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GNCZ waives outstanding fees for Nurses in the Diaspora.


Director Nursing Services at the Ministry of Health and President of the General Nursing Council of Zambia (GNCZ) Dr. Lonia Mwape has called on all Zambian Nurses and Midwives in the Diaspora who have not renewed their practicing licenses in a long time to do so as the GNCZ has waived their outstanding fees.

And Dr. Mwape has said Zambian nurses in the diaspora should find ways of making their skills useful in Zambian hospitals whenever they visit the country in a bid to enhance good practices within the ward environment.

In an exclusive interview after having a productive meeting with the Association of Zambian Nurses UK at The Zambia High Commission in London, Dr. Mwape said, it was imperative that all Zambian Nurses and Midwives home and abroad were in good standing with the General Nursing Council of Zambia.

“I am encouraging all the nurses in the diaspora to take advantage of this amnesty and ensure that they renew their practicing licenses. What this means, is that they should come back home and renew their licenses for that particular year and the board will waive their outstanding dues. I urge all to take advantage of this opportunity and ensure that they are in good standing with the General Nursing Council of Zambia,” she said.

Dr. Mwape also commended Zambian nurses in the UK who have decided to give back to their country by offering their service whenever they visit Zambia as a way of appreciating the free nursing education they received from their country.

His Excellency Mr. Chikonde posing for a picture with Dr. Mwape and the Association of Zambian Nurses UK

“Association of Zambian Nurses UK have decided to contribute back home in a visible way and they want to establish a model ward, which they should be coming back to and which can also be used as a training ground for nurses locally,” she said.

Dr. Mwape said, even though GNCZ was saddened by the huge number of nurses that left the country, she was happy to note that Zambian Nurses were representing the country well and were eager to give back to Zambia.

And Association of Zambian Nurses UK president Rachel Mwansa said “We have a duty as Zambian who had free education, free medical services to give something to Zambia. We may not have money, but we can offer the knowledge and the skills that we have gained here, we know what works and what we can put in place to help our nation as we look at reforming nursing,” she said.

Meanwhile Dr. Mwape and the Association of Zambian Nurses UK paid a courtesy call on Zambia’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom His Excellency Mr. Muyeba Chikonde who encouraged GNCZ and the Association of Zambian Nurses UK to develop a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for collaboration to enhance cross-pollination of skills between the two organisations.

Issued by: Abigail Chaponda (Mrs.)
First Secretary | Press and Public Relations
Zambia High Commission in the United Kingdom.


  1. Good move.

    I hope the nurses do get paid when do they do offer their services while in Zambia.

    Nursing is a selfless profession, and should therefore rewarded and respected accordingly.

  2. Zambian nurses working in the UK are only good at wiping old people’s asses. What skill and knowledge can they offer the young trainee Zambian nurses?
    Just come back home we suffer together with dignity.

    • Are you trying to imply PEOPLE LIKE YOU HAVE NO ARSES, so zambian nurses don’t have to wipe what YOU DON’T HAVE!! Very smart ARSE-LESS Zambians!!

    • @ kaloko ..we all have “*******” but imagine going to school for 3 to 4 years down the line only to be wiping old people’s as$ses and putting napkins on them..What’s the differnce with boys who (wipe) wash your car or nurses who wipe “Queen Elizabeth’s” as$ in the UK?

    • #2 —Zambia has a lot jackasses like #2. Do you think every Zambian who works in the developed world is like you? If you did not go far in education, just keep it to yourself. Why should talk about people you do not know? What type of thinking is that?

  3. we dont need them back, they dumped us for what they thought were greener pastures let them stay there as they will end up getting jobs for patriot Zambians. Remain in the diaspora. Never come back here otherwise you will have to join the queue for a job from behind.

    • Another ignorant chap, #4, just like #2- completely unaware of the need for collaboration between diaspora and home countries- keep sleeping in yr ignorance, we will come and we will contribute to our country as we have done since we left! We do not need yr job- Zambia is critically short staffed per WHO standards. I sense a jealousy tone here..Zero progress with this type

  4. People who say silly stuff about people in diaspora do so in order to fill the void in their life. How can you compare yourself and judge a person you don’t know? Umwana ashenda atasha nyina ukunaya. Guys and girls in diaspora, do not pay attention to these losers. Most Zambians at home are so proud for nothing. We have been independent for over 50 years, but when you look at our health care services and facilities, you will be shell shocked. On the issue of paying for this and that, its crazy why do you have to pay when you are not practicing in Zambia? Are we renting our licenses or what? To GRZ, It is simple, continue treating people like this and they will leave.

  5. #2.3 – Ignore the losers. Africa is what it is because of attitudes like that display by #2. Wherever you are, enjoy, get experience, exposure, money and help these fellows silently i.e without telling them or even talking to them about theses important issues (they are still at food level – remember the pyramid of needs?). In other words, they are the trivial many and we are the vital few (80/20 rule). I feel you, they can be quite annoying and irritating.

  6. Association of Zambian Nurses UK???? I have never heard about this Association but I have been in the UK for 15 years.

  7. Which free education are they talking about, I paid for my nursing program and they only paid for midwifery for me coz was working for the government. Am happy were am now and can’t see my self practicing were not appreciated. By the way don’t wipe bums but practicing as a nurse.Only 4 patients per shift. Let them improve the salary and some insentives then may nurses can come back

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