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ZCID meets Church mother bodies


ZCID Meeting with Church leaders

The Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID) has presented resolutions of the National Democracy Stakeholders Summit (NDSS) to the three main Church Mother Bodies which among them advised that the Church be part of the National Dialogue to lead Reconciliation amongest political leaders.

ZCID met with the three Church Mother bodies on Monday afternoon.

In a statement issued by ZCID Spokesperson, Jackson Silavwe, the board met the three Church Mother Bodies namely, the Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ), Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) and Zambia Council of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) to see how they can be involved in the dialogue process.

He explained that the Centre shared the resolutions and defined the parameters according to the submissions from the NDSS.

“ZCID met the three Church mother bodies which includes ZCCB, EFZ and CCZ and presented their resolutions and made a request to the church to come on board in as far as national dialogue is concerned. We defined the parameters according to the submissions by the National Democracy Stakeholders Summit on how we can involve the church in the dialogue process,” he said.

Mr. Silavwe noted the Three Church Mother Bodies have since promised the Centre that they will discuss the way forward amongst themselves before committing to the submissions from the NDSS.

“The Church listened but promised to get back to us on our request as soon as possible to give their position as to their involvement in the process,” he said.

ZCID has endeavoured to be inclusive in its process of the national dialogue by meeting a number of strategic stakeholders and eminent persons in the country.

Before Monday’s meeting the Centre held a National Democracy Stakeholders Summit (NDSS) were civil society organisations, faith based organisations, academia, intelligensia and political parties deliberated on four thematic areas which should form the basis in the dialogue process.

The four thematic areas are Constitutional and Institutional Reforms, Separation of Powers and Judicial Independence, Tolerance, Freedom of Assembly and Civility in Politics and Electoral Reforms and Integrity of Processes.

The Centre further engaged political parties outside parliament and is expected to hold a secretary general’s meeting were they are expected to endorse the submissions from the NDSS in readiness for the Summit of Presidents.

Silavwe named those in attendance as CCZ President Alfred Kalembo who Chaired the meeting, CCZ Secretary General Emmanuel Chikoya, EFZ’s Bishop Paul Mususu and Rev Pukuta Mwanza and ZCCB’s Cleophus Lungu.


  1. The names of the three church mother body officials might be too wrong for underfive musankwa h.h to accept. Please check their villages of origin.
    Just wait for a statement from h.h even though he will not react directly.

    • Am sure hh is saying these are not the church mother bodies i wanted when i proposed who to lead the ddialogue. He was thinking of mambo and the other bantustans in sda am told. Now after reading the names of the representatives from the church bodies he will make a uturn. Watch this space.

  2. Everyone one knows Pwekete Mwanza is a Christian for Lungu, so how can such an I’d.*ot lead any dialogue? Chancers like him should never be near dialogue cos he is already compromised!

  3. All stakeholders have the right to call for changes in composition if they think those members are outright hard core caders …..

  4. Some of those mentioned are PF cadres. You will never hear them condemn corruption or challenging thieving behaviours of president Lungu and his PF. They are not supposed to be any near the dialogue table but instead they ahould stay home follow the proceedings on tv or read newspapers. They know themselves and they know that dine with Mr Lungu surely their appearance will defeat the purpose of dialogue .

  5. let this dialogue please go ahead without swists this time. we as a nation need to forcus on omproving the ecomomy now.

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