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Kenya, Zambia Presidents hold talks to enhance trade, bilateral links between the two nations

Economy Kenya, Zambia Presidents hold talks to enhance trade, bilateral links between the...

President Lungu with his Kenyan counterpart Uhuru Kenyatta
President Lungu with his Kenyan counterpart Uhuru Kenyatta

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Zambian counterpart Edgar Lungu at the weekend held bilateral talks focusing on ways to enhance economic and security cooperation between Kenya and the Southern Africa nation.

The talks between the two leaders focused on how to enhance bilateral ties and increase cooperation in sectors including tourism, transport, trade, investment, air-link and regional security.

Part of the deals reached on cooperation in tourism, where Kenya has vast experience, included the training of 50 Zambian students at the globally renown Kenya Utalii College. The training is scheduled to start as soon as feasible.

President Lungu, who has been in Kenya on a private visit, visited the Ronald Ngala Utalii College in Kilifi to appraise himself with the development of the tourism sector in Kenya.

Kenya and Zambia have for many years enjoyed warm relations where they co-operate areas such as agriculture, tourism, education and information communication and technology (ICT).

The two countries have an existing MOU on science, technology and innovation.

President Kenyatta visited Zambia in July 2015 on the invitation of President Lungu.

Kenya exports edible oils, margarines, iron sheets, steel pipes and products, detergents, baking powder, kitchen and table wares, spices, blankets, beauty products, toiletries, irrigation pumps, tyres, and textiles and crafts to Zambia.

Kenya’s top imports from Zambia include copper wire or refined, maize seed, electric conductors, butane, LPG, waste and scrap primary cells, crude vegetable material, pig iron and asbestos.

President Lungu with his Kenyan counterpart Uhuru Kenyatta
President Lungu with his Kenyan counterpart Uhuru Kenyatta

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  1. Mr ECL “i’m gonna ban travel ” while he’s himself going travelling in Kenya. I sense hypocrisy here.

    • Really laughable…Uhuru Kenyatta posted his tweet on Sunday so what Lazy Lungu been doing from Thursday? The past four weekends he has been away…what bilateral agreements would you have when all your advisers are left behind…stop cheating people you lazy sausage


      From the dressing, the body language, lack of Govt officials from both countries, you can tell that there are no genuine bilateral talks being conducted

      Lungu’s real reason for traveling to Kenya will soon be revealed. Just like the real reasons for the following trips:-
      – Lungu’s March 2016 visit to Israel was to trip to steal ZCCM-IH Govt shares through an Israeli proxy called Sapir Capital Ltd located in a slum area of Tel Aviv. He claimed he was invited by Prime Minister Netanyahu, yet he was not even in the country when he arrived & their meeting lasted only 30 mins.


      – Swaziland – 2 visits in a space of 2 weeks – revealed the real motive…

    • Fake they are both just drunkards that is the only equalizer between the two …he is not accompanied by any key officials so why is he trying to pretend to make something of the trip ??? He is just cracking personal maize and oil deals

    • For sure, why discuss relations if it’s a private visit. I think it’s time ours laws differentiate the president from common individuals, using public resources for private/individual gain? It shouldn’t matter if one is president, couldn’t he just take leave, then do his private business during those leave days? Money and logistics spent on a single private visit alone can build a small classroom block somewhere in the Country.

  2. Zwd is now finished ati ecl evacuated to Kenya for treatment.

    Post is finish. Mast is finished. Zwd is finished .Main opposition is finished.

    What next. Who will remove pf.

  3. Kenya is sending expatriate male masai hair dressers to zambia . And our saloons are broke and our ladies have no jobs

    • Even in the face of laziness and mediocrity you crack silly jokes…is this what Lazy Lungu is negotiating in Kenya?

  4. You do not hold bilateral talks with somebody who is in jeans and a windbreaker, not to mention in the absence of key officials. Uhuru was just being polite to accommodate this private visit (for whatever reasons).

  5. This man is a disgrace always asking his friends to cover for him…no wonder Swaziland embarrassed him and stated that they didn’t give him that plot; now he is in Nairobi God knows doing what ….Lazy Lungu why dont you just stay in Kenya and wait for the next by election so you can campaign with your juniors then go back…it evidently clear the country is better off without your workshy self.
    Zambians wake up from your DOCILITY!!!

  6. #4.1 jj, with your tribal stained medula oblangata I am not surprised that you don’t understand the term “evacuated for medical treatment”. The President of Zambia was seen off at KKIA by Veep Inonge, you saw that with your eyes, and you even commented on his travel. Today you can talk about medical evacuation? What is wrong with you chaps kanshi? As long as h.h keeps you drinking from his tribal cup you and h.h shall remain fit for the garbage site, why? Because there will be nobody to guide the directionless h.h and his personal party upnd.

  7. I have never seen such a lazy Head of State in my life…its no wonder they want to crack down on internet and FIC because they want to steal with impunity

  8. #9 jj, Lungu “just stay on in Kenya”? You kidding? Think that will give space to your h.h? No boss, our President is coming back, if only to make sure h.h stays where he belongs: the political and tribal garbage site.

  9. Upnd, If you can’t read the signs and moods of people, h.h is finished even within upnd. Don’t you wonder from his incoherent statements where he has stated that his colleagues want to replace him? Also read the body language of upnd officials. Also observe how h.h was shivering and fidgeting with sheets of paper at his last press conference. An insecure man indeed!

  10. jj, the only help that you can give your underfive boy is to tell him to his face: retire boss, you are a liability and useless to upnd!

    • This why ZWD has so many followers…Lazy left on Thursday for a private visit at the courtesy of Kenyan President but met him on Sunday..what was he doing from Thursday..mind you JKIA is a big connecting hub he could have flown to USA, UK or Israel and be back by Sunday.

  11. Your friends are mourning and you are busy gallivanting all over the world.It defeats the whole purpose of declaring national mourning on the nation.You were supposed to wait before your start your luxurious trips which do not even add value to the nation.Bilateral talks don’t even add value to the economy which is on its knees.The economy is suffering from malasmus and kwashiokor which you have created because of gross incompetence and mismanagement.The nation expects you to live according to austerity measures that you have imposed.

    • mbaluso – You can not have bilateral talks without ministers or advisers …he can cheat booklickers and dull PF cadres but not everyone…this man is not serious..I mean last weekend he was in Mongu, the weekend before he was in Solwezi and Chilanga, the weekend before that he was on CB….Zambia has no President!!

  12. Is the same country in which someone was behaving like the guy from Zambia? Then Zambia must have something in common with Kenya – tribal politics.

  13. Hopeless and directionless jj, again!
    Today you are even insulting your h.h, to hide your real feelings, all because of me? And whom can you fool ba jj clan?
    I said you should advise not insult your god.

  14. Hopeless and directionless jj, again!
    Today you are even insulting your h.h, to hide your real feelings, all because of me? And whom can you fo.o.l ba jj clan?
    I said you should advise not ins.ult your god.

  15. The hardest working president is doing great! Keep working Mr. President. Yesteday it was officiating at a tribal gathering and today it will be in Chilanga, and themn in Lusaka but it will lose Hagain!!

  16. @Its politiical..; ZWD did not say Lungu was unable to walk; but that he went for medical reasons; @Misha has a good point; no president can have real bilateral talks in jeans; and the other without his economic advisers;Let us leave his trip private trip; medical or something else;

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