Thursday, February 22, 2024

President Lungu addressing PF members in Mongu



    • @Enka
      Dont you see Trump holding campaign like rallies when he is on working tours…this is how its done all over the world…Despite corruption accusations I think as a leader he is doing a great job and 2021 i can see a landslide victory

  1. This is what the lazy dingbat likes wasting taxpayers funds and addressing PF members every weekend …when was the last time he addressed the Zambian people? What we have in State House is a minister being overpaid a President’s salary.
    To save you time just fast forward to 35.24mins

  2. #2 jj, As long as he is not inciting violence, we can safely say that he IS addressing you, me and all Zambians through the PF meeting. Same as when he is officiating at a show, business forum or other events, just learn to listen to him rather than just the empty and now shameless rhetoric of one h.h.

  3. Very sad how we do Zambia a great harm by politicking from January to December and the hard work of building the nation is a part time affair.

  4. The body language, the speeches helps to clarify a few points concerning the kind of leaders we currently have in the country. Its scary to say the least. Hunger is rife in our country. I’d rather, they go there (NWP) to say how they will address youth unemployment, education and healthcare etc. Secondly, there is no reason to talk about PF on state visits and to show any PF symbols. Finally, people in high GRZ positions should at least be taught how to dress and talk in appropriate ways to inspire and raise confidence especially in our young people (Not the pot bellies, foul language and uncontrolled arm swinging and stupid gestures). To summarize, aim to deliver the message and unite people. Fire unnecessary aides peddling messages of hate and division in other words, raise the…

  5. @goat
    You are too quick to judge and condemn others yet you forget the basic principle of life. Yes, President Lungu is our Republican President and as he has and always emphasises that he will do whatever it takes to take development to all parts of the country regardless of one’s political inclination. This is the more reason he is personally touring and visiting all Provinces to see Government projects and the challenges our people are facing. Notwithstanding, he is also PF Party President and as such its his duty to meet, encourage, share,grow and provide party leadership. He is doing the right thing and thats why we are voting him back wi a huge vote in 2021. God bless.

    • And what was he saying last week about bringing development when you vote for PF..he said this in Chilanga and NWP….now he is in WP were people are more clued up and he has toned down!!

    • @Malinso,
      Each project is under a specific ministry and in some cases joint projects. What is the use of ministers concerned including provincial ministers? In business we call this micro management. It is indicative of two things:
      1. His lieutenants are incompetent
      2. His lieutenants are not trustworthy

  6. Lazy bum son of a tribal polygamist and tribal father cum hooligan and bully of a tribal Horganization in denial in his insolence. A threat that HaTribes organization is being disbanded?

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