard not to takeactions that further divide the nation. The current situation may please others who benefit from it but time will come when all of us will have to answer for what we have done or failed to do. We are convinced that ZCID, which is an organisation of political parties, cannot ably mediate between two of its members who are in conflict, especially when one of them is the party in government. The power play between them will be beyond the moderation of the current ZCID leadership on this matter arising from the disputed 2016 election results.

Role of the Church

As has been stated many times before, the Church Mother Bodies, CCZ, EFZ and ZCCB stand ready to collaborate with all key stakeholders in the nation and lead it into a genuine process of dialogue and reconciliationwhich is anchored on truth and Justice. We are of the considered view that the Church has not only the moral authority but also the convening power, needed impartiality and the undisputed track-record of mediating national political conflicts.

Call for inclusiveness in national discourse

It is our considered view that as a nation, we have lamentably failed to robustly address a number of recurrent snags including those that stem from our previous elections. The tendency of moving on and dragging along people, who are aggrieved as if nothing happened, does not help to unite the country. The wrong notion that political competition is aimed at annihilating or totally silencing political opponents at all costs and by all means available isthe root cause of intra and interparty intolerance and violence. As believers in a democratic dispensation that cherishes parliamentary democracy we would like to build and consolidate on our demands for respect for divergent views and for the rights of individuals and political parties to organise, associate and assemble without any undue restrictions and intimidation. We are again disappointed when we see the events leading to the recent by elections and reports of violence from the Chilanga constituency. It is like re-living the pre-election period of 2016! How many times will we call upon the police to take charge of the situation in a professional, objective and non-partisan manner?


We call on all well-meaning Zambians to participate in actions that will help to bring Zambia back to the correct trajectory, where human rights are truly respected, transparency and accountability is cherished, poor people especially small scale farmers are protected from displacements, the integrity of creation is respected and all people in Zambia are treated equally. The use of force and intimidation are not the solution to Zambia’s numerous problems. Only genuine, sincere and inclusive dialogue aimed at national reconciliation is the long-term solution. This reconciliation itself must be firmly rooted in the Christian values of Truth, Mercy, Justice and Peace.


Eugene Kabilika
Executive Director

Issued to the Press on Friday the Seventh Week of Easter 18th May, 2017


    • UPND have conducted themselves well.

      PF are the best party ever.

      I blame the commonwealth.

      I hold a PhD



    • ZCID can’t deal with electoral or POS issues fairly because it’s stained. This article is point on.

    • Am only concerned about confusion surrounding on Ba Edgar’s decision to build a retirement home Nkokeni golf club in Swaziland, instead of on the banks of Lake Bangweulu in Luapula, Zambia.
      Am concerned and worried that we will miss our good friend Edgar if he takes a self impossed exile to Mbabane where Pilato has just returned.
      This is what dialogue should be about. Why why should Bashi Tasila leave us? Pursued him.

    • The only dialogue process that UPND can agree to is the one lead by Chief Mukuni because UPND cannot accept to be told that they where wrong at any point. they want people who will be bias enough to support there nonsense. once UPND in particular HH drops his ego there can’t be any dialogue.

    • Which church ? The Caritas of today is comprised. Any member of Caritas who openly identifies himself /herself with a political party must immediately sever all links with the organization. It’s not so today where certain members are even on the executive of political parties. I know what I am talking about. Let’s not waste time and look to a clean and free 2021. Personally I don’t see the basis of this dialogue.

    • Dialogue can still take place with or without the deads, I mean the UPNDEADs. They amount to nothing at all.

  1. First of we know Caritas is a UPND sympathizer hiding behind the bible.By the way when are the Catholics going to reconcile with the SDA & Watch Tower fanatics so that when marrying there is no misunderstanding of religious affiliations?

  2. Don’t let the Serpent (HH) deceive you. He’s always antagonising so as to remain relevant in his party

  3. HH and his UPND party should move out of Zambia. Seriously I see no need of dialogue. We need politics in Zambia not dialogue.

    HH is a corrupt fellow and those around him are corrupt. At the moment, I can’t support Lungu and his party PF. I can’t support HH and his party UPND. I can’t support Kabwili and his party NDC.

    Zambians should try something else.

  4. I hope she is also aware that HH is a white collar thief in the privatization of Zambian mines’ menace.

  5. Soon, Chief Mukuni will replace GBM, the vice president of the tribal organization. GBM and two other people who do not come from the tribal grouping are in there as a marriage of convenience or inconvenience if you like! They are a decoration on the tribal party cake which fails to deceive or convince the wise.

  6. See how many have landed in prison since the release of HH? President Edgar Lungu is not in the mood for dialogue.

  7. If the dialogue process is not led by the Commonwealth, h.h will not have the photo opportunity seen above. To h.h being seen to shake hands with or even standing next to eminent persons is a measure of his importance among upnd officialz, members, cadres, and chieftainess mukuni. If it was not for the mistake of Patricia Scotland giving h.h a photo opportunity like above and shaking his hand, h.h the dialogue process with the same h.h would have been concluded a long time ago. But the good news is that h.h has realised and accepted that Patricia Scotland will not see him again as she has better things to do than running to Zambia to dialogue with h.h. That is why you have heard upnd insist on dialogue facilitated by the church, it is a face saving alternative for his standing in upnd…

  8. ….if you doubt me, just check h.h’s excitement and pleasure with the photo opportunity provided by Hon Lubinda. Now if he is happy with that you can rest assured that he will soon do so with the larger figure, the one and only HE, Edgar Lungu. Just requires HE to pick up the phone and h.h will be on facebook next five minutes excited about dialogue but more importantly a photo opportunity. So HE please dont keep the Mongu incident in your heart, h.h is ready to repent in a photoflash…..I am serious!!!

    • It was relevant before 1991 after that it attracted lovers of money. I challenge anyone disputing this to deny it.

  9. Aw come on now Caritas! All the 4 points above you have mentioned were in existence even when HH used to come No. 3 in the elections. You have failed to analyse HH the Zambian. Why is he doing what he is doing? I could go into a plethora of reasons here but time and space won’t allow. suffice to say HH has been the worst blemish on Zambian politics. His is a tribal cum ‘ i’m educated syndrome’ cum ” i mingle with whites’ cum ” i want to be the first Tonga to be zambian president” etc. He has seriously divided the nation – he is nowhere near the likes of Elijah Mudenda, mainza Chona and Anderson mazoka. irest bmy case.

    • How can a person who is not even president divide the country? If the country is divided, then those in power have divided it. This is not the Zambia PF inherited from RB, a man who should not have been thrown out of office in preference for Sata. Have you forgotten late Sata’s tribal appointments? Sweden is a major aid donor to Zambia. Sata saw it fit to send Rev Edith Mutale as ambassador there. To France Sata sent a very old man Solomon Mbuzi who could not even walk properly. At foreign affairs, Sata appointed Kambwili. He was a disaster at the ministry.

  10. Kususha Ngomwa Nikuyivulila, Imbaningoma, chimbwi Asobe mazya.Why can’t you all of you go and listen to the ZCID and make your valuable judgement after the meeting.Please STOP this Tug of War

  11. Ati ******* ****…….ummmmm I don’t want to say much on this name. Kikiki….but as to the issue at hand, I don’t agree with the bishops. Forget about the Commonwealth. Let the church lead the dialogue process .

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