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Mumbi labels UPND as the most heartless, unremorseful and irrational political party in Zambia


UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema in Chilanga Compaigning with UPND candidate Ms Musonda
UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema in Chilanga Compaigning with UPND candidate Ms Musonda

Former UPND party member Edward Mumbi has charged that the party is the most heartless, unremorseful and irrational political party in Zambia that equally lacks morals.

Mr Mumbi went on to warn the people against voting for a party that undermined the plight of women and children.

Mr Mumbi was reacting to the UPND sentiments towards incarcerated Keith Mukata’s family that the party did not have conditions of service compelling it to take care of wives of its former parliamentarians.

Mr Mumbi reiterated that the statement by UPND was careless, irresponsible and proof that the party was heartless.

Mr Mumbi charged that the pronouncement by UPND should be a clear message to women that supporting the party was suicidal and a risk to their own marriages.

Mr Mumbi also challenged UPND leader, Hakainde Hichilema to disassociate himself from the statement issued by his subordinates if he was a true leader.

“If it is true that statement is coming from Charles Kakoma, I challenge HH to disassociate himself from it if he is not the one who sent him,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Mumbi said that Mr Hichilema should have known that the adoption of Charmaine Musonda as the UPND candidate for the Chilanga by- election was a double edged sword.

He pointed out that the adoption of Ms Musonda, who was the ex-concubine to Mr Mukata and was with him at the time he shoot dead his guard, Namakambwa Kalilakwenda would hurt the Mukata family and also the family of the deceased. He charged that any reasonable grouping could not have adopted a person who almost destroyed the marriage of one of its senior members.


  1. What is the “rationale” behind PF?
    Stealing, rap!ng, murdering, deceiving, slavery, exploitation of Zambian youth, criminality….
    Mr. Mumbi, do yourself a big favor, get f*cked in that big smelly arshole you use to spew inbreed !mbecility

    • @just asking , is that all you can come up with? I believe you leant this language from your seventh day Sunday school teacher . civilize imwe ba pushi.

      You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Just watch the language of the top 2, the so called “rich kids”. As if that is not enough, screen the language of the dumb followers on this podium. Their apathy to good morals and sanitized behavior always speaks volumes. The former vice of the grouping struggled to pay rent until eviction. UPNDEAD has gone to the dogs. The grouping is possessed. The evil appetite for power is huge. Chilangans the ball is in your court.

    • The UPND was right and Mumbi needs to be truthful and honest with himself. Which party in Zambia takes care of former parliamentarian families ?? Really which one? If they technically don’t even take care of their own former presidents. The party in power only at times seems to take care of these people due to axcess to GRZ resources to foster patronage. Zambians we need to be honest and candid with each other we are such a pretentious lot a Christian nation that fails to live by Christian values…shame !

    • It pains that Mumbi has said the truth here! Taking care of families includes not hurting them the way UPND has done through its adoption of Musonda. A reasonable party should show respect for the institution of marriage. UPND lacks respect in this matter. What a shame! I am waiting to see what happens after 5th June.

    • The many who speak for PF the party and as sympathizers using any availing opportunity to spin facts against UPND or just never missing an opportunity to disparage the UPND are in a way acknowledging that the UPND is major in causing them sleeplessness and jitters of having them ousted from the comfort zone! I wish I’d have seen it any other way but the venom contained in casting aspersions on UPND leaves me without choice other than defining the behavior against UPND as that of profound envy and denial of truthfulness.

    • With such reaction, maybe PF have seen no good coming. It’s unfortunate that Zambians just accept every rubbish thrown at them. We are a cursed country with no proper leadership. It’s either they are thieves like Lungu?? or arrogant like HH. All have only their personal agenda.

    • Mumbi Kafumpi, if in your views UPND is a unremoseful party, it is good for you.

      Why talking about them?

      You and your tinpot dictators are damn worried that come 2021 you are not only elections most of you are going behind bars till you pay back all that was stolen by you and mortgaged Zambia to the Chinese

  2. No political Party has morals in Zambia currently, most of the things politicians say are just for political expediency. Pf set police to arrest one of their own Mp at Ndola Airport upon arrival from treatment. Pf has not helped the family of the late security guard who was shot by Mukata, but for political experience has gone to help Mukata’s wife, so that she could endorse their candidate. Hypocrisy at its best.

  3. I’m no fan of UPND , but to men the $42m firetrucks ,the foreign mansions and an economy stuck in gear one – to me PF is the most heartless,unremorseful and irrational party.

  4. Advice to my fellow bloggers. Insults and arrogance will never convince those who don’t support your party to start doing so. If anything its a turn-off. To convince people to support your party, sell your party’s take on issues based on its manifesto in a civil manner. Insulting people who don’t agree with you will not convince them you are right!

    • But a party lying (they all do) wasting taxpayers money and allowin rampant corruption is a far bigger insult to Zambians that what a single blogger says.

    • @Enka, fact still remains, insulting people when they don’t share your view will never convince them that you’re right…EVEN WHEN THEY TYPE THERE INSULTS IN CAPITAL LETTERS, it’s simply a turn off. Some bloggers here will never be taken seriously even when they have a sensible point, all because they put their insults first and as such, they are perceived as a vulgar group of jokers with nothing to write home about.

  5. No political Party has morals in Zambia currently, most of the things politicians say are just for political expediency. Pf set police to arrest one of their own Mp at Ndola Airport upon arrival from treatment. Pf has not helped the family of the late security guard who was shot by Mukata, but for political expediency has gone to help Mukata’s wife, so that she could endorse their candidate. Hypocrisy at its best.

    You are a disgrace just like your small devil head HH. The issues raised by Mr Mumbi are genuine and serious concerns. Any way what do we expect from people who get instructions from the devil. If that is how we can respond to such heartbreaking issues them MR JUST ASKING you come from a cursed family.

  7. A caring party would not allow citizens to be wallowing in poverty and spend $42 million on outdated fire tenders, while children learn in grass thatched rooms and in makeshift buildings. When you preach what you don’t practice, it means you have no shame.

  8. Mumbi is just trying to build a mountain out of a mole hole . Are these issue based campaigns always being talked about. Why so much hatred amongst yourselves?

    • Njala yamunyokola Mumbi. He was in UNDP did he come across any clause in the constitution of UPND that states it should provide for the people Mumbi has in mind? He is hungry and now knows only in PF you can survive by simply talking trash. When he left Mr Sata when in opposition he thought he had a political muscle to make it in life now ended up becoming a political prostitute. Tomorrow we will hear him say president Lungu is a good and humble president in exchange for a bag of roller meal and meda of beans. He has no direction whatsover anyway he is welcome to PF as his language resembles them.

    • @Chitongo, you people are missing the main issue. Adopting Charmaine was wrong because it hurt the mukata family…not buying mealie meal for them as you’re trying to paint here. The Mukata and the dead guard’s family are definitely not happy about this UPND pick for obvious reasons. Doesn’t show concern or respect at all on the part of the party. No one is talking about looking after the mukata family by taking a hip of money to them. Simple concern would have been enough.

    • Why should the plight of the Mukatas dictate the selection of a political candidate? These are misplaced sentiments.

      Mukata wife is on record saying her husband was not married at the time he was dating Musonda. So what home was Musonda going to break. Evidently, the Mukatas remarried after the murder vedict. Again, which marriage was Musonda interfering in?

      And why should a political party be responsible for your family when you get convicted of a crime when the crime had no relationship with party work?

  9. Trying hard to deflect the people’s attention away from the corruption that is following lungu and pf around…

  10. It is the language that kakoma used which was uncalled for. Do you need conditions of service to help a friend? How do you encourage people to join your party if you tell them the party will have nothing to do with them if they were in problems? Kakoma should admit his statement was careless and irresponsible.

    • It’s inhumane. Man is a social being. I wanna know what double h has done for the family of his deceased body guard, Spearman Mumbuluma. You can’t have a so called leader of a grouping fencing hectares of arable land to quench his selfish desires at the bitter expense of the villagers. Man that’s cruel and unusual to the core. These are real issues.

    • @Thorn in the flesh,,,, where is the evidence. Do not act on the basis of what you would like facts to be. Rather act on the basis of facts as they are. Right now, you wish you knew what the facts were.

      No one can fence off a parcel of land for which they have no title. Not one in opposition.

  11. To All Zambians: Remember one thing death and Judgment is coming. Whether you have stolen from the Government in any form or you are innocent person, Judgment is coming on EACH ONE OF US INDIVIDUALLY. Be a Bishop, Reverend, Pastor, President, MP, Councilor, Police Officer, Army Officer, Accountant, Judge, Doctor, Engineer or just a cadre of a political party. Each one will be Judged according to his/her deeds. GET READY even you people who insult others, hatred people. Repent from your evil deeds before it is to late. Find a Church that preaches on salvation and love of GOd before it is to late. Read: Revelation 22 V 12 – 13

    • What’s the use of that judgement when people are dying from your misdeeds today?

      Do you think the people who shared in the Kapoko loot care about judgement day? They are enjoying themselves as we debate!

      Justice is what we want.

  12. Cholera epidemic ,wasteful use of taxes and entrenching poverty in Zambia…ba PF that’s truly heartless and unremorseful.

  13. Mumbi has seen it all. Apart from being a social misfit, the opposition UPND is creating a monster child. They are cultivating a dangerous culture of heartlessness and disrespect for governing authority in the Zambian society. When this is entrenched, it will continue in all successive governments and that should they, by any remote chance find themselves in government, will also find themselves in the clutches of their own monster baby. A dose of one’s own medicine. This is a timely warning.

    • Indeed UPND has brought into politics a dangerous culture of disrespecting the elected leadership. Very terrible thing to embrace. It clearly shows their lack of civility. No vote from me!

  14. And most Zambians also now label PF as the most heartless, unremorseful and irrational political party in Zambia.

  15. Who is this mumbi, the guy is bitter, becsuse HH, refused to give him money, my advise to Mr mumbi, is work hard and make your own money, the money for HH, is for his relatives not people lije you mumbi, on the other other hand the work of an MP benefits a country not a political party, so its the government to pay the mp not the political party

  16. BA Mumbi, you sound too bitter! We know that you are a hired gun but don’t distract us from the Forensic investigation on PF State Crimes – State Capture, the corruption, ZESCO hidden loans, Espionage, debt trap, collapsed economy, theft of patient drugs, etc. Talk about the caliber of candidates in Chilanga and not the party they are standing on. Winning Chilanga seat will not help to avert the impeachment of this foreigner called Mutawale!

  17. Mumbi Phiri is quiet of late’s now see who is spewing vomitus stroll it’s Edward Mumbi the ex secretary general of PF.. who had a scaffle and a near punch for punch with his former Boss M.C Sata at one polling station in who is heartless,unremorseful and irrational?

  18. Mustafa l think you are really behind with what is happening in Zambia. Do you know what hh owns in SA and other foreign countries? You will be amazed bro if you knew. The best the kambwilis and the hh’s can do is to keep quiet and let acl keep his land gift and enjoy it too. Jealous inakulisa mu Zambia.

  19. Every time this f**k opens up his mouth you know s**t comes out.
    Who does he represent
    Why is he so angry
    Mumbwe do u speak for the masses or for the few corrupt click.

  20. That’s all PF chaps can give us. Insult others night and day and they wonder where the violence is coming from. It usually the ones who slander others who are the worst. Lungu is busy stealing our resources now and we should be worrying about HH and forget about the brutal thieving dictator no wonder the Chinese are taking advantage of us with our gullible self

  21. Let us put on the garments of tender mercies thsn what we are hearing also as zambians let us be factual when commeting on issues it wil help us than destroy the peace we have enjoyed for some time now God bless mother zambia


  23. Politics can make people loose their bearings. Really who needs sympathy and empathy in this saga? The family of the man who was killed in cold blood at his work place or the family of the murderer? Musonda knows more than we do of what happened that night and why it happened.

  24. UPND is led by irrational chaps and is supported by irrational chaps especially HaJJ and HaSpaka. This person has vindicated my words of the HaLLucinational, HaDelusional and HaIllusional Tribal Party. Chainama cases!

  25. LT you should have written on the footnote photo: HH with his new bodyguard Musonda (HH’s old bodyguard was found dead).

  26. Drunkard Mumbai Photo, you and your President are the most heartless leaders this country has ever had, stealing money building Mansions whilst the majority of the population wallow in abject poverty.

  27. Someone please enlighten me if there is any party that maintains a pension fund for its members or behaves like a charity organization? PF is seen to be throwing money all over the place but are we investigating which sources its raising the money from? I do not see which people join a club (party) to get a pension or live off it! So Mumbi’s thinking is misguided!

  28. Its good to charge your neibour when you have seen what hasdone wrong but remember to check in your heart, and what do you do with the little you have with those who are less prevalleged who stay a round you?

  29. Has it just dawned on you? We told you when Kuchunga Simusamba died. Hichilema and UPND celebrate death. Have you forgotten how they behaved when Kenny Ngondo died? The UPND rank and file were always filled with jubilation each time there was a rumour that Sata had died. I don’t know what they see in misfortunes of others

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