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Trade Kings voted among Africa’s most admired brands


Trade Kings
Trade Kings

Zambia’s largest consumer goods (FMCG) company Trade Kings has been ranked No 49 on the list of Africa’s 100 most admired brands.

Trade Kings has largest media spend in Zambia.

The ranking is based on the Top 100 best brands in Africa from Brand Africa’s 6th annual Brand Africa 100: Africa’s Best Brands based on a survey among consumers 18 years and older, conducted in 23 countries across Africa.

The countries, representing all African economic regions, collectively account for 75% of the population and the 74% of the GDP of Africa.

Africa’s largest mobile operator, MTN, ranked No6 on the list, up from No9 in 2016/17; food giant Tiger Brands ranked 32, Shoprite 38 and DStv 56.

US sports apparel company Nike took the No1 spot, followed by South Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung at No2 and German sports apparel company Adidas at No3.

Brand Africa Chairperson Thebe Ikalafeng, who released the list at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange on Friday, said their survey received more than 15, 500 brand mentions covering more than 2, 200 brands.

The survey was conducted in 23 African countries accounting for 75percent of the continent’s population.

South Africa’s DStv made the Top 3 brands in the media category, together with Google and Facebook.

First National Bank ranked No7 on the list of Top 25 most admired financial services brand, with Stanbic/Standard Bank ranked at No5, while Old Mutual ranked 14, Nedbank 19 and MTN Mobile Money 20.

Nigeria’s Guaranty Trust Bank was ranked No1, followed by the UK’s Barclays/Absa at No2 and Togo’s Ecobank at No3.

Ikalafeng said that if Africans created their own brands, they could create their own future.

He said controversial prophet Shepherd Bushiri and Nelson Mandela were some of the “brands” mentioned by respondents to the survey.

It was concerning that 83 percent of brands in Africa came from outside the continent.

Ikalafeng said African brands needed to empower consumers and be at the centre of relevant solutions, and that technology should be a key driver for growth.


  1. Rumour has it the multinational consumer goods companies (Unilever, S.C Johnson etc) want to buy TK for close to $700m. Well done Trade Kings.

    • Trade kings is worth more than that, they takeover value should be in billions. I don’t think they would sell, besides why sell when they have got a good thing going?

    • If they are in it for medium term money, they will sell. If it’s for service, pride, dignity and profit as a consequence, they won’t. T-Kings has decimated Multi-Nationals in Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and can easily take huge share in Nigeria and Ghana where Africaness is valued. Old Multi-Nationals don’t want local Brands extinguishing them from the future market of the World (Africa) hence they buy and erase threatening Brands. IDC should bail them out if they’ve cash issues like ZAMBEEF.

      Most likely won’t sell coz they have better values than that perennial loser who won’t hesitate to sell to the lowest bidder or bilk local investors.

  2. This is great news and let’s take our company to another level, I rejoice because am part of this achievement.

  3. Good achievement. However, I hope they stopped using cheap labour especially at their plant near Soweto market. My research late 2017 where I personally worked in their plant for some work that was not published showed a lot of people simply work for daily salaries as low as K30 for a 12 hour shift without any other benefits. In some cases, people were exposed to dangerous chemicals for powdered detergents. I hope that was solved.

  4. Their products are substandard! Eat and drink their biscuits and carbonated piss and you will end up with cancer!

    Ask the onwers if they even eat their own products! Africa is just a dumping ground for low quality products no wonder we have a rise in cancer, BP and diabetes!

    • @2020… And what of the radiation produced from the very gadgets you are using to comment here?? Its a matter of exposure. Too much oxygen will kill you. Too much water will kill you. Unless you are talking about drinking boom sparkle… My family has used TK products for years. No history of BP, diabetes or cancer here my friend.

  5. 2020vision you are either an ignorant fool or seem to be a bitter competitor and hater of tradekings .

    Get lost and Die with your hatred !

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