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President Lungu urges Chilanga voters to pick a candidate that is morally upright and can solve their problems


President Edgar Lungu, Chilanga Constituency PF Candidate Maria Langa and General kanene during a rally at Chinjanja Primary School to campaign for PF candidate Maria Langa in Chilanga Constituency yesterday 02-06-2018. Picture by ROYD SIBAJENE/ZANIS
President Edgar Lungu, Chilanga Constituency PF Candidate Maria Langa and General kanene during a rally at Chinjanja Primary School to campaign for PF candidate Maria Langa in Chilanga Constituency yesterday 02-06-2018. Picture by ROYD SIBAJENE/ZANIS

President Edgar Lungu has called on the people of Chilanga Constituency to give Maria Langa a vote ahead of the Chilanga by-elections slated for June 5, 2018.

Speaking during a rally at Chunyanja Basic School in Nakachenje Ward in Chilanga yesterday, President Lungu said Ms. Langa has a heart for the people.

The Head of State said victory is however certain for the Patriotic Front candidate and as parliament resumes, Ms. Langa will be part of the sitting.

President Lungu said Ms. Langa should be given a vote because the ruling Patriotic Front government has a lot of plans for the constituency.

He said Ms. Langa will transform the lives of the people of Chilanga constituency because she is willing to sacrifice a lot for them.

The Head of State added that time has come for the people of Chilanga to join the progressive party and its all-inclusive agenda.

President Lungu said when time comes to vote they should look at a candidate that is morally upright and can solve the challenges that they are currently going through.

He said the PF is an all-inclusive party that ensures that all the people in the country are included in the development agenda.

President Lungu said he is aware of the many challenges that the people are facing such as lack of schools and clinics, adding that these challenges will soon be a thing of the past as government is working towards improving their livelihood.

Meanwhile President Lungu also welcome about 20 defectors from the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND).

President Lungu said this is the beginning of the downfall of parties that have no vision for the people of Zambia.

President Lungu has since called on all party members to embrace every new member of the party regardless of the tribe.

Speaking earlier Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya said his ministry plans on constructing an ultra-modern hospital in the area.

Dr. Chilufya said the hospital will be equipped with state of the art machinery such as CT scan, X-Ray machine and other essential equipment.

He said a maternity wing and a mortuary will also be constructed in order to make the lives of the people in the area much easier.

Dr. Chilufya further said a number of clinics will also be constructed in the area in order to meet the demand for the people.

Meanwhile, the group calling itself The Christian Coalition has released the statement below to the media


The Christian Coalition wish to endorse Maria Langa as the best people’s representative for Chilanga Constituency because she is a committed Christian and member of the Coalition.

As a Christian Political movement promoting Christian participation in politics we have resolved to endorse Maria Langa for Chilanga and appeal to all Christians in Chilanga to go in numbers on Tuesday and give an objective vote to Maria Langa for improved service delivery.

For us Maria is not only a Patriotic Front choice but people’s choice who has been working in the Constituency for a long time and she has demonstrated love and passion for the people of Chilanga beyond party politics.

Tuesday By-Election is about development and service delivery and the member of parliament can only deliver to the people when is part of the Party in Government and for now His Excellency the President Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu has the mandate from the Zambian people up to 2021 therefore it is wise for the people of Chilanga to give an objective vote for Maria Langa who is representing the Party in Government.

As a Coalition we have been in all ten wards of Chilanga Constituency in line with our mandate to campaign and support Christians in politics and the people of Chilanga have spoken that its time they vote for development and not politicking.

We call upon Christians to align themselves with political Parties so that more Christians can be identified and supported.

We further appeal to all Political Parties to adopt known Christians in the pending by-elections for Lusaka and Chilanga respectively.

As Coalition we have been following the political landscape in Zambia characterized by calls for political dialogue which is health to the democratic dispensation and clear indication that democracy in Zambia is growing.

As a Coalition we strongly support for calls for the Church to drive this important process and ensure that all stakeholders are involved in line with internationally accepted tenants of democracy. full statement on video is on

Bishop Alick W. Mbewe


    • Lungu has failed to solve the many problems our country faces. In fact, he has put Zambia in many problems.

    • Lungu if we vote for people who are morally upright how did we end up with a fellow like yourself and bena Dora Siliya???? Please save us that nonsense. Your government and party are morally bankrupt.

    • Edgar is dancing to Kanene music. A rapist and child molester convict.
      Who is morally upright, even Maria Langa herself can answer to that.
      Zambians don’t care about morals, otherwise the could have voted for sober candidate.
      Has don’t can about morals, otherwise they could have closed state house in woodlands, where purchases of:
      – Maize to Malawi landed Chaponda in hell. He should not have visited those walls. (First scam)
      – Should I list them all…..


    • If drunkards are voted and occupy important offices then its immoral to call poople to reject someone because of who they are. What about thieves looting taxi payers money do they have any morals to deserve re-election in 2021?

    • Voting for anyone in the PF…is wasting a vote these people have brought nothing but confusion. They are selling everything to the Chinese.
      And taxing simple people on anything.

    • When it comes to morals I think president Lungu should be the last person to talk about it because of two reasons:
      1. A leader should not be a drunkard. Being a humble christian he knows that one.
      2. A good and caring leader fights for social justice and cannot condone corruption that promotes injustice and inequality among the people he leads. Mr president only cares about those who sing praise to him and treats those with divergent views as second class citizens.
      Morarity need to be emphasised by those with morals and their leadership is not questionable.

    • Everything is a mess with Lazy Lungu…how can one be talking about morals when he is on the same stage as General Kanene…really laughable …even in the photo his juniors are pointing where he should dance like a child at a wedding as they know that’s the only thing he is good at.
      The lazy thing has been quiet all week just came out on Friday to travel to NW and Chilanga to campaign….I doubt Lazy Lungu can inspire anyone without bribery and corruption

    • Kalinga-linga police station has been SOLD to tu ma Cho-cho-Lee.

      Next Parliament will be handed over to our new colonial masters, the tu ma Chinese.

    • Now cadres in ZICTA are threatening people ie Whats App Group Administrators with arrest …these dingbats think they can now monitor millions of groups on social media and hack Whats App accounts..really laughable…they can not arrest thieves and murderers but will arrest people chatting about this lazy insecure thing…roll back 5 years remember what I warned you about right here on LT about SIM Card phone registration; today institutions are manned by fooolish diehard cadres who wouldn’t careless about breaching anything

    • Lungu is a chauvinist. double standard. What about a man who has many children. Lungu is a drunk and Lungu knows nothing. What about his Swazi friend? How many women does he have? Useless Lungu, morally is when we have food to eat. Stupid man

    • Mr. jonnie walker , vodka lungu is a disgrace. why is the candidate wrong? Your primitive outlook is disgraceful. Lungu is not fit to be president and Mumbi Phriri is ridiculous. All those men have 5 or 10 children with girlfriends. Why is it morally right for a man? This double standard has to end. lungu the dancer is chasing other women, why do you think he is a moral person, dancing beside the pedophile Maswati

    • Lungu has the moves, Chiluba had the vibes, LPM had the firmness, KK the longevity, MCS the passion and ma jokes yanyoko: kanitundila! Who’s going to entertain the ZAMBIANS next?

    • Voting constituents should learn to discern who they should be listening to as constituencies tend to be flooded with hordes of campaigners that come from elsewhere stealing the show of candidates who should be in the limelight and who are expected to understand the needs of the people they want to represent better. The whole thing becomes a battle between leading parties akin national elections! The constituency level campaigns should be limited to local constituency politics and not nationalized!

    • Look at who is talking about moral uprightness! He has forgotten his escapades with a Swazi teen but is quick to talk about the morality or immorality of a woman politician. It is the typical African traditional thinking that the sexual immorality of a man is tolerable compared to that of a woman: “ati ubuchende bwa kwa kalume tabutoba ng’anda kano ubwa kwa namayo”. What hypocrisy coming from the top leadership. Why don’t our male leaders step down from positions of leadership for their sexual immorality if they do not want their female counterparts to assume positions of leadership because of sexual immorality?

    • Morally upright?
      Look who is talking, a drunkard living on borrowed time due to first class medical facilities provided by the state?
      A robber of Widow?
      A lawyer barred by LAZ?

    • I still don’t understand why HH went with a candidate that has some controversy when this seat could have flowed to them with the issues of PF. Truly vision is being limited by all parties involved. If I was home I would not vote at all. Not that I could as am a munali registered voter.

  1. Should upnd lose they will say pf has rigged meanwhile it’s them who picked a wrong candidate.

  2. Give both this chilanga seat and also statehouse in 2021 to MMD they did better running the economy.PF has been running Zambia to the ground.

    • You then would need a lot of re – defections to reconstitute the working team! As it is there seems to be no dedication to ideals of the party that one is joining but many will stick around to the point where satiation of the stomach starts hitting potholes!

  3. Zambian politicians especially those from the East and North must move away from from their abhorrent and clearly misconceived adherence to the principle of “the indisputable unity of the Zambia”, saying it is the only way out of the polarisation of Zambia that will see other provinces like North Western and Southern joining Barotseland violently seceding from Zambia. The only logical way to avoid the demise of this most tribalised country clearly lies in a paradigm shift among Bemba and Nyanja speaking Zambians who think only they have the preserve to continue rigging elections and ruling this country. Look at the man above, supposedly a president of a country dancing with a convicted serial rapist! Like the Titanic, Zambia is doomed and for all those who want to bail out to save…

  4. This man likes that word and yet he knows nothing much about that word except to use it as a conduit for corruption with pay to play system. People are being fooled about development meanwhile it’s his pockets getting more developed while we remain with half baked roads

    • Yes that’s him..pardoned by you know who…to sing at PF rallies, that’s the caliber of leader we have in State House who is lecturing about morally!!

  5. you useless bishop, you are a partisan person . u are suppose to be neutral in your in your conduct of doing things , both candidates are Christians so whats so special of Langa in regards to morals

  6. Ever wondered how dancing evolved?
    It all started with sex!
    Those who dance too much are also likely to be too sexually active.
    Nothing else matters when it comes to sex! For those who want to dispute, just attend most traditional ceremonies in Zambia. Most of them involve wiggling of the waist in a sexual way!

  7. Where are the PF rats who were insulting HH for campaigning in chilanga……ati ” the whole HH camping in chilanga fyonoo fyonoo fyonoo.”…..

    • @Spaka like lilo
      The difference between your perpetual loser Ichilema and the ever green winner President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is HH doesn’t know what he is doing and has never realised that he has been going backwards instead of forward whilst President Lungu is ever million miles ahead. Your HH went and camped in his “stronghold” whilst the President went to remind the good people of Chilanga that they need not be left behind but rather enjoy the fruits of development under PF.

  8. Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    @ “morally upright“? Says who, Jonathan Mutaware? What a hypocrite! What is moral about uttering that statement while standing next to a convicted rapist and paedophile? What is moral about receiving a bribe and inducement in the form of land in a foreign country from a company awarded lucrative government contracts? What’s moral about illegally signing a huge foreign debt, getting the country as a guarantee, then pocketing 30% of the spoils. And what is moral about illegally cutting the country’s trees and selling them while pocketing the cash? This guy is a fraud!

  9. #4 ngombala, actuallly rigging can only take place successfully in southern and other areas. That is where the conditions are suitable because of strong tribal sentiments and extreme violence. Remember it is only in upnd where it was and has been stated and demonstrated openly that only a tonga shall lead the party. Remember also what has happened to upnd opponents, remember the FDD female candidate in Mobze was it? Remember the villagers from other regions who were chased violently in Namwala in 2016 in a fit of tribophobia never seen before in this country? Remember others who have been hacked and even killed for simply belonging to parties that are not perceived to be tonga parties?
    Let me advise upnd leaders and cadres once more, it is taboo in Zambia to suggest or even think of…

  10. ……..
    Let me advise upnd leaders and cadres once more, it is taboo in Zambia to suggest or even think of advancing your presidential candidate because he is your tribesmate. That is what has be fallen upnd, unfortunately they can’t learn. As for h.h, whether there was rigging or not he was killed politically the moment he took over from Andy that fateful day in 2006. The sooner he is replaced the better for upnd. Unfortunately they have to try a person from another region because the stench of tribalism in upnd has grown too strong for any known disinfectant even a Boom product! Those are facts, ignore at your peril abena jjjj spaka lilo etc

  11. #11 Spaka lilo ‘Where are the PF rats who were insulting HH for campaigning in chilanga……ati ” the whole HH camping in chilanga fyonoo fyonoo fyonoo.”…..’
    But do you know what is the main motivation for camping in Chilanga before you fyonoo fyonoo yourself Spaka? Surely you are old enough to know that there is more than just campaigning there? Unless you are underfive.

    • What more than just campaigning naimwe ba cader……it was you pointing at HH … your corrupt theif is even dancing dunnuna reverse part 2…..

  12. #1.3 Nostradamus, I am scratching head trying to figure out whether you are right to comoare General Kanene and the upnd candidate. One is an aspiring law maker isn’t she? And the other is just a musician isn’t he?
    On whom is the impact of morality more critical?
    A law maker will be expected to make laws which you and me shall obey, even criminals like murderers and their accomplices, and rapists and defilers.
    Surely for MP is that the best candidate in the whole of upnd and Chilanga? There must be other reasons certainly, which I have indicated many times before.

  13. #15.1 Spaka, so what can you tell us about h.h your president and GBM your “vice president”? I keep asking you to sell his attributes so that we can consider and evaluate him for 2021, assuming you will still go with him as your presidential candidate after the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) labelled upnd as directionless?

    • And the EIU labelled lungu corrupt….hh was being a serious businessman while lungu was busy defrauding a widow ….

  14. We should all be outraged at this ugly Lungu. He and his men have more children outside of their marriage. What is morally upright about an alocholic moron or a Swazi King violating young girls. Women should not take this this. We will not be demoralized. None of PF is morally upright. A useless man who is from Malawi cannot tell us who wot vote for.

  15. Mr Peter the tribal tongaboy, don’t say Lungu from Malawi, just be to the point that you want to say Lungu the Nsenga man. Who doesn’t know that you hate Easterners and Nsengas in particular with a passion? Even h.h said it in those unguarded bitter moments after he lost the elections in 2016, remember his words against Esau Chulu the Chairperson of ECZ? I will never forget that!!


  17. Another Lungu’s morally upright Concubine floated- ‘Ms Maria Langa’- is she married or not?

  18. UPND lost its bearings some 10 years back and its ironical to hear or someone with 5 senses (tompwe) trying to associate with it. Its candidate HH has been rejected by the ballot 6 times in a country of men and women who reason and are able to tell who the real plunderer is (who sold our mines)!

  19. I have stopped going to church bishop campaigning for a political candidate. I will praying with TV sessions.

  20. Oh dear, you don’t want to be h.h’ s father, no hope in hell of ever becoming The President in his lifetime.

    Shall remain president of upnd forever though.

  21. Sorry, I can’t resist commenting on this, for a man that stole a client’s man should know better the definition of moral. He is far from being able to lift a finger at anyone. As for vision, waah, how come a visionless man can have the audensity to even open his mouth. So annoying when people have to speak for the sake of doing so. We shall see.

  22. Is it there anybody in Plunderers Federation who qualifies as “morally upright”???

    Great advice from Endemically Corrupt Leader and convicted embezzler?

  23. there is no truth with our president…………………. he is as he is , or was in chawama except that he is not in chawama……. power corrupts a poor man and he thinks he is very powerful man in the land………… Chiluba, Rupiah, Sata are no longer president……………….. so shallit be with lungu…………………… history

  24. Dancing all the way into a swaziland mansion and you are questioning other people’s morality .

  25. Ba PF mulacita sana mastabete…how do you take people from Lusaka to Chinyanja School and cheat Lungu that PF is popular in the area??

  26. I don’t think HH is morally upright after what he has done to Zambia as a privatization thief. He is morally bankrupt.

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