Mulenga Sata Re-joining PF



  1. Mulenga has done a very good thing by going back to his father’s party. Don’t laugh filachitika pesonde.

  2. Kikikikiki….kuti wasekaa. From selling puppies to pf; from pf to upnd; from upnd to retirement; from retirement back to pf. Kwekwekwekwehehehe….njala ilibe chifundo. Sebana wikute boyi

  3. In Africa, Zambia in particular, there is no wisdom in the crowds, our people only know how to milk GRZ. I believe we are sub human. I’m yet to see, honest, entrepreneurial, self less, hard working, country loving young Zambians. So far there are no indications to prove otherwise. Most of our young people want to drive big cars, have a lot of girl friends and jobs they don’t deserve -i.e they want shortcuts and excess of everything material.

  4. So What Mulenga meant by going into retirement and concentrating on farming was retiring on the mayoral seat and Turning lusaka into your big farm. Lusaka libala lyobe?This is the literal meaning of ubomba mwibala bane…

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