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UNZA starts offering courses in Witchcraft

General News UNZA starts offering courses in Witchcraft

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has given the University of Zambia US$340,000 to develop a Degree Programme to train students in witchcraft.

The training in what is referred to as Intangible Cultural Heritage will commence with the first intake comprising of 20 students.

The Zambia National Commission for UNESCO has explained that Intangible Heritage comprises of practices such as Witchcraft, Social Practices such as expression through music, Knowledge, skills-as well as the instruments, objects, artifacts and rituals.

Zambia National Commission for UNESCO Secretary General Dr. Charles Ndakala said despite efforts in safeguarding cultural heritage, there are cases of destruction of priceless culture heritage in certain countries which threatens traditions and customs.

Dr. Charles Ndakala was speaking to Journalists on the sidelines of a five days’ workshop for the orientation of UNZA Lecturers on Intangible Culture Heritage.
In November last year, Higher Education Minister Professor Nkandu Luo announced that Zambia should consider research and the study of witchcraft as a science that can be used productively for the benefit of the country.

Professor Luo said Zambian scientists can learn from the South African counterparts who have commenced studies in witchcraft in some universities.

“I could not help but think of witchcraft when I saw a mobile phone put into a box and it turned into a lady’s pant!” she said during the commemoration of the World Science Day for Peace and Development dubbed: ‘Recreating interest in science, technology and innovation’.

But then Government Spokesperson Kampamba Mulenga said Government was disappointed with media reports suggesting that it will consider research on witchcraft as a science that can be used productively for the benefit of the country.

Ms. Mulenga said the allegations are blatant falsehoods coming from people who have nothing good to offer to the nation.
She said government is aware that there is a group of people that is spreading malicious statements through various media platforms, bent on destroying government’s image.

She added that contrary to the allegations, President Lungu’s administration has and will always uphold Zambia’s status as a Christian nation as enshrined in the preamble of the constitution.

Ms. Mulenga said it is common knowledge that Christianity and witchcraft are poles apart and cannot co-exist.

But in December last year, the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage which falls under UNESCO approved two International Assistance requests at the intergovernmental Committee for the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage held at the International Convention Centre (ICC), Jeju Province, Republic of Korea.

In a statement that was issued by the Zambian Embassy in Paris, France, Uganda was granted US$ 232, 000 and the Committee selected two projects in Bulgaria and Uzbekistan for the Register of Good Safeguarding Practices, which allows communities to share successful safeguarding programmes and activities.

Zambia’s project aims to strengthen the capacity for the safeguarding and management of intangible cultural heritage.
This project intended to develop and implement a degree programme in intangible cultural heritage at the University of Zambia.

Zambia was represented by the Country’s expert to the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, Mr. Munukayumbwa Munyima at the intergovernmental Committee for the ICHin Jeju Province.

During the conference, Zambia shared its experience in implementing the project supported by intangible cultural heritage Fund having successfully completed its International Assistance project and timely submitted its final report to the intergovernmental Committee for the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage.


  1. What use is such “knowledge” in the 21st century? What was needed was to subject witchraft claims to scientific inquiry and then report. Witchcraft has been a feature of all human societies before science came to the rescue. Witchcraft, rather like religion, is based on belief and not knowledge. But when you think again, theology is offered as an academic subject in many universities. Perhaps that is the angle UNESCO is approaching this donation to UNZA.

    • It is such type of thinking that has taken the interest in witchcraft not to be taken seriously. No one has taken time to research on witchcraft and its benefit we all just speculate. Let this program go ahead so that we can have wizard mulenga or banda. Please don’t bring the issue of Christianity here because not every one is a christian. Imagine reporting for work without going through congestion. No need for cars. That’s super

    • You will be surprised to know that Isaac Newton and the great Pythagoras were more interested in these “intangibles”. The scientific theories they are well known for were mere incidentals in their journey across the “intangibles” landscape.

      Be very careful when you adopt other peoples cultures without knowing the background or environment that spawned these cultures.

    • Victoriafalls: I never mentioned Christianity in my posting but religion and theology. It’s you who think that religion equals to Christianity. Take a hard look at yourself in the mirror and re-examine your beliefs.

    • @Victorialfalls, actually @Chanchima did not bring in the issue of Christianity, rather he talked about religion in general…

    • With this witchcraft program, and using techniques such as transcendental teleportation, Zambia will now have capabilities to send a manned ( wizard or witch) mission to Mars. The other countries in the race, USA and China are still working on modalities of how to sustain a long duration flight using the knowledge that has been gleaned using the scientific method over the past half decade.

      Maybe this is one area where we can contribute our version of “knowledge” that has kept Africa in the doldrums of progress

    • Zambia needs to invest heavily in science and technology, instead of this nonsense being promoted by foreigners to distract African countries from becoming serious competitors in technology. Invest in STEM subjects. Build world class science and technology schools. Train world class medical doctors, architects, scientists and engineers who will help move the country forward in development. The main advantage the West has over Africa is science and technology. The West doesn’t want African countries to catch up in these fields because it’ll become harder for them to continue looting the continent. Hence they’ll promote anything that distracts from this, including the promotion of witchcraft. When was the last time you saw or heard about an airplane that carries hundreds of people,…

    • (Continued)… that was manufactured using witchcraft? Hello? Come on wake up people. Get serious and stop promoting this nonsense. Don’t be so naive.

    • People of Wakanda, we desperately need people skilled in the ancient craft to run the Ministry of Religious Affairs. This program will produce the much needed human capital required to run the Ministry which is currently understaffed. The party and its government and its wise and sometimes sober leader want to serve the people, the smart enterprise of Zambia. The benefits that will accrue to the nation far outweigh the fears that people in the opposition have. This program will result in the creation of millions of jobs to due to linkages the arcane knowledge will generate. I am projecting that once the program is in its 10th year, Zambia would have supposed China in terms of knowledge artifacts produced.

    • Before we get ourselves worked up over this donation, if you think of it, it wont have much of an impact. By Zambian standards, your cant even buy a fire truck from this money.

  2. Such knowledge is important to help explain why Africans still believe in it despite having embraced Christianity and modern science. It means Witchcraft still has an effect on people’s lives. You can only disarm witchcraft if you understand it and explode the myths that surround it. Today, ritual killings are still being committed because people believe human body parts help produce potent “Muti” for business and success in life.

    • Well said. Many Africans still believe it can miraculously change their lives even though no concrete scientific evidence exists to prove nor disapprove it’s existence. Much like how religion has been widely misunderstood and abused, it may be worth it to approach witchcraft from an academic standpoint for the purpose of clearing up any belief of killings, sacrifices and scams which arise due to peoples ignorance. However, am pretty sure if it was real, it would already be in use in the West, but instead it’s seen as rather primitive to more advanced societies.

  3. Expect more witches in a so called Christian nation; witchcraft can not be studied in a classroom; and witches will not tell you how they bewitch people;

  4. Most pastors in the Bus Ministry have been to a sangoma, just like most politicians. Ask Mwine Lubemba about Ngoshe Mukote

  5. Wichcraft Flying has the potential to boost tourism as flying on a bloom is believed to be faster than the Concord.In fact Zambia will be the first country to offer such hence it might the research center for scholars such looking at way of drinking to Junta and Jameson as opposed to blood.Another option is to use blood of monkeys or Bembas instead of human beings.

  6. This is very bad, you are giving these fo0ls called students more ammunition to stone cars – how can you include this course.

  7. As soon as this students are known to be studying witch craft , they would be feared and they shall be lonely . Witches have been living a very dangerous life . Those students students shall be disowned by their relatives .God is watching . How do you bring such a useless study in a christian nation ? is it about the money attached to it ? remember money is the source of problems .

  8. This is the problem when you let ur neighbor pay ur bills, they begin to dictate what u have to eat, when to eat and even when to sleep with ur wife coz financially u are not free! Wat Zambia needs is an economic freedom and prudent management of our resources not these pilot projects sponsored by foreigners!!! among the problems that zambia has, i can assure u that witchcraft is the least nor a solution!!! seriously how do u wish to use science to prove magic? i doubt that will work out, coz of the amount of stigma the students in this school of witchcraft have to put up with! ubuloshi at the campus, hmmmmm!

  9. People, people, please beware of Satan’s maneuvers. He wants to overshadow Christianity by introducing witchcraft intellectuals in the world,. Now it is Zambia under siege.

    Mama! Imagine your children being bewitched at university. Or comes home to practice witchcraft on family members.

    I think we are not really a Christian Nation. The true colors are slowly being exposed.

  10. Hopelessness!!! UNZA has failed to contribute to quality national engineering, rational sciences and entrepreneurship. It is now privy to the Devil’s concotion. Its a sign of failure of university education it seems. The just ended riot shows the failures of the UNZA management to keep abreast of the students’ problems. A university cannot generate electricity -yet it has all the sciences for electricity generation -hence no water for the students; hence RIOTS- So it should now take refuge in Witchcraft a dark science? Some of this foreign money should be rejected. Whither Christian nation Wither?

  11. Kwena in this PF government we are going to see things we have never seen. This is a christian nation and I think they dont understand the values of a christian nation. Please mama Sumaili and other churches can you do something about this just like you have blocked other fake pastors to come in country and Zodwa the dancer.

  12. Imwe mwebantu is this true? When someone successfully completes a course in witchcraft then what? Is witchcraft going to develop this country? If so, why are witches and wizards poor? This, really is beyond my comprehension. Someone needs to thoroughly educated me on this.

  13. Prof Katele Kalumba should be the dean, remember how he eluded the police at heck points when mwanawasa was after him for abuse of office.

  14. Prof Katele Kalumba should be the dean, remember how he eluded the police at check points when mwanawasa was after him for abuse of office.

    • KaKa was a shushushu and he had a satellite phone, his operatives used to give him information about plans to capture him. It’s Brenda Mutemba who went to sangomas because it’s typical of the police to do that. Just take stock of how many zombies are found in police camps, then you’ll know what I mean. KaKa was just smart, even the crimes he was accused of had to do with his work as shushushu

  15. Unless the study is faculted on the auspices of metaphysics its likely to end up as just another rustic exercise. It would require more physicists than social scientists for it to be feasible

  16. UNZA now has a course that I would willingly study. Then chaps that want to impose their will on others will be bewitched.

  17. PF has been accusing HH as a freemasons or satanists; now who are satanists? is it not PF who are introducing witchracft? Only a witch can teach one how to be a witch; so who are the witches who will be coming to teach the subject? Zambians should reject this subject and kick out PF which has brought more evil in Zambia;

  18. I am sure immediately Zodwa Wa Bantu hears about this, she will book a ticket to Zambia. This time not coming as a singer but as a student of witchcraft.

    • Can some answer these question for me:
      1. Who will teach those 20 students?
      2. Which school or faculty will the course fall under?
      3. Where are the grduates going to work?
      4. If wichcraft involves killing where are the students going to get the samples for their experiments.

      GOD HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I imagine that it will be difficult to attract young students to this faculty. Perhaps most of the students will come under mature age entry. I can’t imagine what the lab will look like, with dead chickens, dead snakes, human body parts e.t.c. What will assignments consist of?. What about practical exams? Will there be enough syllabus to cover four years. Which Ministry will employ the graduates of this faculty.

    Maybe there will be no need to hold elections in future as winners will be known well in advance via the scholars of this faculty.

  20. This is stupidity and an insult before God…witchcraft is rebellion against God so if you introduce witchcraft as an academic study in a Christian nation…it will be a woe to you

    • PROF Nkandu Luo showing off true colours, i used to get inspiration from you but from now on ma’am YOU CAN’T INSPIRE ME WITH ANYTHING, may YAHWEH see you through in Jesus name, and as an UNZA student i pray that this program be unsuccessful

  21. What are the prerequisites for this course?. Which deck of the UNZA library will stock material relevant to this course?. How many will years will it take to complete the course and what competencies will determine that a student has satisfied the requirements of the degree. Will this be called a bachelor of Arts with witchcraft or Bachelor of science with witchcraft. Will parents or relatives be invited to the graduation ceremony?. If invited to speak, what will be in the speech of the Minister of Religious affairs and national guidance at the graduation ceremony pertaining to this course?

  22. I guess this will be a fly-in, fly-out course on a daily basis to demonstrate the power of witchcraft. UNZA will have to identify a wicthport (equivalent to an airport). As the dean and his deputy for this faculty have already been named, (Dr Katele kalumba & Mr. Munukayumbwa Munyima), when is registration for the first intake due. I have overwhelming interest from my neighbors.

  23. Is Zambia Rilly a Christian nation ,please that money attached to it is nothing ,just think twice to whose ever in charge with this madness has To stop .Professor nkandu were are you

  24. That is what happens amano nga yapelela. Witchcraft is just an imaginary thing and you want to go to class to learn. Only people with problems will talk about witchcraft. Does Nkandu Luo have Children? May be that is were it is coming from.

  25. The devil is cunning, now he has come up with something our Zambians relate with, since our Government refused to endorse gay and lesbian marriages and all the rights that comes with it. Whats next, practising of satanism in plain site with no legal consequences . So much for a CHRISTIAN NATION.

  26. When poverty levels reaches an alarming stage leaders resort to accepting any donation without screening it first.
    I think we have a great opportunity to divert that cool cash in the interest of the nation to other pressing issues such as medicines in our hospitals & clinics.UNESCO could be hiding behind research. What are the qualifications of lecturers and who trained them?

  27. Actually now you have made satanism , witchcraft and all kinds of evil legal ,If this news is true, gay and lesbian marriages will be legal very soon. God help us.Blood of Jesus!!!!!!!!!!

  28. UBULOSHI: To all parents with children at UNZA I beg you not to accept your Sons or Daughters to be drafted in this evil course (Satanic Courses). Zambia will be finished. GOD SAVE ZAMBIA. Bring this topic on ZNBC and interview people in the streets to hear what are their views. Some of these things ZNBC should be interested in.

  29. It is written, “those who will endure to the last shall be saved”. Hold fast that which u have for the time is at hand .there’s a way that seems ryt in the eyes of man but it leads to destruction.. Those who hv ears,let them hear wat the spirit of God is saying

  30. Please any graduate from a South African university to tell us what they have gone through?????

  31. Now you see the way of these people in government defending themselves in the name of studies, lives of people are being lost.police officers are picking up dead bodies every day around the country who killed for rituals, you
    Cabinet ministers you know what you doing even to the extent of introducing such a nonsense study to initiate students in Satanism so that you benefit more from the innocent blood been killed. God is watching you professor Nkandu luo big which you around fooling people that you leaders chosen by God, you will pay for innocent blood you taking!

  32. Comments comment:this is not right yet you claim to be christians promoting witchcraft………For what???

  33. I think this is about teaching and learning of indigenous knowledge systems (IKS), not necessarily witchcraft.

  34. Third degree colonialism…. who needs that, how is it going to benefit the masses living in abject poverty.They give us conditions when we ask for money for developmental projects, but quick to give a rope to hang ourselves,its a white mans world.

  35. I wonder what kind of math they’re going to be using.

    Are they going to be using,
    Periodic table of Elements or they’re coming up with their periodic table of elements?

    I’ll stick to the Cosmos.

  36. Are we mocking God or deceiving oneself ? Is this the ROAD one should under- take to his / her appetite for future mass destructions? Shame on us. as a people . Rev . 20 : 11-15. PF Govt. should give retirees what is due to them than alarming people with stories saying they die early as witnessed on 01 May Day Rally 2018. It is biblical ….what does it profit a man to win the whole world and loose his soul..?

  37. Its not about Killing people or doing evil things you people you out there to witch doctor, you use roots to cura yourself. Hahahah

  38. I dont know how the one who announced that Zambia is a christian would have failed if he heard this or saw this. We say we need to have national prayers day but the same people calling for that exercise are the ones promoting witcheology. Please lets change our ideal motion to say: “Zambia is a Christian nation” and say ” Zambia is a baberian nation”. Please youths who will go for that think of that thing twice.

  39. Zambia belongs to Jesus, all this rubbish won’t go anywhere.. Devil is s big joke, I can’t believe Zambians can be seeing the enemy working and overlook this issue.
    Anyway God shall fight our battles!

  40. Ba Nkandu Luo (Professor of Witchcraft) . . . What a shame! There is a spiritual dimension involved which they do not want to mention. It’s not just flying on a broom stick! Politicians, if you are involved in this, may God hold you accountable! Jesus Christ is Lord over Zambia and woe is unto those who try to take this nation in the wrong direction! Jesus is coming back again!!

  41. Comment: the prophecys in the bible are now been seen so God will fight for us we are now like chicks may all things to do with satan fell in jesus name

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