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Veteran broadcaster Maureen Nkandu weds Cosmas Chileshe


Veteran broadcaster Maureen Nkandu with her new husband  Cosmas Chileshe
Veteran broadcaster Maureen Nkandu with her new husband Cosmas Chileshe

Veteran broadcaster Maureen Nkandu on Saturday night married Journalist Cosmas Chileshe at a lavish wedding at Lusaka’s Intercontinental Hotel.

The lovebirds started off with a Church blessing ceremony at UNZA chapel that was attended by a few family members and friends.

During the wedding reception, Mr. Chileshe announced that he is going back to Washington D.C with his new wife.

Foreign Affairs Minister Joe Malanji recently announced that Mr Chileshe who serves as First Secretary for Press at the Zambian Embassy in Washington D.C had been recalled.

This was after stories of the relationship hit social media following Mr Chileshe’s divorce.

But Mr Chileshe told the gathering during the wedding reception that as a diplomat, he is not permitted to serve without a wife.

He explained that he was given permission to come and celebrate his marriage in Zambia.

He said the two have known each other for 20 years and after they were introduced by Maureen’s father, the late Fackson Nkandu.

Maureen said the first time Cosmas saw her, he knew she would be his wife one day.

The two love birds sang a popular South African song “Malaika” to one another.

They told a thrilled audience that the song is their favourite.

Veteran broadcaster Maureen Nkandu being presented to her new husband
Veteran broadcaster Maureen Nkandu with her new husband Cosmas Chileshe exchanging rings
Veteran broadcaster Maureen Nkandu pose for a photo during her wedding
Veteran broadcaster Maureen Nkandu with her new husband Cosmas Chileshe
Veteran broadcaster Maureen Nkandu with her new husband Cosmas Chileshe


  1. This is the most ridiculous thing that I have had the displeasure of reading this year.

    Scandalous and yes it’s not live this is.

    What do you call this thing between them?

    I’m going back to sleep.

    Why is this headline news anyway



    • If she cared and loved him. She should have told him to stay with his wife and not divorce her.

      She is 57 to start with.

      Pulling my hair right now.

      Chileshe will not be wearing the trousers in this relationship – if you know what I mean. He is a pawn.



    • This id.iot of a man surely he chased his wife & 4 children to marry the grandmother sure??? Then he claims that he knew the old woman 20 yrs ago & knew that she would be his wife one day?? Then why did he marry the other 1st & 2nd wives & had 1 & 4 children respectively?? This chap is extremely childish & stupid. Soon he will be on the streets of Lusaka thats when he will come to his senses!

    • @Chinyengele, be careful before you make such judgments. We are not privy to the details that led to the divorce. Maybe with or without Maureen, the divorce could have happened anyway. Let us not link this wedding to the divorce.

    • Fine Advocate
      But what about his boasting that he has found happiness?Have you noticed that no mention of his children?In my opinion he is very childish.

  2. Some questionable phrases in the article; “…. Mr Chileshe told the gathering…..” which gathering, can’t see any people in those pictures. “….diplomat are not allowed to serve without a wife… ” how I come I see a lot of single women in Zambian embassies? Is that law/ rule selective?

    • So who says a grandmother doesn’t need some loving ??? Judge her by something else not being a grandmother …. no one judges you Mushota for cleaning oldies bums in UK

  3. Balekeni abene bakaipeshe. Maybe they will be happy together, while his children suffer. Maybe she has accepted to be a step mother & the children will also be joining them in washington bacause “as a diplomat he is not allowed to stay without children”. So lets leave them. People divorce all the time. And marry again, all the time.

  4. In the beginning, it is always sweet! As Expiry date draws closer, the steam is gone! It started with Footballers, then Veteran Journalists and now we go diplomatic. You better make this one work! However, I see a crack in the foundation of this newly consummated establishment. The tears of the children and their mother will not be in vain! I just hope someone won’t londola back and say I didn’t know what I was doing. That’s the power of a spell! Ask Adam!

  5. Though we regret the divorce from his wife and resulting seperation from his children, these things happen in life and they are not the first and won’t be the last.

    Everybody deserves what they think will make them happy….i hope they find happiness and time for the young children…..

    • No! This is greed and selfishness. How do you have four children with a woman who does not make you happy? Shame on all those applauding this- you hve brought judgement on yourselves including all those that supported the wedding.

  6. Chileshe looks like Bbbbrriiaaann Mmmwwaallee, ZNBC newwwzz, Luusaaaaka! Maureen is 53 and Chileshe is 41. Sex yachila ulupwa, let them enjoy each other. I wish them well. It’s life in the marrow where it’s sweetest

    • Zambian men should exercise and watch what you eat please…look at this boy Cosmas he looks like he is 50 years old.

    • Chililalila – I have no patience for our country men and women they like to be lied to like GULLIBLE fooools…its no wonder Pastors from other countries like Nigeria and Zim are making a killing in Zambia!!

  7. So has he or hasn’t he been recalled? Journalists need to ask Hon Malanji what the correct position is.

  8. They went to get blessings from the church? Which church? Who officiated them? God help us. Worse still in white weeding with a vell. God help us.

    • Why not? Is Cosma the first man to divorce and marry another woman? Stupidity at its best …you think the Church cares he is divorced grow up you foooooools …where was the church when you were being sold as slaves? It was profiting from the trade.

    • @Jay Jay, why the foul language!?! Their lives have nothing to do with any of you on this forum. Live and let live!

    • Jay jay what most Christians want to turn a blind eye to is that Christianity supported the slave trade. all the slave traders in fact were Christians

    • She should have adorned a Black veil, instead. For not even a Pink one was she entitled to!!! Shame.

    • Chililalila – I have no patience for our country men and women they like to be lied to like GULLIBLE fooooools…its no wonder Pastors from other countries like Nigeria and Zim are making a killing in Zambia!!

  9. Maureen is 51,if am not mistaken.She was born in 1967.That’s beside the point.This must be her third marriage.It’s another plus to her biography which needs to be added to her book.White dress is a mockery nowadays.Even those who have messed up in their lives put on a white wedding dress.It is no longer a symbol of purity.

    • Something I know about my former neighbour is that Cosmas should really tighten his pants before Maureen starts to wear them, She was a pain was married to Mundea a very controlling woman. *brace yourself Cosmas**

  10. The first time he saw her 20 years ago he new that one day she was going to be his wife. But how come he went to marry another woman when he new that one day he will marry Maureen. So he new that the first marreige was for short period? what unfair this man was to his former wife.

    • He divorced her and he is paying maintenance …move on and grow up. No wonder a lot of honest women have died because of this culture of ours that sees nothing wrong in men having side chicks yet wants unprotected sex with his wife.
      If you people are concerned about his x of and marry her or zip it ..who are you to give moral guidance!!!

  11. Step grandfather at tender age because of 57 years old agogo. Kawalala, sakalanyongo, pompwe, you have stolen from you fellow women. Naiwe bakakwibila.

    Wait Agogo’s nipples time very soon because of being over used and the mileage is beyond life span.

    This is not Koswe Mumpoto but Kolwe Mwibala

  12. @Jay Jay walasa Boyi. These people should leave Maureen and Chileshe alone. Who qualified you to give moral guidance on things you don’t even know? And look who’s talking! Check yourself first before you judge others. Congratulations Chileshe and Maureen!

    • They are here typing this and that about a legitimate marriage even shamelessly quoting their King James bibles …you go to Zambia you will see how easy it is pull these so called happily married Church-going women …just speak to the staff of those Bed and Breakfast.

    • All you supporting this unholy matrimony have brought judgement upon yourselves and yiur generations to come. A people without family Values is a lost society. Maureen was a role model to many young people and just yesterday, my sister burnt her book which she autographed last year. This is not a life to follow for decent minds. Those going through similar messed up lives will applaud this. Change!

    • FHK – whats a holy matrimony? You are concerned about a marriage of two consenting adults yet you are quiet when Politicians are stealing with impunity …wake up…your sister can burn the book and throw the ashes in the toilet but guess what? she already bought the book and Maureen got paid…why don’t you docile fooooools buy books that educate you like The Mis-education of The Negro by Carter Godwin Woodson.
      WAKE UP from your DOCILITY AND STUDY ABOUT SELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @20.2 glad I didn’t buy her book. And it wasn’t a best seller ( now glad about that too) there were no people there at Manda Hill lining up to buy her book. Saw it with my own eyes. Aaah…. Glad about that too.


  14. Can’t put it better than #7 Vipuku. Ati balekeni abene bakaipeshe

    It’s really nobody’s business but their own and normally such articles belong to the “Lifestyle” thread.

  15. Nane Chalwe; I believe there are many genuinely concerned Zambians out there who, besides being aware this is a decision made at personal level, they are concerned about the four children. Chileshe has sought happinesses at the expense of his children and normal people are applauding. We have too many heartless people who are in denial. I can assure you the lives of those kids no longer the same because of one selfish woman who has a personal objective to achieve out of this. She will seek a job in America but at huge cost to the family. By the way, this wedding was financed by your taxes. The return of the wife and children was financed by your taxes.

  16. What gives some of us much joy out of this embarrassing scandal is that we still have Zambians there with a conscience. We still hve Zambians upholding family values and ready to condemn any conduct that breaks family values. A strong nation is. Product of strong values. As long as there remains a remnant of citizens that refuses to be compromised by this free-fall culture, a culture that applauds anything, we have a future.

  17. Someone says Maureen will now work for VOA. That has been her strategy. Unfortunately, now that she has married a diplomat, she cannot work in an institution controlled by the US government Given her status; particularly media. There are rules that government spouses of diplomats

  18. Short and big busted , very disproportionate , the dress looks like a garbage bag. I give them 3 yrs together , so fake, he will look for another one, a mN who neglects his young kids and marries a broke sugar mummy is not worth my time. What goes around comes around . Maureen can’t look after step kids . She has no empathy .

  19. Just wondering what sort of parents Maureen has that without a cultural and traditional conscience could continuously enter church parade and hand over their daughter to different men for shortlived marriages. What is it that they think of themselves. And the priests or pastors blessing these marriages, what do they become of themselves for repeatedly blessing one person for marriage several times, and what do they interpret of the bible on divorce? Kaya kwamene tiyenda na chalo ichinmwandi.

    • Matthew 24: 37 – 39

      But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

      For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the Ark.

      And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

  20. Those people supporting this Union are really twisted especially this character jay jay, he must be living the same kind of life. This union will never be happy. NEVER. As long the tears of the mother with a six month old baby who has been deprived of fatherly love keep going before the Almighty. You can’t build happiness out hurting other people. Mark my words this man cosmas Will cry and wish he didn’t divorce his wife. I urge the divorced wife to cry before God day and night for this injustice done to her.

    • This ka Maureen is using this guy to get to America. She will damp him as soon as she is established. She will go for a white man instead. I hope she does it sooner so that this guy can cry. Oh how you’ll cry Cosmas. You’ll curse the day you met that woman. What goes around comes around. Glad I never bought this e.vil woman’s book. Go rot in hell!

  21. Life is beautiful cocacola siwama yakumwa chabe yeka koma.natumbuwa kaliko but every human deserves also let us control ourselves surely surely at 57 yrs you have grandchildren blessed by God what else do you want if you are above 50 please know that you are going is nearer than where you have come from

  22. When I first read about this story on social media I thought it was just one of those sick jokes. My foot! it has turned out to be true! I had so much respect for Maureen. She put Zambia on the world map. Just about two years ago she was marrying off her daughter, today it is her in a white wedding dress??……Why didn’t she put on a pink wedding dress since she has been married before? What has become of our society kanshi?

  23. It is so wrong to speak against this guy’s past marriage. Do we hv details of what was going on in there bedroom? I’m sure he’s not out of his mind to not know what he’s exactly doing. Outsiders blamed my mother for divorcing my father but we the children knew the divorce was health for her. Marriages are sensitive matters and a heart to heart thing and no outsider is qualified to judge if you were not a part of it. With that being said; I bless you Cosmas, go and flourish in your marriage and have a happy one cuz i dont take pleasure in divorces.

    • Douglas I totally agree with you that divorces do happen in our society and what goes on in the homes we do not know. Am also divorced and I know these things but in this case of Maureen and Cosmas things have happened too fast. Within 6 months of divorce he has married another woman?? Is it normal?

  24. If you have never been married before no ways can you know that divorce is possible? No need to call this marriage ungloy, scandalous or whatever else you want to call it. These are 2 consenting adults who have decided to come out and get married publicly. If they had wanted they would have been cohabiting but they are married and it’s their choice nothing to do with you. As for Cosmas leave him alone. You have no details of why he divorced the wife. Do you? Do you know whether she was unfaithful to him? Do you know whether one of the kids she has is not his? Do you know whether the marriage had broken down irreparably or whether they had irreconcilable differences? You don’t and I don’t either so don’t judge and while at it mind your business. And to those who are saying the children…

  25. And to those who are saying the children will suffer…who told you? Whereas it’s good for children to grow up with both parents together many have and have turned out to be just fine. So don’t get holier than thou by invoking kids. For all we know he could be fully supporting both the former wife and kids. Do you know what was in their divorce settlement? Do you know the custody arrangements? If a marriage has broken down irreparably regardless of the reasons I have more respect for a man who chooses divorce than one who goes out and starts sleeping with every woman available just to frustrate the wife at home with the hope that one day she will leave voluntarily. That is torturer and reckless. I congratulate you Maureen and Cosmas and may you have a happy life together.

  26. Cosmas Chileshe is saying “a diplomat has to have a wife”. Does Frank Bwalya have a wife? Does Dr. Christine Kaseba have a husband? Isn’t this a marriage of convenience?

  27. Leave them alone, you don’t know what led to the divorce…….. better divorce if you no longer love your spouse than killing them.You don’t have to stay in a loveless marriage just because of the Children and when one is killed we are the same people who scream that the man should have just divorced her instead of killing her. If you have no sin be the first one to cast the stone, divorce is not the only sin so stop being hypocrites.

  28. But Maureen also:
    1. Kalusha Bwalya;
    2. Mudea at Cargo Section at South African Airways in Johannesburg;
    3. Now this…!

    • Maureen was never married to Kalusha but engaged and was pregnant for him. People lied that Maureen was pregnant with Arun Gumrah’s baby so Kalu dumped Maureen but when the baby was born she was black and a duplicate of Kalusha Bwalya. Maureen has always been beautiful and a lot of ladies were jealous of her and still are and that is why we are seeing all this hate. How many women look that young and beautiful at her age, actually you would think Chileshe is the one who is 51 and by the way Maureen is not 57, she was born in 1967 and not 1968 as others are purporting. Please leave them alone and let God be the judge. The Lady has done well for herself were work and education is concerned and she is very beautiful, just give credit where it is due, the woman does not look an…

  29. She still looks hot though her mileage is way over board.
    I can just go for the A$$$ since she is tight there!!!!

  30. We are touched because three women are now crying/mourning – minus an unknown number of children too! You get it now? Don’t worry, Childish and his entourage can’t get it! Ni Ba Mental Association of Zambia.

  31. To u that are talking about nkandu’s age,are u frustrated that even at yo age u can’t find one to marry u.jelusi!

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