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Ministry of Finance in the process of broadening participation into investments in government securities

Economy Ministry of Finance in the process of broadening participation into investments in...

The Ministry of Finance has disclosed that it is in the process of ensuring that it broadens participation into investments in government securities.

Ministry Senior Economist Kabaso Kabwe says this will be done through making aware to the local people the benefit of investing in government securities and encouraging them to invest.

Mr Kabwe observed that although local people are key in the growth of any economy very few invest in government securities which he said are beneficial hence the need to encourage such investments among the local people.

The Ministry of Finance Senior Economist said this when he met the business community in Mansa yesterday.

He reviewed that the Ministry of Finance has begun a process of private sector engagement on the need to invest government securities and that the Ministry is optimistic that with the engagement meetings more local business houses will invest in government securities.

And Luapula Province Chamber of Commerce President Jonathan Mukabila called for a coordinated engagement with business community by the Ministry of Finance if more business houses are to invest in government securities.

Mr Mukabila said it is important that more people are aware of the investment opportunities in government securities adding that government securities are also one way of investing in servings.

Meanwhile, a Mansa Business man Charles Kabamba called for the strengthening of institutions like the Chamber of Commerce for easy communication of investment opportunities like government securities.


  1. It’s strange that a govt which wants development can be encouraging citizens to lend it money. This simply stifles development by taking away liquidity from circulation.

    Govt should be encouraging people to borrow from commercial banks and invest

    • Misleading your blind followers again.
      The issue here is not Govt mopping money from people. Its government opening an opportunity for the Private sector to invest in the lucrative govt securities only hitherto available to Banks. Before venturing into any business, part of the process is doing a cost benefit analysis. If from your business you cannot earn as much interest you can get from banking your money, its better not to go into that business and just let your money stay in the bank. Therefore, one such bank is investing in Government securities where there is less risk.
      Please stop the lies for God’s sake!

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