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Now the whole world will know who Jonathan Mutaware is-Siwale


Mr Siwale (c) flanked by Mr Mulongoti and Mr Nason Msoni shortly after leaving court premises
Mr Siwale (c) flanked by Mr Mulongoti and Mr Nason Msoni shortly after leaving court premises

Opposition New Labour Party leader Fresher Siwale has declared that the the entire world will now know that President Edgar Lungu is indeed Jonathan Mutaware now that the court process has started.

And People’s Party President Mike Mulongoti has appealed to the Courts to subpoena people who claimed to be relatives of President Lungu to come and testify in court and defend their statements.

Addressing Journalists outside the Magistrate Court on Thursday after he was finally released from jail, 30 days after he was arrested, Mr Siwale said the world will now know the truth.

Mr. Siwale was finally granted bail for K25,000 after Magistrate Walusiku relaxed the bail conditions.

Initially, the court wanted Mr. Siwale’s two sureties to be Directors in the civil service or from a parastatal organisation.

The conditions were on Wednesday relaxed after it became apparent that there was no one willing to risk their jobs to sign as sureties for Mr Siwale.

And in an interview after he was freed, Mr Siwale stated that he is happy that the court process has finally started saying that this was what he had been waiting for.

Mr Siwale reiterated that he will prove that President Lungu stole another man’s identify.

He said he is confident he will convince the courts that President Lungu is a common thief who has no character that he could defame.

Mr Siwale charged that as far as he is concerned, the real Edgar Chagwa Lungu died a long time ago.

He added that being charged with defamation of the president gives him an opportunity to prove his case regarding the nationality of the current Head of State.

Mr. Siwale said Zambia country “cannot be allowed to be led by the dead because the actual Edgar Chagwa Lungu is dead”.

“We cannot be ruled by the dead, there is only one man who came back from the dead, Jesus Christ. We will not rest until we prove Jonathan Mutaware wrong. The man we have now is a form three, he is not a lawyer, and Tasila’s father is the one who was a lawyer. That man has three NRCs for Edgar Chagwa Lungu, two for Edgar Lungu,” Mr. Siwale claimed.

He said spending one month in jail has strengthened his resolve to tell the world the truth about President Lungu’s nationality.

“He thought by bringing me to prison, I’d be scared and startled not knowing that he was giving me an opportunity to air my views and expose him in court. I don’t want to be acquitted, let’s get on with it.”

And Mr Mulongoti says he shocked that people who claimed to be President Lungu’s relatives have apparently vanished after they threatened to sue him over his claims that the Head of State is a foreigner.

He said he still ready and waiting for the people who claimed to be relatives of the Head of State to come and report him to be police.

Meanwhile, when trial in the matter commenced on Wednesday, Muvi TV Journalist Mabvuto Phiri told the court that he produced the 1hour 30 minutes assignment program where Mr Siwale is alleged to have referred to President Lungu as an identity thief and that he is not the actual Edgar Chagwa Lungu but Jonathan Mutawale.

The state presented before the court a DVD of the said program which was viewed in court.

But Mr Siwale’s lawyer Gilbert Phiri objected to the presentation of the DVD as evidence arguing that its contents could have been altered to suit the state.

Magistrate Walusiku has since adjourned the matter to 6th and 20th June 2018 for mention and 5th July for continued trial.


  1. Just look at the 3 losers in the pic, what can tgey contribute to develop tjis country??? We need opposition in this country!!!

    • wow. so the dead guy is tasilas dad meanwhile the imposter looks so much liek tasila!!! this is now ridiculous. so edgar lungu always knew he would be president thats why he stole the identity of another man because he knew he would be president.
      this guys arguments are faulty. he needs to be consistent!!!!

    • You are right no opposition, there isn’t even a government. Imagine how many scandalous events are going on..
      PF is now full of scammers. This why I am so attentive to Siwale and Mulongoti. Jonathan might be a scan too.

    • A trio of retards thriving on delusions of irrelevancy, imaginary momentum and bitteness. If this is not a classic case of Schizophrenia affecting how these retards thinks, then God help them because they’re miserable losers without points of attracting rational minds attention.

    • Senior citizen just woke up. I never read him about Lungu’s land acquisition in Swaziland. Is the first line a sentence?

    • If someone came to me and told me that Jonathan Mutaware is passed on and is Lazy Lungu’s identical twin brother who went to UNZA and the lazy bum in State House is the Komboni brother who is a mere school leaver is an importer …I wouldn’t seriously urge with them!!

    • Attention seeking…things are tough my brothers and sisters….Lets just ignore these lunatics..LT please give us real news dont give these losers a platform…Just look at them..disgusting and hungry….blah blah blah kusabaila..Siwale and Mulongoti please find something meaningful to do with your time instead of yapping trash

    • Siwale should now be confined to a mental institution..this is pure chainama case…even Mulongoti looks retarded and the other guy too Msoni..these guys need to be on medication otherwise bazaloba sanga manje manje na nthawi isaleko

    • Everybody insulting this guy Siwale, let him speak. He may know something you don’t know. Don’t just dismiss him as a delusional maniac. Give him a chance. Because if it turns out to be true, you may eat your words. He claims to have evidence. So it’s up to the right authorities to closely examine the evidence he claims to have. Why does he seem so confident about his claims? Let him present his evidence and then laugh at him later, if his case gets debunked. He’s a Zambian citizen and has a right to question the identity of his head of State. Nothing wrong with that. And Zambia needs to quit locking people up in prison for breaking the so called defamation of the president law. It’s a ridiculous law, a relic from colonial times that was meant to suppress freedom of speech…

    • (Continued)… Zambia needs to do away with this useless law. In America Trump accused Obama of being a Kenyan, and not an American, and no one locked Trump up. Only in Africa are presidents treated like kings. We need to get away from that.

    • But why arrest him? Its freedom of speech and so what let Lungu clarify the matter and move on. Arresting someone shows that there is some truth to it. Zambians should be free to talk just the way we called Mwanawasa Cabbage?? No one was arrested for that. Himself even joked about it that he was Steak. Lungu and his leadership are childish.

      Kikikikikikikukukukuku kujukujukujukuja.
      The man seem to have some facts about this story. It’s high time we listened to his “nonsense”
      Bringi it on Fresher Jonathan Mutaware Siwale. How come all of us missed it.

    • @1.13, The difference is that in Africa it’s done with malice, the intent to injure someone’s character.

  2. Bring it on Siwale… Let the cat out from the sack. When did he change identity?
    Gather all Zambian Ng’anga…. Tulebuka Yama. Who is Tasila’s mother? Is true Ba Ester was maid to Edgar Lungu?
    Kabushi kalilalila….

  3. Jonathan Mutaware aka “Edgar Lungu” is also known as “Mr Eswatini mansion shady investor”

  4. If Tasila’s father is not the president, why are they extremely alike? My guess: both mulongoti and siwale are psycatric patients

    • A psychiatric patient eh…that Lazy Lungu had to lock up for 30 days…..why go through the trouble??

  5. Fresher Siwale needs to be listened to as this lazy coward Edgar we have in State House has refused to clear himself…but at the rate he is going he needs to watch his back or watch what he drinks or touches if not already…with PF working with Russians the specialists of nerve agent poisons you can never be too careful…

  6. It is now very clear that we dont have the opposition in Zambia!!PF will rule for next 30 years while these dull opposition guys yap on nonsensical issues!!Late Michael Sata was a real opposition leader unlike the fo0ls above!!SATA USED TO TALK ABOUT REAL ISSUES WHICH GAVE THE POOR HOPE!! HOW CAN ECL’S NATIONALITY CONCERN US POOR ZAMBIANS?SHOCKING!!
    This Siwale will dance pelete in jail soon for spreading lies!!President Edgar Lungu was with Wynter Kabimba,plus many at UNZA and UNZA keep all records of former students.even Mukuba Secondary school will do the same to expose these f00ls Mulongoti,Msoni and Siwale!!Anyway,you will suffer alone in jail so continue with your nonsense!!!This issue cant win our opposition any votes-mark my words!!!

    • He may have been at UNZA but a different person, and not the real persona to the names of Edgar Lungu.
      Being at UNZA can not be proof that Edgar Lungu is who the name suggest, when in fact is Jonathan Mutaware.

    • Njimbu thank you, good sense. I wish also to propose that since the constitution is to be worked on to remove some lacunas, let them include that a presidential candidate must be handsome or beautiful because Mulongoti acilamo ububi. We do not know how his portrait can be looking. maaaawweeee! Ma, ma give a sign.

  7. Comment: The man looks like an autorec just walking is a problem. For me, this man (siwale) should be called head of the house unlike misleading Zambians that is the president of a political party in this country. Let him not be used just because his a let down fellow failing to pay his bail and raise two sureties. let him stop being silly!!!!

  8. They are wasting our time just as they have already wasted their own.

    One look at their faces and you suspect Chainama Hospital is missing three patients.

  9. If Edgar Changwa Lungu is truly Edgar Changwa Lungu, and not Jonathan Mutaware, why is he hiding in the shadows, arresting and detaining those who are trying to tell us this other side, which he would rather we don’t hear?

  10. The contradictions are so loud…..siwale is being prosecuted for defaming lungu for calling him a forinegner but CK called lungu a corrupt theif ??

    One of these defermations are indeed true…

  11. Why detain the guy for 30 days for such a stuupid offence? The punishment doesnt fit the crime or should i say the charge. No respect for human rights. As if we are Arabs

    • So you don’t know that defaming attracts a sentence of seven years imprisonment it’s different from just defaming a common person like you and me my bro read the penal code and understand it don’t just be misled by these politicians who don’t even read the constitution

  12. One wants to ignore all this as just talk of a mad mad. But to be fair these guys should be listened to. They may have valid points. The guy in State House hasn’t been behaving in a typical Zambian way. Might be an imposter.

    • Ba LUNGU nomba ninshi tamwasukila? Assuming these guys are telling lies, some lies if told repeatedly and no one appears to give clarity which citizens deserve, have a tendency of metamorphosing into some kind of truth. All that Lungu, the great leader for some, has said is that the people questioning his nationality ate mad men. NOW WE ARE TOLD THAT LUNGU HAS THREE NATIONAL REGISTRATION CARD! To me that in itself is a problem. THERE MUST BE SOMETHING DARK ABOUT LUNGU!

  13. Levels of buffoonery in our country are truly appalling. Mr Siwale and your fellow retards i.e. Mulongoti e’tal please grow up.

    • You call them “retards” but your name is “truth must told” haha why not let the “retards” have their day in court so we know the truth? Or is your username just a distraction?

  14. Arrest these f00ls and lock them up 20 years each for having knowingly and purposefully supporting a “foreigner” to be our president. If Mulongoti knew that infact President Lungu isnt who he claims he is, why did he support him in 2015 mmmmm?
    Siwale says ” now the world will know” ir means all along he has been cheating Zambians and for that ler him be thrown back in prison.

  15. If u bring up this imposter rubbish at this time instead of the year 2015, then u r ignorant. Y shud it b an issue today n not b4? As an opposition, u must bring in the open issue-based checks and balances.

    Keep this malabishi jealousy to yourselves.

    Your stance on this issue already shows that u have been sponsored u haters of anything positive.

    We Zambians r matures and we won’t heed to your anarchy talks. We refuse to go into cold war against one another.

    To u Mulongoti, u r old enough to judge that there is time for everything. This time is constitutionally for ECL. So sale your party today, perhaps mailo u can be president. Jealousy and gready won’t take u anywhere.

  16. #1.7 Jay Jay, “If someone came to me and told me that Jonathan Mutaware is passed on…. …I wouldn’t seriously urge with them!!” You would not URGE with them?
    Take it easy upnd tonga tribal cadre, h.h will not run away, he is waiting for another massive defeat in 2021.

    Now this clown Siwale, he must be suffering from brain masturbation, what other disease can this be?

  17. And how is h.h doing in Lafarge country? I bet he wishes the by elections could be postponed to July 31, must be warm and comfy there.

  18. What most bloggers don’t understand is that most Zambian on the ground do not pay attention to such issues. People are excited and busy grabbing the many opportunities that are suddenly available in Zambia. Even some of us diasporean are jetting in and out of zambia to partake in the current exciting economic gig.

  19. Ba Siwale mwakoteni tata. Kabiyeni mukulima am young I also want to join farming. You are big enough that we can get advice on farming so that we can feed Zambia. Muleletafye icongo mu social media. Mwakoteni tata

  20. Where was Mulongoti when his friend was in the Chooks? Shady charaters like him are not to be listened to. Mr. Siwale looks like he has a generous caring heart. He needs to keep away from snakes like Mulongoti and Mr Nason Msoni.

  21. This is a waste of time. Not even Chama Chakomboka, who liked to joke around, would have gone this far. Ba Siwale, kapena munga chite change strategy to focus relevant issues. This will only be great for tabloid stories. We’ll laugh and comment but nothing will happen here.

  22. Iyabuluma taikata, you’re leading yourself into an abyss and you’re comfortable about it. Anyway, some people only bodies look old but minds are still in their adolescence. Why hasn’t Mulongoti been charged as an accomplice?

  23. Siwale, Mulongoti, Msoni wants us to listen to their nonsense. Give us a break. Am struggling to make ends meet then these three who have nothing to do think with their tall stories can remove ECL wait with your supporters to remove ECL in 2021. Right now you three visit Chainama hospital to examine your brains.

  24. I don’t see the problem here apart from the accused been locked up in the first place and Zambians carrying on like it’s nothing and now some *****s on their high horses are calling this guy crazy without proof. Let him have his day in court before you start pointing fingers and calling the guy mentally ill and you call yourselves Christians haha pathetic!!! Lungu is trying to turn Zambia into a dictatorship and kill off freedom of expression/speech or press which is not democratic. Trump is ridiculed and accused of all sorts on a daily basis but he doesn’t lock anyone up for that.

  25. Tactical Blunder by PF!
    By throwing Siwale in prison without charge and charging him days later and let alone funny bail conditions imposed on him, you have not only broken the law but raised more questions and the burden of proof now falls on ECL! The identity and origin of a head of state is a national security issue which every citizen must guard jealously!
    Previous presidents had the same scrutiny of their identities and origins which led to constitutional amendments! The insecurity demonstrated by ECL and PF of throwing their accuser in jail is proof that there could be some truth in what is being said by Siwale! If Siwale’s theory is proved right now or in future, then we’ll need to examine Zambian voters because they are on record of voting foreigners into the highest office!


  27. Weather is a Zambian or not a Zambia want we want is the development not useless issues debate something which make sense not because you were not given job by PF. Obama ruled America.

  28. But u can doubt his identity can a president start killing hippos from nowhere?I also think he doesnt care abount zambians.God help us

  29. These tribal cadres of the “lazy lungu” fame, surely is there anything to talk about that cockroach Siwale? Unless they are cockroaches too, that can make sense.

  30. I have close relative who is a childhood friend of ECL and attended the same schools as ECL at Ishuko, Chimwemwe A, and Mukuba in Kitwe and even used to play township soccer with ECL using ifimpompwa in the dusty football pitches of Chimwemwe. He told me that at no time was ECL ever known as Jonathan Mutaware as three clowns are alleging. He is convinced that these three clowns must be smoking some very very strong stuff or ECL must be a very powerful magician to have been masquerading as someone else from childhood to adulthood without anyone noticing – until these clowns came on the scene!

    • I asked a former Mukuba student who I met during the old TAZ festivals and who grew up in Chimwemwe. He confirmed that Edgar was his junior at Mukuba. Anyway let the process go on.

  31. For starters how on earth can Tasila be the first person in the world to have a photo copy father? You mean even our very own upnd cadres Jay Jay and LT robot Spaka believe that when your parents are not acceptable it is possible to make new ones in a photo copier?

    Why don’t upnd cadres photo copy a better and more politically savvy h.h?

  32. Pre judgement is a bad barrier in communication skills,,let Mr Siwale conclude His evidence presentation then depending on the outcome we will know who is at fault,, if one has ever resolved complex scenarios be it on a desk or through experience you will understand dynamics,, there is a lot we don’t know,, the only way is listen and learn,, if not the subject at hand. Then there is something about Mr Lungu which has been kept in the dark, cause Siwale and Mulongoti they are just too confident

  33. If Lungu was a piece of meat it was going to be difficult to eat it since so many people would call it differently. ..beef, game meat, goat meet, hippo meat, chicken meat. Please concentrate on 2021 instead of frivolous issues.

  34. who ever is conteplating legalising chamba please hold on untill mulogonti and siwale are no more. Then we can legalise. imagine this is normal for them, then add chamba to this behaviour.

  35. These people seem so confident in what they are claiming i wonder where that confidence is coming from. We can only wait for facts in court though their lawyer is already being funny with objections to that DVD. How else can the state play the program in court if not through a DVD? and since he should have a copy as well he can object if any thing contrary is added onto it…Lets wait and see.
    Now, what is the end game in all this for this trio, gain more voters and form government? Do they realise that the average Zambian on the streets does not pay any attention to LT, social media or court news? Anyway, good luck you 3, you will need it!

    • That is the question, where are they getting their confidence? Give them a platform, let them bring out all their evidence before unleashing insults.

  36. Three not funny clowns are hallucinating and some people think these are their route to get into government. Let’s be serious.

  37. Why didn’t Siwale and Mulongoti tell the nation and the world in 2016 the actual identity of ECL, so that the court should have ruled easily at that time.siwale and Mulongoti knew this issue and they concilled the information for reasons best known to themselves,they must be arrested for that.They have created a serious problem to the Nation.

  38. Zagwa zata.We have been waiting for the Christ for 2000 and 18 years now.We can still wait for the Mtaware case to start in court.That will be sweet music for both camps- supporters and opposer’s.Jackal in the night

  39. i dont like Lungu and how he has shamlessly taken money from the Zambian people but this is all lies. Tasila and Edgar actually look alike.

  40. Siwale ,mulongoti,& musoni looking for audience, attention. Now who would be stupid to follow these chaps.? LT give us proper news which is developmental in nature.

  41. Dept of Psychiatry in the UPND organization in need of more Hallucinating, HaIllusioning and HaDreaming members.

  42. Their sponsor the perennial loser will reap the whirlwind at the end of the day. Wonder what ammunition still remains for his airgun for the 2021 shoot out.

  43. Mulongoti and his henchmen may be holding the wrong end of the stick. They may have been some identity fraud alright, but it may turn out that the dead man is the one who stole ECL’s identity[the current Republican President]. If the dead man was Tasila’s father, how does one explain the resemblance between the President and Tasila and their father-daughter relationship. Today, this may be established by a simple DNA test. Let’s wait and see because it may come to that by order of the court. Mulongoti and Siawle have it up to the neck in hot soup.

  44. I quote:
    “We cannot be ruled by the dead, there is only one man who came back from the dead, Jesus Christ. We will not rest until we prove Jonathan Mutaware wrong. The man we have now is a form three, he is not a lawyer, and Tasila’s father is the one who was a lawyer. That man has three NRCs for Edgar Chagwa Lungu, two for Edgar Lungu,” Mr. Siwale claimed. End quote.
    This is a rare case of senility with these three. The whole world knows that the man in State House is a lawyer. Many people can vouch for him including his contemporaries who were with him at University. What kind of madness is this? Certainly a new strain never known before.

  45. Ba Siwale you lose nothing by keeping quiet while your case is in progress. Don’t make it difficult for your lawyers to defend you. After all, your trial is covered verbatim by the Zambian Observer, so we know what’s going on.

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