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Professor Kelly Chibale calls on government to invest in scientific infrastructure


Prof Kelly Chibale at the University of Cape Town.
Prof Kelly Chibale at the University of Cape Town.

Zambia’s award Winning scientific researcher Professor Kelly Chibale has called on government to invest in scientific infrastructure to enable Zambian scientists realise their potential.

Professor Chibale who was recently recognised as one of 50 greatest leaders in the world for the year 2018 says infrastructure development is the basis on which ground breaking research would flourish.

Speaking at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, Prof Chibale observed that Zambia has the potential and talent to produce world class researchers.

He says networking and globally aligned scientific projects were important as science was universal. There needs to be focus on world class research that addresses local problems and challenges with attendant training in the Zambian context and environment.

He observed that Zambian scientists need global partnerships in order to tap into other networks for the things they didn’t have at home.

Prof Chibale noted that a dedicated team of Scientists with integrated skills was also important in the field of scientific research as it complemented the needs of the project.

He has since urged Zambian Scientists to come up with globally aligned projects in order to attract global funding as financial resources were competitive world over.

And Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa His Excellency Mr Emmanuel Mwamba has commended Prof Chibale for the good humanitarian work his doing in improving the lives of people.

He says Zambia was happy that his positive contribution to human lives was recognised globally, hence, flying Zambia’s Flag High.

Prof Chibale is currently leading a team of over 90 researchers in the fields ofchemistry, biology and pharmacology with a focus onthe discovery of potential medicines to treat Malaria, TB and drug resistant infections of bacterial origin in efforts to combat antimicrobial resistance.

This research is happening at H3D, Africa’s first Integrated drug discovery and development research centre at the University of Cape town.


    • We Zambians are funny. Thieves are stealing and we have evidence and the ACC and concourt are just watching. At the same time we as citizens are busy fighting with one another and the thief is just queit and unconcerned.
      Tomorrow he will steal again and we wont even confront him but we will be fighting one another

    • Professor Chibale is a very inspired man developed by UNZA which gave him the foundation to excel. He’s a friend and a former colleague who I know has a passion for his country to channel the best facilities where it matters. He has demonstrated this by helping UNZA by giving real human resource development opportunities to his country using his influence at the highest level. He is now a valuable resource to the human race. Bravo Professor!

    • You don’t know the person but you don’t like them already, are you mad? Go to hell, you are such a silly time waster.

    • The lab rat speaks!!!

      However, reality outside the lab is tricky. Do not get big headed and start making noises as if you are the new Mandela. Just look what happened to Chirwa. You will get skinned alive if you think you hold the answers to this or that.

      Stay in your lane please.

    • I do not want to seem to be putting ideas in a very principled man that you are Kelly Professor Chibale but Zambia would do with a new breed of selfless leadership that you would offer to your country. There is a lot out there trained and lie in wait to provide a service to their country. Zambia yearns for a leader to steer the broken down country back to life. We will never forgive ourselves if we let our people down with all the quality of expertise there is out there is, like you on the world stage. As things are Zambia is being led and by run by cadres and ‘Kabovas’ like KZ directing the visionless Lungu alleged to be a foreigner.

  1. I know Kelly from many years ago, intelligent, focused and above all progressive. He has built his credentials with years of hard work and must be careful with whom he is associating with other wise all that he has worked for over the years can be easily wiped out. The mention of EM in this article doesn’t reflect well for his persona in RSA or Zambia.

  2. HH, the white collar thief is stealing and we have evidence and we cannot do anything about it? Acquiring land in Chief Mukuni’s, (Oh sorry in Namwala, exponentially) and building a house for a member of the legal team from his Hatribes (ConCort), and tax evasion by sending money to Panama and we are doing nothing about it! You are right #1.1 HaSpaka!

  3. Yes, good advise Professor, offering meaningful discussion and advice to the government than the guy who writes to Harm – nest.

  4. @ Mushota. why don’t you also put your PhD. to good use instead of hating our wonderful professor.

  5. Prof. Come back from the Diaspora, time for searching and researching green pasture is over. Bring the water which makes those pastures green to Zambia

  6. This current crop of leaders like Lazy Lungu are too dull and corrupt to invest in such things…they would rather pour borrowed money in overpriced roads.

  7. That is magnificent we really need our own in order to go foward and save our people from the scemers of this world , we should mature enough to stand on our feet than always looking for a saviour from some other outside countries.
    The government should listen to the propessors advise and make use of his talents and experience in his field of work.

  8. Professor Chibale, Don’t be lured into Zambian politics. Do you remember what happened to Chirwa? One intelligent man thrown into a board meeting with nine incompetents will always result in the intelligent man being ousted or outvoted in order for the majority to keep doing what the incompetents have been doing for years. Let us keep developing our people overseas until there are enough to create a momentum to come back and change the attitude. India and china have done it. Many of their USA trained people went back to manage large companies after practicing overseas. They were able to prevent government interference because they were employed based on experience and competence instead of government appointment.

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