29 vie for Lusaka Mayor post on PF ticket as Miles, Mulenga Sata and Fisho Mwale lead the pack


29 people have filed their nomination papers for adoption to stand as Lusaka Mayor on the ruling PF ticket.

According to a list obtained from the PF Lusaka District Secretariat, the 29 party members have successfully filed in their nomination papers.
Leading the pack is former Commerce, Trade and Industry Deputy Minister Miles Sampa, Former Lusala Province Minister Mulenga Sata and former Lusaka Mayor Fisho Mwale.

Others are Lusaka Business man Trevor Ngandu commonly knows as Uncle T, current Deputy Mayor Chilando Chitangala and youth activist Munir Zulu and Brian Hapunda.

The list also includes former Mayor Daniel Chisenga and losing 2016 Kabwata aspiring Member of Parliament Clement Tembo.

Meanwhile, the Patriotic Front has issued guidelines to all Mayoral aspiring candidates and their supporters ahead of the elections.

PF Media Director Sunday Chanda said in a statement the aspiring candidates must not attack or villify other contestants in the Lusaka Mayoral Race.

“Following the guidelines by the Party and the subsequent filling of applications by respective members of the Party vying for nomination on the Patriotic Front ticket, we have witnessed intense debate, which is indeed as it should be in a democracy such as the one which prevails in the ruling Party,” Mr Chanda said.

He added, “We have seen with pride our members taking to respective media houses to debate their personal ideas for the Greater City of Lusaka. This is part of the democratic space existing in the Patriotic Front which we must all guard jealously and ensure it leads to the unity and strength of the Party.”

“There is however concern that some of our Comrades have resolved to attack or villify other contestants in the Lusaka Mayoral Race. Please note that while members are free to support a candidate of their choice in this democracy, this must not give rise to character assassination and derogatory remarks.”

“On the contrary, we wish to encourage conversations among members of the Party focussing on ideas to make the Greater City of Lusaka better under the Patriotic Front,” he said.

Mr Chanda stated that the Candidate for the Mayoral Race on the Patriotic Front ticket will be adopted by the Central Committee.

“As we may be aware, insulting in order to market ones candidate of choice only works to the disunity of the Party and could potentially affect the member in question. This is therefore a clarion call for unity of purpose, issue-based intra-party debates void of insults and character assassination. The Patriotic Front is one family and let this season confirm that we are indeed a shinning example for intra-party democracy.”


  1. That is mighty PF for you Kainde!!!Tell us,how many have applied to stand on UPND or NDC tickects?kkkkkkkkkkkkk am sure only unkown ones because people know that only PF can win you a seat in Lusaka despite HH and Kambwili overrating themselves that their parties are more popular than PF in urban Zambia!!!
    Whoever PF shall adopt will win as Lusaka mayor-mark my words!!!

    • Fisho not too long ago was saying he is not standing for mayoral position as he was more focused on growing aqua culture in Zambia…I thought this was a very good and mature response since he has been mayor before and this latest cause is more progressive …. But alas! Zambian politician. This mayor position has proved to be ineffective and pointless voting in PF. I would encourage voters to go for an independent probably we shall now experience it’s effectiveness and independence under the new constitution

    • We want a lady to spearhead the development. Otherwise, all others have been there before and there will be less on offer in terms of thinking outside the box.

    • CORRUPTION/Stealing/Looting is the main motivation for tu poto in PF. No one has any real desire to serve Lusaka residents. Haven’t they received the memo that Govt is bankrupt, loans been cancelled & funding for PF00L-mungulu white elephant projects been halted? There’s nothing left to steal, the coffers are empty from PF looting.

      Just after 2016 elections a lot of PF00Ls thought they would be appointed Ambassadors, Embassy attaches, Permanent Secretaries, parastatal board members, or even ministers so that they could enrich themselves through kickbacks from loans & tender bribes. Plenty were disappointed, hence the large number of applicants for even junior positions like Mayor attracting pipo like Kilometers Sampa, Mulenga Sata.

      Last one on the list, Gift Kasaro, is IT…

    • Zambian Observer beat you to this story LT. It’s not news to those who roam on all of Zambia’s citizen journalism websites.

    • CONT’D…

      Last one on the list, Gift Kasaro, is IT Director at ECZ. It just shows you how rotten & corrupt ECZ is & questions the integrity of election results.

    • Njimbu: A glimpse of the 2019 national budget has already been announced by Maggie Mwanakatwe this week. To prevent creditors seizing Zambia’s assets, the budget will be really, really tough. VAT and PAYE should be going up soon and then people will turn on the PF. It’s that simple.

    • Selfish Hyenas waiting in the shadows, they have seen how easy the Lions are plundering and they also want to also plunder more …..voting in PF will be a grave mistake…simply look at the late sleeping (Now Asleep) Mayor Wilson. Lusaka needs an independent or any other opposition who is tough enough to shake up things starting with removing cadres from Bus Stations and Markets…LCC is supposed to be one of the best performing councils in terms of revenue collection.
      I remember the days when the parks were managed by dedicated personnel who looked after the gardens like it was their backyards and refuse was collected every week infront of your gate for free.

    • This is sad really because a belly POLITICIAN is supposed to be an old scumbag with a chain of wifes young and old who he uses the government system to feed. The list of aspiring candidates are young with so much to give to the country. What a waste!

    • what matters to you is a party not a person contesting.its really sad to read your message because with such attitude we will never develop.lets support people eith capabilities and not people with empty heads.

    • I think your pick is correct. My question is, miles was given three year to accepted in the party. Humbly he waited. Nothing was mentioned with Mulenga sata. Are other animals more equal than others?

      Why are the female folks so scared to contest on this seat in PF? With negative elements like CK out’a game, we needed more marginalized folks out there feeling free to contesting in vacant seats like the one in question. This is what Michael would have loved seeing. Nevertheless, I love the spirit in the current PF kind’a politics. Allowing every nigga to have their shot at the internal polls is extremely reassuring. But y’all contesting niggaz should rally behind a winning or chosen one without malice. That’s the PF spirit…

  2. Time to vote out Sat; Miles; Hapunda; Fisho and all those who have been involved before; let a woman be given chance this time;

    • a woman given chance this time, for what? to shag more men. let the woman fight it out with men. why do women like easy life and things that come on silver platter.

    • They all know that there is no leadership at the top, once you are in you are your own boss…you can simply sell land left, right and center….even Directors at LCC are grabbing land like taking candy from children. Leadership will only notice you if you challenge Lazy Lungu, that’s tantamount to treason…

  3. Truth be told,UPND will struggle greatly to attract prominent politicians to stand on its ticket after the recent 13-3 and 7-0 defeats during by elections at the hands of Mighty PF across Zambia!!No sane politician would want to be adopted on a political party when he or she knows that winning on such a party would be as tough as getting milk from a rock!!In 6.5 provinces,UPND is dead and burried nomatter how HH overrates himself at his useless and endless press conferences at that rented old secretariat in Rhodespark!!!Results or numbers do not lie.PF is the majority people’s choice!!!UPND will go into Lusaka’s by election with their heads or morale very down!!!Since 1998 when UPND was formed,it has never won in Lusaka urban!!

  4. Is this about a party or the person who can do good for Lusaka people and Zambia….we need people who love Zambia….not hunger infested leaders…


  5. Truth to be told cadres like Munir Zulu, and some jerks kuwayawaya fye. All these people lack Transparency, Ice cool head, Confidence, Integrity, Emotional Intelligence , Like Simplicity,Dauntlessness , Critical Thinking, and Vigorous Vision.If I fliter this list ONLY Miles Sampa & Balaam Mwila can competently and professionally fit this list otherwise the rest kuwayawaya fye. I rest my case.

  6. It is not Nsampa it is Sampa. BTW Zambians, the whole world is laughing at at how we are full of politics and and corruption. Young people with education clinging to politics of theft and corruption. Try entrepreneurship and long term thinking and planning.

    • Entrepreneurship is hard-work like agriculture …these people can simply register a company today and tomorrow they have a tender to supply £50K Ambulances to MOH at £250K and they are millionaires in dollars overnight at your expense…they worst thing with voting in crooks like these is that they already have the proxy companies to declare as legitimate firms.

  7. @Chanchima-yes in your dreams people will turn to PF in 2019!!!!UPND has been praying for that since 2006 but nothing happens.our economy has been bad since 2013 but still people keen on loving PF,so it is not about the economy badaala.We all know that your HH has no magic to turn our economy overnight!!THE BEAUTY WITH ECL IS THAT HE LISTENS TO ADVICE AND THEN DO RIGHT THINGS!!WITH THE MEASURES PF GOVNT HAS PUT IN PLACE,THINGS WILL IMPROVE IN ZAMBIA SOON!!Your Mr Know it all -Kainde is not Zambia’s saviour!!!YOU CELEBRATED THAT SINCE PF HAS REMOVED VENDORS FROM THE STREETS,PF CANNOT WIN ANY ELECTIONS IN TOWNS,ALAS PF WON IN CHILANGA,MUFULIRA,KALULUSHI,ETC RECENTLY AND ON 26/07/2018 PF WILL WIN IN LUSAKA-SIMPLE!!!So continue cheating yourselves in the opposition!!Many Zambians do not like…

    Dream on!

    • This reminds of when Lazy Lungu was chosen …they was also a list of chancers, scavengers and two names were also there Sampa and Mulenga Sata…fives later they are shamelessly fighting for this one.
      The PF top brass is probably looking at this list and looking for someone like Lazy who they can control like a tool.

  9. Maloza please don’t discredit people when u don’t what you talking about…….Gift Kasaro is not and has never been IT director at ECZ. Consult before u comment.

  10. How I wish the journalist would scamper to interview these characters, these chaps are just motivated by the smell of loot associated with this post unfortunately. If it is so easy to have such a huge number aspiring for a post, the bar must be raised otherwise we end up with scumbags as always. The office of the mayor is slowly being reduced to a cadre, we need to change and and recognise the value and importance of that office to deter every Jim and Jack!

  11. Fisho is a better candidate, I hope he has repented from his Donegal Vulture Funds deal. Mulenga Sata has no shame.

  12. Lusaka is a beautiful to which desperately needs to be turned into a grater city. To do this we need a visionary leader to lead the pack, who can unpack the potential that lies in our city. For instance, the old Central Business District (CBD) is littered with old ramshackles owned by business men of Asian origin and rake in billions of Kwacha everyday but little of that goes to the Government treasury or is ploughed back to beautify it. We need a mayor who can see things differently, plan and lobby the law makers to enforce by laws to its book. The councils, if run well can generate huge income locally because citizens will be more than happy to pay for services they can experience and appreciate. The up coming hyper areas need to be very good examples of what a growing city must look…

    • Help me with my ignorance. What is the job of the mayor, district administrator, town clerk, Lusaka minister,

  13. Contd
    The up coming hyper areas need to be very good examples of what a growing city must look like. So the PF candidate who shall of course win this contest must really make a difference. With a beatiful and vibrant and peaceful city you will see millions of tourist pouring in, citizens being compliant, council generating huge income and attracting innovative and competitive minds. All this debt we have will be financed using locally sourced financial resources. So good luck PF and God bless Zambia..

  14. What happened to Sampa? From Deputy Minister of Finance to literally a street sweeper? Now he has to kiss Davis Mwila’s shoes just to come and be brutalized by Tayali?

  15. My legs data is a coward and I can not vote for him.let him concertrate on faring just.maybe vinkubala atase

  16. I think your pick is correct. My question is, miles was given three year to accepted in the party. Humbly he waited. Nothing was mentioned with Mulenga sata. Are other animals more equal than others?

  17. Wish Fisho Mwale success second time around always sweeter and he knows what not to do In the role. A little biased since he was hubby to my late cousin, was bro to our childhood friend Esnart. I wish him well. Full marks for springing back to life. God bless his efforts.

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