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Chilanga by-election was total warfare – UPND

Headlines Chilanga by-election was total warfare – UPND

Secretary General Stephen Katuka
Secretary General Stephen Katuka

The opposition UPND says the just ended Chilanga Parliamentary by-election was total warfare and not an election.

UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka says there is no way what happened in Chilanga can be referred to as an election considering the amount of ammunition and tear gas used on the electorate.

Mr. Katuka says what is concerning to his party is that the said ammunition and tear gas was allegedly used by political cadres, an indication that the police was infuriated.

In an interview with QTV News, Mr. Katuka says the ruling PF can claim that they won the Chilanga by-election, but that the circumstances under which they won the election are questionable.

Mr. Katuka has however, encouraged UPND members to remain united and hard working in ensuring that the party reclaims the seat in the next election.

Asked whether the UPND will petition the results of the election, Mr. Katuka says the decision has not yet been made by the party leadership which is yet to meet.


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  1. A frog would have won more votes than your flawed candidate,human norms vs moral ethics,in your candidate both moral ethics and human norms were very weak or none existence.

    • Still talking about the Chilanga elections….come on UPND…and this is where you get things wrong instead of focusing on the upcoming election…Whilst Lungu is busy stomping the ground on the copperbelt

    • He may have a point, dismissing his claim is folly.

      Unless you were there, this could as well be true

      Kaizer , Davies Chama, Mumbi Phiri are not people you would say, would never have sanctioned this.

      Saying that, UPND do not deserve to have won because of the choice of the candidate they had.

      My point is, two wrongs do not make a right



    • UPND was beaten pants down! The party should just enjoy Charmaine. They can even be rotating in enjoying her twanikane!

    • UPND if not careful you’ll soon lose popularity. You are blaming eve thing else except your poor choice. Your leaders need to be taken to task for such a poor choice of candidate, impeach your leaders if need be. Mayor elections are just around the corner, another test for you.

    • I knew this was coming from the Upnd, what makes this people think every election is stolen from them? They never accept any election loss. Shame on them.

    • You were advocating for “Panga for Panga” what message did you think you were spreading? Love? and today you should come and cry foul? Just where are your principles?

      It is the people of Chilanga who had the last word. Whether the two notorious party bullies liked it or not. The Chilanga electorates voted.
      If it hurts so much, kindly go to court.
      Double h has gone bonkers again, wants the election to be nullified. Pure dobo.

  2. Crying babies….! You start the violence and play victim…typical of a failed party. Learn to accept defeat. You were warned of your unpleasant choice of your candidate but as usual, your”I know it all small god” did not listen. Stop politics of hatred and insults if you are to win our hearts.

    • Better to keep quite Mudala……Nge nsoni tamwakata.??? Tell your leaders elections is not about insulting Lungu. I watched your rally. All you focussed on was insulting Lungu. Mwaliteta,GBM, HH and even consultant Kambwili all focussed on Lungu and forgot the important job of Selling your candidate. The rally should have been about marketing your product( Musonda) not insulting Lungu. I thought HH as busineman would have known about marketing and advertising.

  3. How many petitions will you have if you go ahead with this? Just dust yourself up and start addressing REAL issues affecting Zambians- stop this silly nonsense of court cases- how do you take a seasoned Lawyer Like ECL to court? The man knows the system better than all those failed Lawyers HH has surrounded himself with. HH is suppossed to be an economist for heavens sake why can’t he bring out issues to do with an overtaxed population, low maize prices yet high mealie meal prices, poor roads in the townships, govt expenditure on useless things like SUVs etc etc etc REAL issues are what got the Late Great MCS elected!

    • Both parties have been violent in recent elections. Problem with UPND, they seem to go into full campaign mode in the last days before voting starts.ZNBC has been in campaign mode for PF since 2015.It has the greatest reach to the grassroots and it speaks all the major languages.It is the most inexpensive channel for campaigning.If UPND can fight for a share,they would even the playing field.PF on the other hand must wipe out the perceptions of rampant corruption and injustice in their midst to further increase their winning margins.

    Martha Mushipe and others told you not adopt Charmaine Musonda you did not listen. You will continue crying till son of God comes. Kikikikiki
    Come 2021 you will still be crying, I am UPND BUT I AM DISGUSTED WITH YOUR BEHAVIOUR

    • How can they listen when Charmaine had just given HH the best round he’s ever had in his life.

  5. Nkombo and the GBM made the first war cry. Did you make any attempt to correct them in their utterances? No you didn’t because violence to you is not when your members commit it. SPARE US PLEASE. We want to work not VA bupuba yen yeny all the time.

  6. Never mind these utterly busy foooools…they wanted to run around even when they were warned. Upon failure, it’s easier to blame the tools used rather than how they were employed.
    My advice to you foooools is enroll Obvious Summerton Mwaliteta into Night School so he qualifies for a nomination …also go for a Convention!!

    • Never mind you will never rule

      You can only win at insults

      Tell us what hh will do for Zambia

      Ati lungu is corrupt. Thief. Lazy bum

      Honestly are are you intelligent or dull

    • Peter C Njobvu – When did he get this diploma…really laughable…last time I looked at his profile on National Assembly website before the constitution was amended it simply stated “Grade 12”.

  7. Upnd has no respect for the electorate that’s why they gave that Jezzebel called Charmaine with no worries at all. They are the mighty Upnd so who can challenge them? Reminds of how Zccm officials children used to take things for granted but got shocked when they discovered that their parents were mere mortals after the sale of ZCCM.

  8. “Mr. Katuka says what is concerning to his party is that the said ammunition and tear gas was allegedly used by political cadres, an indication that the police was infuriated.”

    Ba LT Editor or Ba Katuka. Did you mean “ïnfiltrated” or really meant that the police were so ” infuriated”?

  9. You kakuta people are getting tired with your complaints , you were advised to collect video evidence of any grivience for everyone to see ?

    You can complain but without evidence , no one will back you…..a simple phone has video recording , you mean your caders are too dull to record anything ?

  10. Please just accept that you had a wrong candidate to compete with PF. How do you pick a woman who was not even accepted by the grass roots and you want to blame it on others…..

  11. This party is only for f00ls who cannot take people’s advise. They think they know it all, fimunshebwa ifyaile namafi kubuko. Instead of fielding an upright candidate you settled for a commercial sex worker. When you lose you start blaming innocent people fitolefyenu……………………………….

  12. Kulowesha ba Charm Anna, kubatoba ubongo ama *****bulls efyo tabalyapo. Bane, umwine ali mucifungo.

  13. There we go with ba chilila Lila party! UPND does not have what it takes to win an election. Sata was the best opposition leader who knew how to read politics. UPND showed poor judgement in their choice of their candidate! Wise people would keep quiet and mourn their loss quietly!

  14. I was surprised to learn from zambianwatchdog that tge relatiinahip between Keith and Charm Anna started just a few weeks before the murder. This tallies with my assertion that she was planted on poor Keith. By extrapolation it can be suspected that the one found guilty may not be the guilty one after all. This mystery still has to unfold, if I were upnd I wouod stop the noise makibg lest they provoke someone to dig deeper and expose what is obviously a conspiracy by some upnd leaders.

    • But cader , the other day you were condemning people for following ZW , are you changing coloures ?

  15. I was surprised to learn from zambianwatchdog that tge relatiinahip between Keith and Charm Anna started just a few weeks before the murder. This tallies with my assertion that she was planted on poor Keith. By extrapolation it can be suspected that the one found guilty may not be the guilty one after all. This mystery still has to unfold, if I were upnd I would stop the noise making lest they provoke someone to dig deeper and expose what is obviously a conspiracy by some upnd leaders.

  16. There is no need to petition the PF election victory in the Chilanga by election. The question of the amount of tear gas and ammunition used by PF or both sides is no execuse. You just lost it.Its now time for the entire UPND leadership to reflect on their actions when picking candidates for any future elections. They dont seem to learn from their past mistakes. A simple case,just in Mumbwa, 2016 general elections they opted for unpopular candidate and Mr. Hamusonde was sidelined but won as an independent. This also was the case in Mwembeshi. Its like Central Committee of UPND has gone into reverse gear. They start so well but poor finishing is order of the day. I think we should start thinking a better strategy to come up with a Third force to replace PF in 2021 if that is viable other…

    • PF lost more parliamentary seats to independents. Davies Mwila is one of them. So by your criteria, should the PF dissolve itself?

  17. The only strategy for UPND is Intra Party democracy. No convention nothing for you. and what is your explanation about Ward results?

  18. President Lungu may not be an angel, but the whole UPND events that took place following the death of Anderson tells a compelling story that his son (HH) would not lead our great nation. The double edged sword that has fallen on Hichilema’s head is not a coincidence. HH has been very naive for part if not most of his life. The late President MCS (MHSRIP) gave HH an olive branch but he abused it by exhibiting extreme childish behaviour resulting in him being nicknamed “The under five” True to his nickname Summy Chintombwa now HH has continued on a journey to no where.

  19. There shall never be a good loss. All loses are BAD and UPND ought to find a GOOd reason to justify it. This time around its called WARFARE.

  20. Will arrest lungu in 2021 ‘ honestly is that campaign message

    Opposition is weak because of hh and gbm and kambwili pact

  21. The Comments by the old and recycled UPND SG are true,it was a warfare in Chilanga on Polling day becuase of the actions of both the PF and UPND.These two party’s must be flashed out of our political lifeline,they have potential to cause bedlam in the country.ITS NOW TIME FOR NAREP AND ISSUE BASED POLITICS

    • Today there is a topic about your man HH and UPND …you only post one sentence but when the topic has nothing to do with your silly man you post paragraphs.. what does that say about?

  22. UPND lost the election before the voting day. When you start complaining before the actual game you discourage your followers and give your opponent an upper hand. UPND leadership should come out of the habit of complaining before, during and after elections, that’s not leadership. Learn to behave like Joshua who encouraged the children of Israel when they were down-hearted by the spies who went to spy the promised land, he encouraged the people by saying “we are well able to defeat our enemies”

  23. HH should man up and give his party moral.

    Congratulate PF and Time to get up , dust your selfs and get back to work….

  24. Losers always have excuses .we have seen this I the game of football. Go back to your drawing board as u call yourselves educated and start thinking like men not kids .*****s are *****s

  25. Maybe I should have put your name too in the line above line! I understand it is very painful when you live in the land of HaLLUcinations, HaDelusion, HaIllusions and HaDreams and you are told, “You lost Hagain!”

  26. This party is only for f00ls who cannot take people’s advise. They think they know it all, fimunshebwa ifyaile namafi kubuko. Instead of fielding an upright candidate you settled for a commercial sex worker. When you lose you start blaming innocent people fitolefyenu……

  27. Sharon, or whatever you call yourself, please sober up. No need to wet your panties whenever you think HH or hear UPND. There is a better world out there. Think rationally.

  28. This is where UPND leadership misses it.Real men accept mistakes and find solutions.They say “experience is the best teacher”.HH has taken part in several elections since 2006 so he must be a champion by now.But he keeps on making same mistakes while hoping for victories-its amazing!!Merl Musonda was a wrong candidate.Chilanga is not Monze.Chilanga has several educated voters who cannot just go for a color red (UPND)!!Voters in Chilanga wanted to hear how UPND would develop their area better than PF and not insulting ECL daily.
    HH today behaves like G 6 school drops GBM and Kambwili!!If general elections are held today and HH team up with GBM&Kambwili,Kainde can lose terribly!!

  29. GBM and Garry Nkombo told us that it will UPND MUST JUST BLAME THEMSELVES AS THEY ADOPTED A “DODALIST”,MURDERER,HUSBAND SNARTCHER MERL MUSONDA!!Moreover, tongas in rural chilanga could not vote for a bemba Musonda.Since many UPND followers are die hard tribalists even the name “MUSONDA” could have contributed!!!To make matters worse,HH,GBM,Kambwili never said anything to improve the life of Chilanga residents but all they said is Lungu is a thief,foreigner,we will jail him in 2021,etc.Surely what can Zambians benefit from the jailing of Edgar Lungu or insults?NOTHING!LATE MICHAEL SATA HAD PROPER MESSAGE WHICH GAVE HOPE TO ALMOST ALL ZAMBIANS,HENCE DEFEATING RB’S MMD IN 2011!next will be by election for Lusaka mayor which UPND shall 100% lose!

  30. Besides,i have heard several Zambians saying “we simply cant vote for HH and his UPND in our lives”.Such people are in millions especially in 6.5 provinces!!You know in life,if people do not love you,it is simply that.No matter how good you talk,how rich you are,etc still people cant stop hating you.same with a woman,if she does not love you,no matter how many times you try proposing her,she will keep on rejecting you!Sadly this is the harsh reality for HH in Zambia.I simply cant see HH winning in Luapula,Northern,Muchinga,Copperbelt,Lusaka and Eastern in 2021 where his UPND has never won since 2006 or worse still since 1998!!UPND WOULD NEED A MIRACLE TO WIN IN THOSE PROVINCES UNDER UNLOVED HH IN 2021-MARK MY WORDS!!

  31. Moreover what can dull Katuka-Luvale ugly man tell his blind supporters about the 6 by elections at ward level where UPND lost in all of them with huge differences?IT WAS 7-0 SCORELINE IN FAVOUR OF MIGHTY PF ON TUESDAY!
    So Mr Katuka,UPND lost in all the 6 wards to PF due to violence?kkkkkkkkkkkk.sometimes,it is better to keep quiet or simply accept defeat!Politics is about numbers.UPND IS TOO WEAK IN PF STRONGHOLDS!!While PF leadership is trying so hard to win support in UPND strongholds before 2021,all HH does is having useless press conferences in Lusaka where he simply talks about Edgat Lungu!!Zambia existed before Edgar Lungu and it will exist after him!!Nobody eats Edgar Lungu in Zambia.HENCE,HH MUST LEARN TO FOCUS ON POLICIES AND HOW HE CAN DO THINGS BETTER THAN PF IF VOTED!!

  32. Spaka lilo my friend, I just stumbled upon Zambianwatchdog when I was searching for 2016 chilanga results. Rrst assured I would not normally read watchdog, and MAST never!!!

  33. HH has spent 12 years as “cuundu chaitwa” UPND chairman.So many Zambians are tired of him.HH has said all he had to tell Zambians.All he does now is repeating same things.Kainde has tried all tricks in the political book but in vain.Today HH is behaving same as GBM and Kambwili (empty tins)!!!One would not know that HH has a degree in economics from UNZA as politics have turned him into a dull chap!!Kainde’s current reasoning just as those kaponyas at inter-city!!!WHAT WILL HH TELL ZAMBIANS IN 2021?UPND NEEDS A CONVENTION!!Even football teams change coaches who cannot win them cups.GARRY NKOMBO SHOULD REPLACE HH SINCE ONLY A TONGA CAN LEAD UPND OR HH’S LOSS IN 2021 COULD BE THE END OF UPND!!

  34. This violence needs to stop by both UPND and PF Cadres. Does this mean that in 2021, they will have a CIVIL WAR. During and after the results. Very Sad indeed. Please PF and UPND Leaders contain your cadres. Congratulation to mama Langa. Is was destined to be an MP for CHILANGA, since she also has the last words in her name. Ms. MARIA LANGA- CHI-LANGA.

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