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Monday, February 24, 2020

PF condemns attempts by UPND cadres to allegedly kill journalists in Chilanga

Headlines PF condemns attempts by UPND cadres to allegedly kill journalists in Chilanga

Sunday Chanda

The Patriotic Front is saddened by attacks against Journalists by United Party for National Development (UPND) members. We are aware that the hardworking journalists escaped from the jaws of death last night as their attackers, UPND members attempted to injure and kill them altogether. These UPND members were executing the Panga for Panga as directed by the top leadership of their Party. What the journalists experienced is just a tip of an iceberg of UPND’s savagery and violence that we have always warned against and in some cases, we have been doubted by some sections of the media. Zambians, Journalists and media houses at large must hold Mr. Hakainde Hichilema and Mr. Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba personally liable for issuing the infamous ‘Panga for Panga’ in Chilanga.

We are ably informed that a bus carrying Journalists from media houses including The Mast, News Diggers and Prime Television was savagely attacked as they headed to the Chilanga Totaling Centre for the final declaration of the just ended Parliamentary by election in which PF Candidate Maria Langa has scooped the Seat from UPND. On board the vehicle was Oliver Chisenga-The Mast, Chambwa Moonga- The Mast, Melony- The Mast, Tenson Mkhala- News Diggers, Wells Chifunda – Prime TV, Mr. Lungu- Driver at The Mast and Mike Sichula-Phoenix FM including Tobias-The Mast. UPND members armed with an assortment of weapons charged at the innocent journalists, damaging their bus, beating and stealing from them while threatening to kill them.

Lastly, we do not blame these cadres but their failed and desperate leadership and in particular Mr. Hichilema who has clearly outlived his usefulness politically. The result in Chilanga therefore is less about Ms. Charmaine Musonda being rejected but more about Mr. Hichilema losing yet again because UPND has refused to adapt by allowing for a change of leadership guard for twelve (12) years. UPND is ready to harm and maim innocent citizens such as journalists on account that the people have rejected them in a democratic process. Due to UPND’s Panga for Panga, today Zambia would have witnessed journalists being murdered in cold blood by those sent by their leaders.

Issued by:
Sunday Chanda
Media Director
Party Headquarters

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  1. Both sides were involved in acts of violence. Cadres from both sides bought Pangas and machetes. It would be wrong to condemn one side. A real statesman would condemn his cadres for acts of violence. And Chanda would have gained my respect if he came out strongly on his violent cadres as well. It’s also shocking that Police haven’t made any arrests.

    • UPND should blame Charm-of-men Musonda. She put vibrant Keith in prison, now she has sentenced UPND to death.

  2. Sharmen danced for HH and then promised her an adoption. She should be too good in bed to put UPND to bed. They are now dreaming. Keep dreaming until 2080

  3. Several times I have come across upnd cadres in similar circumstances of elections, campaigns, petitions, etc. If I tell you that on all occasions I was scared to death, that would be an understatement. I am an innocent citizen and don’t wear party regalia or anything to suggest party affiliation, but How I have survived only God knows. My fellow citizens I warn you to keep away from these evil rampaging owls (as in evil) whenever you smell or see them.

    • I saw them the time GBM was appearing in Kitwe magistrates court. They were all dressed in army type red regalia looking like Mao’s communist militias. Very scary.

  4. PF grabbed Mufumbwe,Zambezi West and Livingstone during bye elections from UPND etc but what happened during general Elections can somebody help me?
    When you look at the magin and the resources government put in and the number of people who did not vote there is no need to rejoice.

    • In every game it’s the actual score that counts not what would have been. Why didn’t those who didn’t turn up not bother to turn up? Maybe they have lost interest in the Upnd leadership but they also don’t want to endorse the PF.

  5. UPND are a non-violent party, even GBM knows. if you slap a UPND member they will give you another cheek to slap. Please don’t tarnish our name.

  6. Very very sad to the attacked innocent journalist . The tribute should be paid to them .Very sad !!!!

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