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25 South African investors arrives in Zambia

Economy 25 South African investors arrives in Zambia

Zambian High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba speaking whilst flanked by his counterpart South African High Commissioner to Zambia Ms. Sikose Mji during the South Africa Trade and Investment Mission to Zambia Meeting at Cresta Golf View Hotel

A Delegation of 25 high profile South African Investors have arrived in Lusaka ahead of a five days Trade and investment Mission.

The delegation whose main focus sectors are Steel, Energy, Rail and Mining will hold meetings with Government Ministries and the private sector.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba who accompanied the Delegation says the team will also participate in the Zambia International Mining and Energy Exhibition conference that is scheduled to take place at Mulungushi Conference Centre on June 18th to 20th this month.

He has indicated that the continued interest by the South African Government highlights the warm bilateral relations and the confidence that investors have in Zambia’s economy, its investment and trade environment.

Mr. Mwamba further noted that the investment mission was one of the results of continued interaction by the Zambian High Commission in South Africa with South African Public and Private Investors in an effort to raise Zambia’s investment profile under the framework of Zambia’s Economic Diplomacy policy.

This is according to a statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka yesterday by the First Secretary for Press and Public Relations at the Zambian High Commission in South Africa, Naomi Nyawali.

The Mission is organised by the Trade Invest Africa (TlA), a division of South Africa’s Department of Trade and Industry (the DTI) mandated to champion South Africa’s trade policy through an investment-led approach and to promote mutually beneficial trade and investment relations.

The South African delegation comprises the Export Credit Insurance Corporation (ECIC), the Development Bank of South African (DBSA) and the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa (IDC).


    • South African billionaires will pay little or non in taxes whilst Zedian businessmen will be milked. Instead those South African investors will deposit money in the Zambian Politician’s foreign accounts under different names. That’s just how the systems works al around the world. It’s all rotten in Zambia now worse than before

    • Zambia is still counting bringing investors as success whereas SA counts money gained from exports to places like Zambia as success. When will we wake up? Our High Commissioner and Minister of Commerce need to shift the focus.

  1. Zambia is now completely desperate and things are likely going to be worse than the 80s. The purpose of those fake Politicians has ruined the transparency systems. Most Zambian Taxpayers are completely in the dark, just too much Government expenditure.

  2. Ok, I now get it. You cant criticise EM on LT. Where is my comment? And why does he get so much coverage, is he the only diplomat?

  3. How about our own investor Enock Kavindere? Because he has no commission to offer PF thieves his project keeps dragging. Kavindele will employees Zambians and treat them with respect but those investors (infestors) bwana ambassador Mwamba is bring add very little or no value to our plight as Zambians. Their investment will only be beneficial to PF crooks who are building even in foreign soil. Speed up Kavindele’s project, encourage local investors to ensure money remains in the country please.

  4. Tiring. This whole thing is skewed towards SA business and never Zambia. Talk shop every year because we all know there’ll never open their market to Zambia. Why not let SA citizens vote in the 2021 elections since they control most of the economy!!

    • I have a friend who is an NDT engineer and he gets a lot jobs in RSA. He’s always on the road to that country. Maybe our people don’t just push enough. …..want to operate from the offices.

  5. Please remain positive on Zambia do not be like UPND cadres or heartless HH. Zambia is doing great. We are seeing a transformation of our nation at a rapid pace because of a visionary leader and government. Keep it up Mr. Mwamba and Zambia.

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