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Monday, February 24, 2020

Gender Minister and Kasenegwa MP Victoria Kalima has died

Headlines Gender Minister and Kasenegwa MP Victoria Kalima has died

Minister of Gender Victoria Kalima confers with His Excellency President Edgar Lungu whilst other Ministers looks on shortly after State of the Nation address at Parliament Buildings
FILE: Minister of Gender Victoria Kalima confers with His Excellency President Edgar Lungu whilst other Ministers looks on shortly after State of the Nation address at Parliament Buildings

Gender Minister and Kasenegwa Member of Parliament Victoria Victoria Kalima has died. Hon Kalima died last evening at Maina Soko Military hospital where she had been admitted.

Hon Kalima, born in October 1972, first came into parliament in 2011 on the Movement for Multi-party Democracy ticket as Kasenegwa member of parliament.

In 2016, Kalima staunchly advocated for an alliance between PF and MMD and later defected to the Patriotic Front and stood on the PF ticket and won.

Hon. Kalima was subsequently appointed as Gender Minister by y President Edgar Lungu a position she has held till her death.

Hon Kalima has steered change that many will remember her for. In 2012 she defended the rights of journalists who got detained and who’s cameras were confiscated.

In 2017 she became an activist against gender inequality and child marriages. The same year she also proposed a revised version of Marriage Bill which will ban any marriages between a man and a woman until both are at least 21 years of age.

Details for her funeral and burial are yet to be communicated.

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  1. Oh too bad. MHSRIP.
    On political front, too bad for UPND who will be defeated badly in this by election.

  2. Her illness was caused by what? Chronic disease, acute disease? I guess it was AIDS no bad feelings rest in peace mama. I’m sure a bunch of you people will say I should not have mentioned AIDS. To be honest with you I call a spade a spade osapitamumpempete yayi! UPND will be hugely defeated in Kasenengwa lord have mercy Heart Healthy (HH)

    • i think the cause of death is very immaterial dont you rhink so. we as children of god should never take pride in death but share the sad moment in unison . It would be a good thing if you take retrospection and reflect on your life.
      may god bless you

    • @Milimo, trouble is you think dying or that death is a bad thing. You just quoted that, “we as children of God” if you truly believe that,then you are aware what Jesus said about death. Sleep, he said is what death is.

    • Even in that photo she looks laboured and has more bottles of water on her side…we need to amend the constitution as this govt is reckless if Lazy Lungu wanted he would have left her on till 2021 even though she was bedridden.

    • who are you to judge her death, are you God? I thank God for her life, she has died knowing that Jesus her husband and her healer, mind you, every seed you sow with your month, you shall surely reap, no one wants to get sick, you may think yourself that you are very careful, but remember one day it will happen to someone close to you

    • @ Milimo you are the same people who say it was Malaria even when you 100% know the cause is AIDS. Is there any shame about AIDS nowadays? huh! Just imagine, if the so called hubby wants to re-marry, what would happen to the innocent girl? get infected because she did not the cause of death or simply because at the funeral they said the cause was headache. Ummmm abena Zambia! When you ask a child in Zambia where his/her parents are, the response you get is siniziba bachokapo even when they know that their parent is answering the call of nature in the pit latrine. What is wrong with just saying, balimu toilet sit here he will be here shortly?? I did not there is still self stigma when it comes to HIV/AIDS in Zambia. Lastly I did not say I’m happy about her passing, but to encourage you…

    • I wonder why the lazy thing Jonathan never consults secruity wings before appointing someone..this lady has been sick from day one yet he still kept her on only in Zambia this is similar to Mayor Wilson case.

  3. She was a widow and has been chronically ill so for sure she died from AIDS. Who cares about the winner of the bye election. We all know the tribalists who started wako ni wako. She was RB’s confidant.


  4. My sincere and heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family. Zambia has been robbed of a gallant fighter for rights of women and the girl child. MHSRIP .

    • Its unAfrican and unZambian to express outbursts of grudges and malicious accusations on some one who has died may her soul rest in peace

  5. Iwe Kakanja, so if someone is a widow or widower to you they will die from AIDS? Ubututu wait for your time to get sick then you will understand what it means, for now enjoy but don’t mock innocent people over death. It’s inhuman and un Zambian.

  6. MHSRIP, this is no time for politicking, someone has lost a mother, a sister, an aunty, then others or the think of is issues which are not relevant to matter at hand. Just remember we are all in transit on this earth ????

  7. My thoughts are with the family at this tragic loss, stay bold strong & united. Mama may your soul rest in peace till we meet again.

  8. My Condolences to the family and the Government on this tragic loss. A bit more bio info would have been useful (education , profession, career, survivors). MHSRIP

  9. To avoid further embarrassment a named political party should not participate in this bye election I tell you

    It will just heighten calls for leadership change because the party will look more directionless party

  10. Heartfelt condolences to Andrew and the entire Kalima family on this tragic loss. In Victoria we had a Sister who liked and enjoyed working for the common man. The Lord gave us Victoria and the Lord has taken her away, Praise be to the Lord’s name.

  11. @Clemz: You are very right here in Zambia we have lost respect for each other. Particularly those who think Political parties will save them one day. It is ZERO. A normal person cannot start teasing a dead person. My brothers and sisters in this world each person has got a day to die. Whether you are rich, poor, Soldier, MPs, Farmer, Pastor, Police man and even intelligent officers who track others and finally Presidents. All of us have to die one day and there is no limit of age, the BIBLE does not say so. Your salvation lies in JESUS CHRIST WHO DIED FOR ALL OF US ON THE CROSS. AND ONCE YOU BELIVE IN HIM YOU WILL BE SAVED THERE AND THEN. MHSRIP:::

  12. A good heart gone to rest. For those who knew her, she was a model politician who transcended political divides, a successful businesswoman, a loving mother, a true and loyal friend. You have set your foot print in the indelible sands of our time and we leave it to posterity to judge. Rest in eternal peace Vicky.

  13. We heard lots of good things about her. MHSRIP.

    But she has been unwell for a while. Even in the picture, one can tell from the posture that she wasn’t the healthiest person in that group. As a layman, just looking at the number of water bottles in front of her alone meant there was something not right about her health.
    Rest in peace sisy. We all have our days.

  14. Iyeee sure! Instead of just sending condolences to the bereaved family and government some people on this platform have already started saying UPND will be defeated in the upcoming bye-election. Why are some people so heartless? Farewell Ms. Kalima.May your soul rest in peace. Surely God takes the best. A good woman is gone.Ifikolomwiko fyashala to continue plundering the resources of our country.

  15. Feeling sorry for the rest of her family. It takes quite a while to adjust and that period is the most difficult one. MHSRIP

  16. my condolences to the family and the nation at large, she was a great leader will miss her as PF members MHSRIP.


  18. that is why Cyber laws should be introduced so that we know who Jay Jay and lofyono is,why should you bad mouth the president and a minster who has died ? have some respect. she was hardworking and deserves to be mourned in dignity.

    • then you do what when you know who they are? I think you should just go and bootlick Lazy Lungu internet is not for you…this former MMD lady has been sick from day one but because we have a govt that is not prudent they kept paying her for 2 years as a minister…do you think your employers would keep you on that long? We need to be serious with taxpayers funds they do not belong to that lazy thing in State House

  19. God give and he takes as well. Rest in peace my sister. It’s unimaginable that people can talk so negatively about the death of a colleague. We have really lost our social and cultural values.

  20. If a ministry can function for 2 years without a minister surely what does it say about that ministry…we seriously need to streamline these ministries….like Religion, culture etc

  21. When i read some comments,am left to wonder how some people are….icililo kuli imwe yaba mocking session honesyly…lets learn to knw what time it is if we must develop both at individual level and national level..

    Ms kalima MYSRIEP….God knows best why it had to be now

  22. Condolences to the family and the nation. HaLLUcinations still here! The insolent boy has no manners! HaTribes Union and Hooligan and Bully of the Tribal Horganization!

  23. This is very bad for some of u who mention about AIDS as a cause of death now if u can be taken to court are u going to cry coz this is deformation of character Zambians wen are u going to grow mind sure,u like prejudicing maningiii ve u ever seen ms kalima taking arvs?

  24. Very sad news. What an impressive servant of the people she was. Did a stellar job all round, a real Parliamentarian who understood the real meaning of democracy. Rest well in Jesus ‘ Peace sweet Victoria. She was victorious in her duty to her subjects. God bless her family with peace.

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