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Fisho Mwale won’t stand as Lusaka Mayor, he has moved on


Fisho Mwale at the infamous Chunga Landfill site
FILE: Fisho Mwale at the infamous Chunga Landfill site

Former Lusaka Mayor Fisho Mwale has disclosed that he will not be recontesting the Lusaka Mayoral position following the death of the late Wilson Kalumba.

In line with the 2016 amended constitution, a by election to replace Mr Kalumba who died on Tuesday ought to be held within 90 days.

Mr Mwale unsuccessfully stood as an Independent for the position of Mayor of Lusaka in the 2016 general elections but lost to the eventual winner Mr Kalumba who stood on the PF ticket.

But in an interview, Mr Mwale said he is no longer interested in a political position.

He said his main interest now is in working towards the development of the aqua sectors in Zambia where he currently serves as Chairman of the Aquaculture Development Association of Zambia.

Mr Mwale said he is now focused on ensuring that Zambia is food secure through fish production.

He said he is confident that a new Mayor with fresh ideas will be elected by the residents of Lusaka to continue from where Mr Kalumba left off.

Mr Mwale paid tribute to the late Mayor for initiating several developmental initiatives dean his time as Mayor.


  1. Yes move on man

    Unlike the man losing and crying

    He has been losing from time a kid was at kindergarten. Now the kid is married with a family

    He is still going to the ballot. I hear he will win 2021

  2. Fisho was mayor of Lusaka in 1993. To seek the same position over 20 years later would be more like having an unstable mind. Moving on is the normal expectation.

  3. LT: Mind your language please: You can’t say ‘following the death of the late Wilson Kalumba’, ‘the late’ in this sentence is redundant.

  4. Fisho You are a true patriot. This is how normal people behave not that losing specialist in new kasama. He is now waiting for his 6th straight loss in 2021

  5. Bravo Fisho….Sound minded men should learn to move. Talking on platforms frm the time I was 15 ….Namanje honestly. No progress bt becoming a fool day after day til end of year!!! Awe

  6. Obviously, a person waiting for a straight 6th loss must not be normal and must be Childish and Selfish.

    • There’s a saying too that one should not give up trying on that which they have a passion for i.e. getting to win over the woman/man of the hearts’ desire or attempts at getting an education to higher levels. No need for one to succumb to wishes of others to thwart a destiny!

  7. Mwale is one of the same recycled thieves that are simply out to earn a living out of politics. Mwale was in self imposed exile south due to criminal activities…..Zambians easily forget

  8. Good move.. Strong men know when to move on.. Yalelo fisheries is doing fine jeopardize with political leeches at your own peril

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