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UPND is the architect of political violence-PF Lunte MP


Lunte Member of Parliament Mutotwe Kafwaya
Lunte Member of Parliament Mutotwe Kafwaya

The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has accused the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) of being the architect of political violence through it’s infamous Mapatizya formula.

Lunte Member of Parliament Mutotwe Kafwaya told Journalists at the PF Interactive Forum on Sunday at Chrisma Hotel in Lusaka that the political violance which the UPND started in Mapatizya and then taken to Mufumbwe has now become a culture in Zambia.

In order to remove the culture of violence, Kafwaya explained, there is need for all stakeholders to be engaged in finding the solution.

“We in PF are happy that president Edgar Lungu has taken the first step towards ending the culture of violence in the country by openly condemning it and has directed that the vice need to end at all cost.”

Kafwaya expected the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema will reciprocate the call by president Lungu on the need to end political violence and direct his party to dismantle the structures of violence

He said it is important for leaders in the PF and the UPND to sit down and find a mathematical formula to end the political violence otherwise the future of this country is at stake.”

He regretted that the violence being condemned has seen people not only maimed but also injured hence his enerst call end the culture of violence in the country.

“As Zambian, we need to create the culture of peace and the thing that will make the life ease for the people.

Kafwaya also condemned the culture of political tribalism being nurtured in Zambia today saying the trend has the potential to divide the nation.

“Like the culture of violence, political tribalism is causing the people to shun some political parties they are reduced to being mere spectators.

He said the PF under president Lungu arbor the culture of political tribalism.

He also indicated that President Lungu is like by the people of Zambia because he has demonstrated the kind of leadership the country need.

He said come 2021, president Lungu will win the election based on his performance.

He advised the people resisting the decision of the ruling party to endorse president Lungu to be the party’s preferred candidate for 2021 to begin build their capacity to win an election.

Kafwaya is confident that the people of Zambia will give president Lungu because he has demonstrated his capacity that not only to unit the country but also to develop the country.

Sunday Chanda
Sunday Chanda

And speaking at the same function, PF media director Sunday Chanda told the UPND president Hichilama to listen to the call his members has been making for the national convention so that the leaders can get fresh mandate.

He also denied claims by the UPND leader that the PF has a hand to the call by his members for the UPND leaders to seek fresh mandate from the people.

He said the UPND has constitution which demand that, the party call for regular convention.

According to Chanda, the UPND is in breach of not only the party and the national constitution regarding intra party Democracy.

He expressed shock that Hichilema is not moved by the call for convention to elect new leaders.

He said the silence in UPND over the people that want the convention would soon explode because not everyone one is in UPND is happy with HH way of politics.

He claimed that Masebo after making pronouncement of the convention is under attack along with GBM and Nalumango.

Chanda also condemned the attack on the media house that made their way to the totaling centre in the just ended Chilanga parliamentary by election.

He said there was no need for the UPND cadres to attack the Journalists because they are non partisan

He said the UPND does not care about the safety of Journalists and that is why no one from the top party leadership that condemned the attack on Journalists.

Chanda also denied that lose of UPND in Chilanga was about the bad choice of the candidate and not the competition as claimed by the UPND leader.

He thanks bad leadership of HH that the PF has grabbed Chilanga and will enter in the UPND stronghold.

He claimed that there is no growth in the UPND and the UPND is currently on it’s race to the bottom.

He asked the people on UPND were not born to save HH but to be co-leaders.


    • The idiocy of not cleaning one’s house before taking to accusing or advising the neighbor how to go about making the surroundings clean is at the center of the eluding peace. Our political players none of them want to see their own shortcomings but rather rush into interference with prescriptions for others on what they want followed! This is neither tact nor good leadership but selfish aggrandizing and it stinks!

  1. Its unbelievable how an intelligent man can without shame face the public with such lies.Zambia has no future its doomed with such lies,
    PF thrives on violence and pays lip service to anti violence campaigns ..recent local government elections were filled with terrible PF violence.In Isoka PF attacked Democratic Party violently it had to take UPND to help DP .Northern Province was violence by PF.
    That said,they’ve been incidents of UPND violence,not many but they’ve been. UPND cannot survive partisan Police if they were violent.By the way we’ve coniviniently forgotten PF violence at burial of a UPND member at Leopard Hill Memorial Park last year, the first political violence at a cemetery in Independent Zambia.

  2. even lungu is a sponsor of violence….. easier to talk ill of your enemy…. Lusambo is very violent…. PF is very evil

  3. One of the most #*****ic statements I have heard in recent times besides the FIC disbandment nonsense …. we the Voters have given the PF license to be totally #ukutumpa and insensitive

  4. I have got no respect for politicians who are not genuine. It’s laughable that one can associate violence with a single political party. Violence is part of the Zambian political culture, from UNIP days until now. Kapwepwe was attacked mercilessly by UNIP. The latter also vigilantes, a violent wing that sorted out opponents of the one-party state. Under MMD, remember how one Michael Sata caused mayhem in the Chawama by-elections of 2001? Under Levy and RB, we equally had thugs e,g William Banda. The sad thing is, we have never had a single leader who’s stood up and condemned violence in his party other than the hogwash phrase that keeps being churned out: “Zambia is a peace-loving county, Violence is unZambian….”
    Bottom line is We are ruled by cadres, and these are more…

  5. what nonsense is this MP saying , are you in your right thinking frame to say what you are saying in regards to violence in Zambia . PF is the most violent party in Zambia , look at the way these PF thugs terrorize people at the inter bus terminals in Lusaka and in the markets , If we flash back and recall how Kambwali and the NDC were attacked by PF cadres in front of the Lusaka central police station , the police did nothing and u are saying that , condemning violence by your president is not stopping violence , measures should taken in order to arrest the vice . the president is the commander in chief of all armed forces but he has failed to tame those thugs because he benefits from their thuggish behavior. they are the ones running the markets and bus stations , collecting…

  6. The thought process of HaJJ, HaSPaka & Nose Demon are the true reflection of who and what HH thinks! If that is what HH’s thinks (remember he supports such behavior), then you know what type of a person he is! A person who could endorse a prostitute who caused a death of someone and cost a marriage of someone to run for office and he disobeyed traffic rules for a presidential motorcade and encouraged his lawless tribal grouping to endanger the president right under his nose tells you how underqualified Childish is. This man also encourages violence by telling his people to be violent and someone mental compared him to Mandela and Martin Luther King, Jr. in their Hallucinations, HaIllusions and HaDelusions.

  7. That is nonsense from the member of parliament who only goes to drink water in parliament and dozzy dizzy.

  8. The problem with pf is you behave as if you in opposition easted of you providing leadership and come up with solutions you are beasy complaing.

  9. Violence can only end if the Police start arresting PF belligerent cadres who are currently above the law. UPND cadres if caught are quickly arrested. This is jungle law. The only one who can stop this is ECL like Mwanawasa did. Mwanawasa fired a deputy minister who physically harassed Daily mail staff. Was Lusambo fired for assaulting a fellow MP in the sacred parliament grounds despite the overwhelming evidence? Your honest answer will indicate who benefits from political violence.

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